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break da bank again

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break da bank again Reviews by Players

Lon Ohm. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Pros: Break Da Bank Again game is powered by microgaming. As I always say I love 9 line games from microgaming. This is also an awesome game and I do love to play it. I can play this game for an hour without getting bored and without losing a lot of money. There is always a chance to win big and for me personally it has paid out big money. I don’t really play this game to win big but rather to have fun. This game is actually pretty popular and I do see why. My usual bet on this game is €0.09 or €0.18. On this bet I can play for ages and really get into it.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get the free spin you have to get three or more ‘Safe’ signs anywhere in the reels. The more ‘Safe’ signs you get the more free spins you will have. The free spins range from 15 to 25 spins. During free spins all wins are multiplied by 5. The thing that makes this game one of a kind is the Wild. Wild substitutes any sign and multiplies the win by 5. So if you get a win with a wild in free spins then it will be multiplied by 25. This is the biggest multiplier you could get on microgaming. I haven’t seen a bigger one for sure.

The biggest win I ever got on free spins was around €70 on a €0.09 bet. That is a great result for such a small bet and I didn’t get five of a kind on them. If you do get five of a kind on a bigger bet you could win tonnes.Over all the game is very cool and is one of my favourites. I recommend it to all and would rate it 9 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Break da bank again is an oldie in microgaming casinos and the slot that i used to play on regular basis.The slot is five reels nine lines with free games triggered when you get three or more vault scatters.Two scatters vaults pay you x2 bet,three gives you 15 free spins four awards 20 free spins and five will give you 25 free spins.

During free spins all winnings have x5 multiplier and if you get additional scatters anywhere you get a extra free spins.The free spins cannot be re-triggered and the thing that make this free spins awesome for me is that i trigger them very often.Theme of slot is all stuff that you can find in banks checks gold coins stacks of money and so on.

The designs and sounds are not very well but that does not bother me as long as slot provides good profits.There was this one session in a casino where i had huge wagering requirements and i completed them in few days playing mostly break da bank again slot.I played it until i get free spins at least once and when that happens it covers the money lost to trigger them plus a little extra which is great for wagering bonuses.Off course that does not work always and if the free games don't come soon you must know when to stop chasing them.Don't be confused with the name this slot will not brake da casino bank but it can help you wager some bonuses and finish with small chunk of casinos bank money.

Microgaming is big name in online gambling and slots like break da bank again don't get attention they used to before all better ones come out but this slot will always have my attention at least for wagering purposes.For the end like always my grades.First payouts are good 8/10 second fun on break da bank again slot i rate 5/10 and win bigg with small chance i rate 6/10
Bennie. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Break Da Bank Again is one of the older Microgaming slots, but still as popular as ever since it's capable of awarding huge prizes. Definitely a classic in my opinion, and that's why I do pick this slot to play every now and then. If you're a player who's out there just to pick some easy small wins, then Break Da Bank Again is probably not your best option. This is a high-variance slot with absolutely no guarantee of hitting big quickly. It can takes tens of thousands spins or even more before hitting that dream hit.Anyway BDBA has 9 paylines and offers betting options ranging from €0.09 up to €45 per spin. Because of the low number of paylines it's harder to win a price, compared to the countless 243-ways-to-win slots or slots with 25 or more paylines. The slot is based on a bank's vault, and logically the symbols resemble what's in it such as gold, stacked dollar bills, coins, jewelry and much more.It also has a wild symbol which multiplies a win by 5x if you manage to have it on a winning payline. The highest paying symbol is the emerald which is the most difficult to hit. The safe symbol equals the scatter and 3 or more award 15, 20 or 25 free spins with a 5x multiplier. It one time took me more than 1200 spins to trigger the bonus round, which was unbelievable but I had to keep trying. My biggest hit in the base game was a five of kind of the stacked dollars symbol accompanied by the wild symbol which meant my win got multiplied by 5x.I don't remember how much I've won with that, because that has been basically my only successful hit on this game. Free spins sessions never been a success for me, even though you receive additional free spins when hitting another Safe symbol. It has potential however if you manage to get a wild on a payline during free spins, which means you have a 25x multiplier basically. I think I've played around 30 free spins rounds and 29 of them were pure rubbish, never winning more than 10x, 20x my bet size. Only once I won 150x my bet size by hitting a few smaller prices. The dream hit would be some a five of a kind of emeralds accompanied by a wild in free spins. A disadvantage of this game is that you can't quick spin just like some other games. This game hasn't brought me the wins I've hoped for. But then again I try to keep my play on this slot limited, because of the high-variance nature.I'd grade this slot with a 7/10 rating.
Opal. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: I first tried Break Da Bank again early 2013 and it’s been a favourite of mine ever since! Break Da Bank Again is a colourful 9 payline 5 reel bank robbery themed video slot and a sequel to the classic 5 line slot Break Da bank produced by Microgaming.

In Break Da bank Again the symbols consist of alpha numeric(low variance) and symbols such as gold bars, golden coins, Tanzanites, Cheques, Money piles these are the (high variance) ones. The game also features an outstanding 5x multiplier wild symbol and a safe scatter. The 5x wild can give the player huge wins even at just 9p bet in the base game you can win up to £75! This can be achieved with 5 Tanzanites and a 5x wild. I have had this 3-4 times! This is incredible as it should be much more difficult to get this!

Break Da Bank Again is a very high risk game even at 9p if this games running cold it can take as much as £20-£30 very fast! The player can bet between minimum 1p 1 line (not recommended by me!) All the way up to £45 a spin! When the games smoking hot though you really can win a fortune!

Next I will explain how the free spins feature works. The player gets 15,20,25 free spins depending how many safe scatters they get 3,4,5. Once in free spins all wins are automatically x5 but if you get a combination with wild in the free spins…you win 25x the line win! The best combination I have gotten in the free spins was just last week. I hit 5 gold coins with a wild at 27p bet this paid £150! Another example of just how profitable this slot can be is even 5 jacks in free spins with a wild at 9p pays £12.50! Yes 5 jacks! The player can also receive 1 additional free spin for every safe that appears during the free spins.

All in all play the game with about 1-2% of your bankroll and you shouldn’t bust and if you sense its poor you can always come back to it anyway!

ProS and CoNs of BDBA!


Even lowrolling you can build up a very nice bankroll!
5x wild and up to to 25x win in free spins!
Nice graphics and on this game I actually like the music!
Fun game to play and really exciting when you get free spins!
Not impossible to get top symbol as I said above I have had this 4 times!
I give BDBA 8/10 really a fantastic video slot if you like net-ents Reel Steal you will love this!
Sharda. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: When I first set out on-line gaming I was relying on the advice of my new boyfriend for which games I should try out first, along with a fair bit of help and reading of on-line forums such as AskGamblers. This one came up again and again as one of those magic machines with a super high ratio of maximum payout relative to bet size – you can win up to 4167 times your stake during the free spins mode – and whilst, of course, its quite a difficult thing to hit that particular combination, there are a bunch of other very decent wins on the paytable as well.

I often like to just hit the “autospin” mode on the slot games I play and I love games like this that have very high hits for the top five of a kind combinations because I will often come back after leaving it running for just 100 spins or so and find that my balance has shot up considerably! The five gold bars, which pay £10 at minimum bet or £50 if you have a wild on the line, seem to be one of the most common to show up for me, though strangely I see the cheques on a line much more during the free strips – I suspect that, like so many other games, this one uses a different set of reel strips in the free spins feature than it does In the main game.

I really recommend trying out the “megaspin” version of this game which allows you to play four “copies” of the slot simultaneously – obviously it costs four times the price, which is a pretty big price in all fairness, but it gives you four times the chances of hitting those free spins rounds where the prices can be huge. Be aware, it's often barred for bonus play for some reason though so check the terms and conditions or just stick to this one if your playing with a bonus.
Cons: I don’t like the fact that the scatter symbols cannot retrigger another set of free spins whilst in the feature, although each one that lands does give you an extra free spin. Also, scoring 4 or 5 of the scatter symbols does award you with 20 or 25 free spins respectively rather than the basic 15 for a standard 3 scatter hit, so its swings and roundabouts I guess.

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