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Böb: the epic viking quest for the sword of tullemutt

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Böb: the epic viking quest for the sword of tullemutt play online casino for real money

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Instead of portraying the genuine culture of Viking civilization, content makers would rather choose to display Northern warriors as something atrocious wearing oversized steel helmets and having unclear motives built on uncontrolled aggression. Yet, in reality, the people of Scandinavian lands have deep and rich culture going far beyond widespread misconceptions popularised majorly by catholic propaganda. The original term “viking” meaning “pirate raid” would traditionally be used as a description of a large journey to expedite new territories. So, the initial mission of all Vikings was to discover the world around, search outstanding relics and treasures of lost societies and take off on awesome adventures. Thankfully, Net Entertainment were able to come up with a machine fairly covering intricate details of this complex past ‘empire’, and those who might remember a few truthful key moments about Vikings will be definitely pleased with the way NetEnt decided to go.

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt is a wonderful story narrating about one courageous Norse warrior embarked on a perilous voyage to hunt for valuable trophies. However, Bob the Viking aims higher than seizing something more or less worthy, he has to return with the Sword of Tullemutt to consider his mission to be fully accomplished. NetEnt did their best to impersonate tiny Bob as a hilarious gaming character whose charisma is truly undeniable. What’s more, the whole scenery looks unbelievable instantly catching gamblers’ attention to even small design aspects: while the backdrop depicts a mountainous misty landscape, the main grid looming around this heavenly realm seems to float through the sky. Should one mention how amazing and breathtaking the setting appears to be? Not only do the image make your eyes stick to the screen, but also perfectly suiting orchestra accompaniment adds up to the entire authenticity of Epic Viking Quest slot machine.

The Sword of Tullemutt offers gamblers to wager on a five-reel set incorporating 25 fixed paylines. In spite of having this firm number of win lines, the machine greatly compensates with flexible options when it comes to betting – feel free to open up your wallet as far as you want choosing from really moderate stakes to mid-high values. Net Entertainment also didn’t forget to include free-game rounds, additional bonus symbols and some profitable Wildcards blowing the double mission to fetch astonishing rewards and replace for regular icons. For the most part, the game justifies its ‘epic’ title bringing exclusive gambling action, three extra features, awesome animation and spectacular Bob fighting for his success in the most amusing fashion.

Interesting features

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt slots game (further the machine will be referred to as ‘Epic Viking Quest’ for simplicity) has intuitively understandable layout, so with some prior experience in hand gamblers won’t feel like a fish being out of water. In essence, here you are offered one basic feature in the form of Wild symbols with a classic range of functions and two auxiliary bonus components one of which is an extremely funny mini-game where you will need to go through old-time ‘pick and click’ and collect prizes from the coffers of stone runes. In addition, casino players are given standard free spins with a re-triggering opportunity.

Let’s firstly get to the basics of Wild symbols that is especially crucial if you still do not know how this type of icons actually work. The picture with golden spill-over letters saying “WILD” is an icon substituting for main-base symbols (not Scatters or other bonus-base icons) in order to create an extended combination of already existing patterns. To explain, take a combo of matching symbols from the paytable and put it on any win line. Provided a Wildcard locates on the same string next to the combo, the icon acts chameleon and turns into the symbol from this combo, so that the original combination is extended, and you get a bigger winning sum. Plain and simple, isn’t it? Besides, when Wilds stand in an array themselves, they can bring real money for matching.

Continuing the acquaintance with a fabulous trio of extras, you might also come across two additional bonus features which are Free Spin rounds and Bonus Game option. Speaking of the latter, Epic Viking Quest involves one more bonus symbol – the picture of Bob the Viking – which opens a set of 12 stone runes keeping their profitable for players secret. To get access to this mini-game action, you have to gather three or more Bob images on any active payline. As soon as you are lucky to catch this naughty Viking three times plus, the game will offer you to unravel treasures behind the runes. For instance, there’s a chance of winning as much as 20’300 credits during revealing scratch-card values.

Free Spin rounds are nothing much in difference to classics, so you simply have to assemble three or more Scatters (the picture of a golden ship) to activate spinning for free. Scatters might be splashed anywhere for the feature to be triggered. The noteworthy moment about free rounds in Epic Viking Quest is that all winnings from the games are multiplied by three meaning prescribed 25 credits for 4 Queens is shifted to 75 not to mention that the whole paytable is additionally multiplied by your bet level number. Free rounds could be reactivated in case another package of Scatter icons appears on the reels during the ongoing free spins. Note that three, four or five Scatters will always activate a fixed number of rounds – 10 spins.

Bonus rounds

Epic Viking Quest slot is a game with a decent number of interesting bonusing action which are fun to play and lucrative to trigger. You would take advantage of Wildcards during regular-base rounds, Scatter symbols activating 10 free spins and the Bob symbols delivering a specialty game. By the way, Wilds penetrate all the spheres of Epic Viking Quest, so you will find them as well while playing free-spin rounds. Overall, features serve a random function without any possibility of mechanically force some action to happen. Let’s briefly cast a look at each of them, shall we?

In comparison to Scatters, the bonus symbols in Epic Viking Quest must land on active paylines strictly to trigger the respective Bonus Game. Basically, players are required to collect three or more Bob images for the scratch action to start. So, the needed number of pictures appears on the reels, and then you are transferred to an alternative setting with a grid consisting of 12 different runic stones with their faces down. The whole game really reminds of pick and click scratching where you consecutively choose a card from the gaming panel to find out its value. Epic Viking Quest provides unlimited attempts on selecting the runes, though, in case players reveal the Shield under the card the game will be over. Rewarding is given in credits added to your balance pot as soon as you finish the mini-game. Note that NetEnt embedded animated preview on the feature which you can watch by clicking on the according button at the command bar.
Scatter icons (Golden Ship) activate 10 Free Rounds provided players fish out three-of-a-kind or more matching bonus symbols. In general, these rounds have much in common with regular-base game, only here every taken spin charges no credits. The machine saves your bet level and coin value numbers to use the same settings for free games which, in turn, influences successive winnings. Say, you roll in a bonus staking 12 credits in the trigger round. Consequently, 10 further free spins will apply this value. The great rule for Free Spins allows all bet lines to triple wins, yet the rule is applicable only for the first set of given rounds, i.e. additional spins are rewarded with a conventional paytable multiplier. For example, you land more Scatters and receive extra 10 spins to what you already have – these spins are going to be played with no multiplier used. Wildcards participate in Free Games.

Rules and features

Epic Viking Quest slots couldn’t surprise with fuzzy terms and rules. Instead, the action appears quite explicit in purpose – you place a wager on a fixed grid of 25 paylines, spin the reels and hope for the symbols to group in bonds. The coin value starts with 0.25 credits per spin round while the bigger you can stake is 50 credits. Wagers are calculated according to two parameters – bet level and coin value. The first number is important for the paytable values as it modifies resulting sums paid for combinations. On the whole, bet value serves as a multiplier for a regular symbol layout. Epic Viking Quest is empowered with one traditional feature (Wild substitution) and two additional bonus offerings each triggered by the respective icons.

3 or more Scatters flashed up anywhere activate free spinning, 3 or more Bob icons activate Bonus Game with card scratching where players need to select random runes to get rewarded. Moreover, Wild symbols carry payouts starting with two-of-a-kind appearing in a line. So, you can benefit from any additional action happening on the screen. As for spinning, NetEnt provided two game-modes including auto-spin feature where you can preset a needed number of rounds in advance. To get more detailed information on rules, visit the according section in the game’s settings. The paytable consists of 8 regular symbols and two bonus icons. Bob Bonus picture brings no rewarding. For your convenience, here’s reviewed the paytable, but note that values are displayed for the first bet level:

SYMBOL 2 3 4 5
Wildcard 5 200 2000 7500
Golden Ship (Scatter) 2 4 25 100
Helmet None 50 100 500
Axe None 15 75 250
Shield None 15 75 250
Ace None 10 50 125
King None 5 50 100
Queen None 5 25 100
Jack None 2 15 75
Ten None 2 15 75


Bob: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt by NetEnt would become a great present for Nordic-theme devotees having particular interest in taking off on a journey across impressive lands with charming Bob the Viking. To wrap it all up, this machine can provide a plenty of diverse action not letting you get bored too soon as NetEnt combined classic slot performance with a couple of excellent bonus features out there. Epic Viking Quest looks good on the outside and offers entertaining gameplay course full of different segments.

It’s worth mentioning that the game has a low-volatility range with expected return to be something around 97%. It surely means the slot would not rob you too much and remain quite friendly in recouping invested funds. As players could hope from a machine offering up to hundred percentages, bonus features appear relatively often, yet payouts might seem somewhat insignificant. Nevertheless, Epic Viking Quest is still a pleasant form of great gambling entertainment which you shouldn’t miss in casinos libraries.

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