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Blood suckers

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General Description

It is not too hard to guess what the theme of Blood Suckers is- that is right, the game is built around vampires and other creepy stuff. This slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines and it has a very high payout ratio, in fact, 98% which is one of the best RTP among all of the slots. That is a huge benefit, especially for young players, that are new to the gambling market.  There is also an interesting bonus game, as well as free spins bonus round, so this gaming machine promises to be very profitable.

Even though this is not the newest slot, it does not mean that it won’t impress you. You can’t call the graphics fantastic, just because there are a lot more modern slots nowadays, but it is still not bad by any means. Every single symbol is carefully thought out, so you won’t be disappointed. And don’t  forget that it is developed by NetEnt, one of the most popular and respectable manufacturers in the gambling industry.

Before registering and making your first deposit, you can test out the game in the demo mode. That way, you will have a better feeling of the game and will see if you want to continue playing.


Vampires are quite popular right now. There are a lot of different TV shows, for instance: Vampire Diaries, HBO’s True Blood,  as well as movie series, including Twilight. All of that is popular right now and gets a high number of views, so it was definitely a great idea from NetEnt to make this slot.

All of the symbols in the game are reflective of the Victorian vampire genre.

Illustrations are very clear and comprehensive, at times it looks like a cartoon, but it has a nice art nonetheless. There is also a lot of shading and a dark background with colorful accents. You won’t find any card symbols in this gaming machine, because every icon in the game is something of vampire relater.

As for the symbols, there are quite a few of those, including: a blue potion vial, clove of garlic, a bible with a silver cross, blooded arrow, bow, and an antique pistol. Then, there are following characters at Blood Suckers: three male vampires:one is holding a goblet of blood,  but the other two are even more creepier, one of them has a very gray skin, as well as a red jeweled turban, meanwhile, the other has green skin, and has very long and terrifying ears and fingers. The other character is the winged female vampire.

The background noise consists of wind-blowing spooky sounds, that make you want to run away and hide under your bed. However, you should not do it just yet, because you will miss a perfect opportunity to win some prizes.


As I have already mentioned, Blood Suckers slot has 5 reels with 25 fixed paylines. When it comes down to betting, you can bet from 25 cents to 50 dollars pet spins, which is very good for both new and experienced players. Since the slot has such a low risk, and a great range of betting, it sure does appeal to the most players.

In addition, there are some other interesting features, like:

  • If you get at least 3 Scatter Symbols, you will be awarded with 10 freebies,as well as a multiplier
  • Before you enter the “Free Spins” mode, all the Scatter Symbols will multiply your wager up to 100 times
  • While you are playing in “Free Spins” mode, all of your winning will be tripled
  • If you manage to 5 Wild Symbols in a row, it will multiply your wager to 7500 times
  • Any other symbols can multiply your wager up to to 500 times

Of course, there are also some buttons that you need to know before you start playing:

  • Autoplay Mode- lets you spin up to 1000 times, while you won’t have to do a thing
  • Maximum Bet- lets you spin the reels at the maximum bet
  • Coin Value-the value of the coin you want to play at
  • Bet Level- select a suitable bet
  • Bet Lines- choose the number of active paylines
  • Spin- start the spin

Ghastly vampire, that is biting maiden’s deck is the The Wild Symbol of Blood Suckers. It can be substituted by all symbols but for Scatter and Bonus symbols.

The Wild symbol features a ghastly vampire biting a lovely maiden’s neck and substitutes for all symbols except for the Bonus and Scatter symbols. Three or more Scatter symbols across any of the reels gifts you with 10 free spins and your winnings are tripled while playing in free spins mode.

When 5 wild cards occur on an active payline, you will win a jackpot up to 7,500 coins.


Overall, Blood Suckers is a really nice slot, that is suitable for both newbies and experienced gamblers. Despite its age, it has great graphics, an interesting theme, and some fantastic bonus features.

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Blood suckers Reviews by Players

Asha Ovalle. Reviewed on 30.06.18

I found a bit strange that no one share experience and impressions about this game from netent company. This game has highest TRTP from all netent games, and of course i play this game a lot, and have something to share. Variance on this game is medium, sometimes i think it is low, but after few bad runs i can say that it is not so low as someone can think due to high TRTP. Some players suggest to play this slot to achieve wagering requirements with bonus, because high TRTP means that it is hard to lose a lot of money on this game.

This game has two features, and it is quite usual - first is free spins with multiplier, and second is pick game, where to my surprise, big wins also possible, few times i get there x 100 total bet, and for such bonus game it is of course nice result. I can not remember my best hit on this slot, but i'm sure that few times after free spins i won something like x 200 total bet. This game can be a bit annoying, because i found that after few hours of playing it you can not expect anything new or really interesting, and you just spinning and spinning in wait of any feature.

Conclusion: Unique game, because it is highest TRTP in all netent games. But it is a bit boring, and i'm tired after playing it for few hours. Big wins is possible, but not so big like at high variance games, and also features is a bit boring, due to quite often idea with picking bonus and with multiplier on free spins. But at least it is not so hard to get this features, and lose big money on this game is hard goal i think. 8 stars for biggest TRTP, but nothing else to add about this game.

Yet another game with a theme of vampires and bad graphics. Makes me wander to why would someone who is willing to put time and effort into making this game will put graphics as bad as those into it. I mean with all of the choice out there to go with those drawings is just crazy in my view.

Because iIreally don't like the way this game looks I only played it a couple of times and that was enough for me to know that the game is as bad as the graphics.

There are 25 lines in this game and two features. I tried it mostly on the smallest bet and raised it to 2 coins now and then. The pays i must say are not bad on this game and wild does come out a lot. I got a good line hit with three wilds in front and a high paying picture on fourth reel. It was around €14 and not bad at all. But then the game just stopped paying and there was no sign of the wilds. It was like it showed me that it could pay but is not going to. I kept on playing and some time after got the bonus. I got three bonus symbols on and active pay line and had to find vampires to make money. There are coffins displayed and you have to avoid empty ones to keep on playing. The biggest one I ever got was 1000 and never seen any bigger than that. I am not sure if you can win big on this feature, and I could not anyways.

Over all the biggest win for me was €10. I kept on playing and never managed to get the free spins feature. It took from me €30 of my money plus the money I won on it, and I still could not get it.

I really don't like the game and I hate the graphics. For me this game is not suitable and I will give it a rating of 3. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day :)
Blood suckers slot from netent resembles much to one slot in rival casinos i used to play scary rich.Besides thematic it is also slot that i hated very much. Off course netent has better design and music then rival but that's all i can say that is positive about blood suckers slot.It is 25 high velocity slot which features killing vampires bonus and free games.

Killing vampires bonus triggers when you get 3 or more bonus symbols in combination.You are then presented with caskets which you open and if you find vampire inside you kill it and get credits.There are few empty caskets and when you find one that is empty the bonus ends.I had misfortune to find an empty one from second attempt.

The free games are triggered by getting 3 or more scatter symbols.Ten free games are rewarded with x3 multiplier and they often don't pay much.With free games the biggest hit i had was about 20 euros and i wasted double that amount trying to trigger them.

Base game don't pay enough small wins so you cant play this slot for a long time if you wish to leave it with any money in your account.From the many netent slot blood suckers is probably one of the worst.Bonus features are lame,there are no base game wins and the thematic don't suite me at all.If you want to play slot that features similar theme much better choice would be immortal romance from microgaming casinos.

For the blood suckers the only positive thing is the animations and software that made it.the only symbol that i would get rid of in this slot is garlic.It just looks misplaced.For the end i will rate blood suckers in my three grades.First payouts are far most the worst from all netent slots i played grade is 5/10 second fun on this slot i also rate bad because of boring theme 5/10 and the last win big with small bets i rate 4/10.
Jeramy. Reviewed on 25.09.18
If you want to try the game after that will remain under the impression, as after a good horror film then you are in the right place, Blood Suckers is exactly what you're looking for. A lot of adrenaline and love for the classics will take you on an unforgettable adventure that will allow two equally interesting missions hunting vampire and hunt for winnings. This game is one of those who brought me the greatest winnings and when I lost it was slight compared to business opportunities throughout the game. I can only confirm what they said for this game and that is the fact that the percentage of cash back on this game is a whopping 98%, simply try the game and make sure it's true.

Pleasure complement all the horror elements present in this game, there are silver cross, garlic, holy water and the bible. There are also symbols that bring the greatest gains in this game, wild and scatter standard symbols. If you get at least 3 Scatter symbols in any position on the reels you will win 10 free spins with a multiplier that is great 3X. If during the free spins you get a bonus round then won amount it will not count 3x, will remain a standard 1: 1. Scater symbol in this slot game is a bloody bride and if during the free spins win three more of these symbols you get an additional 10 free spins. There is a bonus game that is activated by one hundred win three symbols of Count Dracula in positions 1,2,3 at paylines.

In the bonus game you have 12 coffins in which you have nine awards and three empty after its opening your bonus game ends. The maximum award that I pulled out of this bonus was brilliant 12,000 coins. Basically, its a great feeling when injected stake vampires and for every stitch you get the money until you hit the empty box from which excursions bats that you do not get scared, but you probably take away the right to further play. For me this is one of the best NetEnt games I play every day and the impression is always the same, too is.
This slot is powered by NetEnt, and it has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The minimum bets per spin are 0.25€ and the maximum are 50€. Honestly the graphics of the game aren’t so amazing, very low and much better slots can be found. And the sound well let just say what sound? It more of a silence, frankly for this theme I expected something spooky but the game let me down at the very start.

Well for the reason that I tried this slot was because I had about 6€ that I wanted to spend on a new slot which I haven’t tried so far, and I thought to give this slot a try. The game offers a wild feature that will substitute any symbol on the reel except bonus and scatter symbols, a bonus symbol that if aligned next to each other from left to right will award a bonus game and of course last but not least scatter symbol that if hit 3, 4 or 5 times will allow 10FS under 3x multiplier. It doesn’t have a progressive mode on the scatter symbol like many other games do, which I really dislike. I love playing games that advance at a certain point of playing, allowing me to progress as well. I did the minimum bet just to experience the game as much as I can, but from 24 spins I only got 1 win, I mean what the hell. Also the game is kind a dull it didn't appeal to me at all and I really doubt that I will try this game out again in the near future.

Overall well, there is no overall I think that this game doesn’t deserve more than 4 stars, based on my experience.
Viki. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Don't you just love Dracula and vampire slot games?! There are quite a number of such blood-sucking games, which can be money-sucking games too, but what the heck, we play these games to get some fun and enjoyment, besides trying to win some money too, right? No? Oh gees, you sure there's nothing wrong with you? Hehehe. Real Time Gaming has its Count Dracula slot, which can pay really huge if you can get 5 of him - they expand to full size to cover the entire reels! NetEnt has a few of these blood curling games too, the latest one being Dracula, which isn't that good really. But this blood-sucking money-sucking game, The Blood Suckers, is probably the best of the lot from NetEnt! If you haven't played the game, then sorry, you wouldn't know why I'm saying this, and you're missing out on a bloody good game! You're going to try it out now? Good, good, but finish reading my review first please! Hehehe.

Not many games can offer you good paytables nowadays. Newer games all tend to be pay-more-smaller-wins kind, with very very low paytables and not much potential for huge wins, but Blood Suckers is based on the older criterion of providing good payout possibilities. 5 Wilds pay 7500x the line bet, which is very good, 5 Scatters pay 100x the total bet, which is low actually, and the free spins game gives 10 free spins with a 3x win multiplier, which is also good. What is not so good, is that only 10 free spins can be awarded at any one time, even with 5 scatters! Dang! This shouldn't have been the case, but what to do. NetEnt doesn't want us to win too big I guess! Hahaha.

The Bonus game is another feature game that is thrilling and exciting, and may even be rewarding. It's actually a 'pick-and-win' kinda game, awarding cash prizes, for as long as you don't pick an empty coffin. Yikes! Pick a coffin and win? Yep, 12 coffins to pick from, 4 of them would be empty, so use your x-ray eyes and pick the ones with corpses in them! But don't be scared! Just think of the 2000 and 4000 coins to be won in one of those coffins! Then you wanna go coffin hunting all the time! Hahaha.

Dang! I can't remember now if the free spins game can be retriggered or not, but I guess the answer must be yes. They hardly happen though, if I may say so, that's why I can't remember them. I haven't really won anything big on this game, just my blardy blood-curling bad luck, but I do know that they are there, just waiting for me to get them. Hmm, I'll wait for a full-moon before I go hunting for these blood sucking vampires. They like to come out when the full moon is out, so it'll probably be easier for me to get them...or they get me! Hahaha.

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