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birds on a wire Reviews by Players

Sharda. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Birds on a Wire is a very special game in some ways and perhaps it can be divisive. To be honest I don’t really like how the slot looks like. I’m not a big fan of slot made in cartoon style and even though some of the used bird characters are cute or funny but somehow this product just can’t impress or attract me at all with its appearance. But I like how the game uses an uncommon displaying scheme as it doesn’t work with the traditional reels and spins but much more we can see wires where the birds are just sitting on and after every spin new wires appear and the birds are flying on them.
It’s really a new displaying approach and its curiosity is really like a fresh change after spending so many times with traditionally working machine.

This innovative or just not too ordinary solutions continuous at game segment and we can meet some strange but great features there too. First, if a winning combination is completed the winning symbol birds suffer an electric shock and they’re replaced by the figures above them and also new symbols arrive to the reels. Basically, this is a classic ‘drop down symbol’ feature but it’s so funny and great that I really appreciate these little animations. The other little feature is called High Voltage Multiplier which means if with newcomer symbols another win is achieved its multiplier is increased by 1 so getting consecutive wins the multiplier becomes higher and higher up to x5.

The best paying symbol is the Wild which is not just replacing for other symbols in wins but it can pay up to 200 times of total bet if 5 of them form a combination. 3 or more Bonus icons on the reels activate 10 free spins where all drop-down wins uses an increased High Voltage multiplier value which can be x4, x8, x12 or even x20. If I’m asked I would prefer a traditional used multiplier method for wins but a better paying combination with x8 and x12 multiplier would cause a really great surprise. After the free spin sequence is ended the Inwinity Spin feature is activated meaning the feature is continuing until at least one new win is completed.

I think this product’s main strength is in its curiosity and uncommon working formula which really makes the game unique and a very interesting game. Otherwise, its payout tendency is very average as I haven’t experienced in any unwonted mechanism there but in my opinion the general payout ability could be a little bit better and the lack of potential of giving out real remarkable amounts as wins is also noticeable. So I really admire the new things the game brings to the table and offers some kind of new experience on the other hand I don’t like its displaying style and the game functions also could be better, more player-friendly. This duality feeling is always with me when I play this slot and whether which one will be more dominated is the question that remains to be decided.
I took a break from gambling over the summer for less than 2 months and now I notice that in all this time many new games belonging to as many new casino platforms have appeared here at AskGamblers. So far I have never played any game from Thunderkick casinos and if all its slots are like this “Birds on a wire” slot, I can say that certainly I will never risk here my money that I have earned with so much effort.

For a first look and as regarding how it is played, the slot “Birds on a Wire” is very nice, but in terms of wins it provides this game is disastrous. At each spin, a flock of different birds fly from somewhere behind and sit randomly on 3 high voltage lines (like about all video slots having 3 lines over 5 reels). When you get to have a line of at least 3 identical birds, they are electrocuted, turned into ashes and in their place come other birds in flight from behind. At each win, a multiplier found on a transformer on the high voltage pillar is advanced. The characters depicting different birds are beautiful and make this slot resemble with the well known “Angry Birds”. All is nice and well so far, but this slot could have been very successful if also the wins would have been also good.

For its 17 paylines available, the total minimum bet is 10 cents. Of the 7 kinds of birds, 5 pay only 1-4 cents (3 of a kind), and you get such a win only about once every 10 spins. 4 birds of the same kind you have only about once every 100 spins! Two consecutive wins from the same spin are likely rare, and for what good when the amount won is less than 10 cents. For each 100 spins played with a bet of 10 cents the lost is 8-9 Euros! And just to emphasize all this, the value of a “Big Win” is only 1 Euro! Rather than playing here and continually lose money, I better get out on the street and give the money to the poor.Finally, about Free spins the same warning: although theoretically they exist, you will never get them.

So much for this new slot from a casino also new. To say on short: a disaster!
Shavonne Speier. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Thunderkick has a knack for putting out very enjoyable and entertaining games, for which Birds on a Wire is one of them. The theme of the game is to electrocute the birds on the wire to get cash rewards. What?! Oh gees! I was quite shocked at first when I learned about the theme of the game. How dreadful, how horrible, how cruel to the birds, I was thinking, but thank god everything turned out differently when I started playing the game. The icons of the birds are symbolic, so they don’t really look like real birds. I haven’t seen a triangular bird in all of my life, that’s for sure! Haha. Anyhow, Birds on a Wire is nicely presented in simple cartoonish animated 3D, with pleasing colours, animations and sound effects. Despite not being like other 3D games, I love its overall graphics quality and sound effects, so no star down/up.

A look at the paytable brings no surprise. Typically of all Thunderkick games, win values for all symbols are on the low side, except for the Black Bird Wild symbol, which pays 200 x bet for 5-of-a-kind. The next highest paying bird, the Woodpecker, pays a very low 12 x bet. All other symbols pay even lower in this 17 paylines game. Each win in the base game increases the win multiplier by x 1, up to a maximum of x 5. However, in the Bonus Game, things can become really high voltage electrifying as the win multiplier increases to a maximum of x 20. And here lies those big wins, if you can get them. 1 star down.

Feature wise, there is only a High Voltage Bonus Game (free spins) to be won, triggered by 3 cleverly disguised cats under a hood, awarding 10 free spins. Every additional cat-under-a-hood awards 2 more free spins, up to a maximum of 34 free spins. Just imagine that - not only can these cats disguise themselves as birds hiding under a hood (so that they don’t scare the other birds away), they can actually fly like the birds too! The things that cartoon can do! But crazy or not, as foolish as everything may be, I just love it! Hehe. The Bonus Game, with its x 20 win multiplier, should be able to deliver really big wins, but this has yet to be seen, so 1 star down.

So, how does Birds on a Wire perform? Pardon me, but I can’t help myself giggling every time I look at those birds being electrocuted! Have you seen them yet? They go real crazy, humping up and down on the wire, moaning and groaning bird-style at the same time, then pruuuuit…and they are gone! Vaporised into thin air. Poor birds, but so entertaining! Coming back, how do the game perform? After many many many plays on it, the best win I’ve got so far was 204 x bet, winning 20.40 Euro on a 0.10 Euro bet. Haven’t got or seen anything better. Yes, that win came with the x 20 multiplier. Wonder if more winning spins can be had while on that x 20 multiplier? That could surely pay out a whopper! Yet to be seen and heard. Other than that, the game can really go crazy! Like over 20 spins not paying anything at all, paying peanuts when it does pay, and stretching on for well over 1000 spins before paying out anything decent. This is Thunderkick’s equivalent of the game ‘Dead or Alive’! But Birds on a Wire does not have the slightest potential to pay humongously like what Dead or Alive can! Still, this game can keep you happy and entertained when it is in a good mood, getting decent payouts and getting several Bonus Games as well. For me, yes, I like this game, and I still play it on and off, hoping to get a huge win for once one of these days. 1 star down.
Harriette. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Birds on a wire is a Thunderkick provided slot game with 5 reels and 17 paylines and a free spins bonus round. I've played this game a few times but I never stop being surprised to see there 17 paylines, that is an odd number. That being said, the payline amount doesn't change anything in betting options because the minimum bet per spin is 0.10€. I really like slots where I can play on all lines and bet so little, it is great if my balance is low.

First of all, the design of this slot is really outstanding, something I haven't seen before. Since the name is Birds on a wire, when you open this slot, that is exactly what you see- different kind of birds sitting on a wire. There is one thing that I don't like that much though, when there is a winning combination from leftmost to right, the birds get electrocuted, then they disappear and new and existing symbols come in their places. If then you still get a winning combination, it will be multiplied 2 x and this continues as long as there is a new win and the max multiplier is 5 x. There's also a wild symbol on main and free spins game and it substitutes all except scatter symbols.

I like that the free spins round is the same as main game, the only thing that changes are multiplier for winnings. So to trigger free spins you need to get 3 cats in bags (scatters) which gives 10 free spins and if there are more, you get for each scatter extra two spins. I believe I haven’t got more than 16 free spins so far. When you play free spins, they look exactly the same, but when you get a winning combination, the multiplier starts from 4 x and if the wins continues, it can go up to 20 x. Also, after the free spins round is done, there’s an infinity spin so you'll spin until you win! This feature actually helped me to get a nice winning last time I played it, I had a big win on the infinity spin.

I know there's a fellow AskGambler that has had good winnings on this slot and that inspires me to play this game more. That being said, from my experience, I think I've never had a bigger win than 80 x bet size. Unfortunately, most of the time this game awards me with peanut winnings, endless dead spins and so on.

Overall I think this game is one of a kind, design is cute and special. But so far I wouldn't except major winnings from this game. But on the other hand, I haven't lost much either because I mostly don't go over 0.20 - 0.50€ bets. But it is definitely worth trying.

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