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big kahuna snakes and ladders

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big kahuna snakes and ladders Slot - DETAILS
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big kahuna snakes and ladders Reviews by Players

Forest. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Pros: Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders is a game that I have played only once so far in an online casino. Microgaming offers more than 300 or maybe even 400 slot games and it is quite logical that I have not tried all these games so far.

When I saw this game, visually I liked it very much. The graphics here is nothing extra but the choice of colors is lovable. At that moment, when I came to this game my balance was at about 50 euros. At the beginning I planned to make a few spins here and move on to another game. But it happened that I got a several big wins 5-10 x bet for a short time. These wins encouraged me and I decided to continue playing here but with bigger bet.

First, with 0,3 euros per spin and a little later with 0,45 euros per spin. I think you can suppose what happened. I stayed here until my balance fell to zero. That happened after about 45 minutes. Every time I wanted to move on to a new game or to get some bigger wins or 2 scatter symbols (3 scatter symbols here, activate the free spins bonus). I think I will not exaggerate a lot if I say that I have maybe some 30 times x 2 Scatter symbols. In most cases on the first and the third reels. Every time it happened I would watch that with great interest, the slow spinning of the last two reels expecting to appear a third scatter symbol on them. It did not happen.

In the 45 minutes that I spent here I have never once got the free spins bonus. I know that some game can’t be objectively rated after spending only 45 minutes of playing it. But for the Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders I give only 6-star and probably I will never ever come back here.
Cons: I don't where they got the Idea of putting 5 Free spins at 2x, triggered on a random spin. I don't get what makes these Free spins so special.
Sulema. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Pros: Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders is such a good game! It has 15 paylines so I wouldn't be blocked by limited paylines from it's first slot....Big Kahuna with only 9 paylines. When I think about having less paylines, I believe it pays more than having more paylines but at the same time it Blind-sides me for a lower chance to find combinations on fewer paylines slots.

Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders is bloody generous because it held out in it's mechanical hand an $80 win when I had 5 of a kind boy symbols during the rare occurring but randomly triggered 5 Free spins at 2x for $0.60 triggering bet!! It was so lucky for me to have something like this and I love video slots that just throws these types of wins when I play! The sweet win could be much more juicy if it contained the very nice Wild within the 5 combinations to pay 4x on it! BK - SaL is such a generous video slot!

But what I also like about it is that it brings the classic childhood game I loved as a kid.....snakes and ladders. The game is pretty standard and now that it's in the form of a gambling bonus there are dices to choose from that awards the amount of moves on the board when they are rolled. Per move on the board gives a multiplier for the triggering bet and I love landing on a ladder because it boosts a larger multiplier to my total! I had about 56x in multipliers on my $0.60 for a very good $33.60. My advice is to be risky, adventurous and to try not landing on the snakes because if you do, your multipliers will be lowered for lesser winnings!

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