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The world society is still interested in such a fundamental theme as the appearance of life on Earth and the birth of the universe. There are many hypotheses, but one of the most unshakable and significant is the Big Bang theory. The world of science is sure that it was the Big Bang that caused the expansion of the universe and led it to the kind to which we have long been accustomed.

To be in the boundless cosmos and to realize the intergalactic journey is now possible in the new video slot from the company Net Entertainment called Big Bang. The slot is able to transfer the player beyond the limits of space and time, as well as to feel unforgettable taste of victory. After all, prizes and winnings in the machine are really cosmic.


The design of the slot is successfully harmonized and recreates the cosmic atmosphere. Mysterious music and colorful symbols are not only visually attractive, but also capable of bringing significant gains to players. Minimalism in the interface and management makes the game as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. There simply is nothing superfluous: only the player and the infinite space. All winning combinations will be denoted by the corresponding animation, and the growth of the multiplier scale is accompanied by an audible and colorful visual effects


Playing Big Bang is easy and pleasant, a simple interface and convenient controls emphasize the best traditions of classic video slots. Before starting the game, you need to decide on the rate and cost of the loan. Loyalty of options makes it possible to play for various amounts. You can set the cost of the loan through “Coin”, and one of the four bet levels is selected using the “Level” button. Depending on your strategy, one rotation will cost between $ 0.01 and $ 50. All the necessary keys are located at the bottom of the screen. You can set the maximum bet through “Bet Max”, and you can start auto mode using “AutoPlay”.

A list of the cost of each combination is available in the PayTable menu. All additional information and game settings are hidden in the special panel at the bottom left of the screen.

The main highlight of the Big Bang machine is the progressive multiplier system, which consists of 6 levels. Each winning combination will increase the current multiplier by 1 point (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 and x32). In addition, the spin without combinations will reset the indicator to x1. It is important to know that any rate change will automatically reset the multiplier to the base multiplier. An unusual option gives players incredible opportunities, and it is through the multiplier system that the huge potential of the slot is revealed. It is difficult even to imagine that your usual win is multiplied by 16 or even 32 times.


Big Bang slot will suit all connoisseurs of classics and high-quality functionality. There is nothing superfluous here: even a novice will understand the management, and everyone will appreciate the progressive system of multipliers. Interstellar travel, unexplored spaces and big wins – all this and a sea of ​​positive emotions are waiting for you here.

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Big bang Reviews by Players

Fae. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Big Bang video slot is from the Netent Entertainment .this game is one of the newest games from Netent ,because its only few months old.The first time I did play this game was from the casinos which they are giving free spins when they have promotion of some new game.Big Bang slot is a 5 reel 25 pay lines pay lines,which has no free spins neither bonus round ,but only wilds symbols which are progressive and the payout can be X 32 the winnings ,well that will happened if you are lucky enough to come to the X 32 field.

So I did try this game at the beginning many times,but had no luck in it.So I was talking about the free spins , so few weeks ago I decided to try this game so I deposited 25 euros and took the 50% bonus ,so I started to play with 37 euros.My first few bets were at the minimum bet 0.25 euros so I was playing for a while and even didn't notice that I lost more then half of my money and didn't get anything only empty spins,wow I was really disappointed .

Well then I left the game to load by it self and had no luck,but then I decided to use the stop button,well most of the time when I use it I have more luck in this Netent games ,so I start using it.Wow after the 5th spin I reached the X 32 payout with 3 wilds and my balance went back to 48 euros,When I reached that amount on my balance then I decided to quit this game and play other slot.Honestly I thought It was a nice game ,but since then I didn't play it,well except if I will get it as a free spins from some casino,other way to play for real with my money I don't think so.Well I don't like this slot and wont be playing it again,maybe i had no luck on this slot.
I did not have to play much to realize that I do not like the slot “Big Bang” . This slot confirms the NetEnt casinos tradition that, except for2-3 slots generally offers very small wins. It is the third time I say this, if the Indians invented the payments on the internet of a quarter of a cent this slot had the ambition to give a win of only 2 cents for 3 minor symbols aligned (when the total bet is 25 cents). You will say that I am mean, I am sorry for this but here all symbols (including the major ones) pay less than the total bet for 3 of a kind. It is more than ridiculous!

I do not really believe that this slot offers a return of 96%. Because of the very low payout 's of all symbols (even multiplied ) for each 25 Euro gambled (100 spins) I have lost each time between 10 to 15 Euro (that is half of the sum).Maybe I did not played enough for a good statistics, but even so... the highest reward (win) that I have ever had was about 7 Euro after I lost before about 18 Euro. The fact that confirms my suspicions about the big losses here is that there is no Free Spins, nor Bonus Game, therefore you do not have any possibility to get something back after much losing from normal spins.
Luanna. Reviewed on 27.09.18
The second I saw this game, I got excited, just as any cosmic news or photos would excite me. When I opened the game, I was impressed with all the artistic impressions of alien worlds. Very nicely rendered, even though not in 3D. NetEnt game designers certainly have a very good flair at creating exciting images in all of their games, especially the newer ones. Simple yet beautiful, and the techno sound effects in Big Bang are just as exciting and catchy too. 1 star up.

But, as we all know, nothing can be perfect, as the paytable showed. Typically NetEnt’s low paytable for all symbols, with no win value for wilds, no scatters at all, while the highest paying symbol, the red planet, carry only a 1000x line bet payout for 5 of its kind. Big Bang is just a straight forward slot game with very nice graphics and exciting sounds. 2 stars down.

Wow! I have never seen such a big one before - the win multiplier I mean! The only special feature in Big Bang - its 32x win multiplier! That could indeed bring in some very nice huge payouts at the right time, but I can imagine the difficulty in reaching that level of multiplier, attainable only after making 5 successive wins, which isn’t easy by any standards. Even though the potential of paying big with that 32x multiplier is there, I really cannot see this happening with its low paytable! 1 star down.

Playing the game was a different story altogether. Unlike Lights, the game play was fun, lively, with lots of reasonable payouts, and of course, with free spins too, which were also rather good at most times. With Big Bang, the nice graphics and sound effects couldn’t make up for its poor game play. I cannot understand the sudden change as compared to Lights. Both are straight forward games with only 1 special feature, the free spins or the win multiplier, but Lights was many times better in its game play. Perhaps Big Bang is too conservative in allowing the wins to creep up to the 32x win multiplier level. I manage to reach this level in fun play once, only once, but the payout then was really pathetic, even with that 32x win multiplier! In real play, sorry to say, I could hardly reach the 16x level. The 32x level never came into play. Worse thing is, my credit balance never once went up above my initial balance – it was all the way down from the start! 2 stars down!

Overall, I had good expectations from Big Bang. The initial excitement soon withered away as my credits went down like the sand in a sand timer. Once can be forgiven for bad luck or bad timing, but after a few tries with the same results, this is one game I would rather keep away from. Too bad NetEnt. 1 bad apple. 1 star down.

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