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barber shop Reviews by Players

Renda. Reviewed on 03.07.18
With a fixed 25-payline slot named Barber Shop I had a chance to play with an unknown developer Thunderkick. I was excited for this opportunity but I tried to not be too enthusiastic as in the past it usually resulted a bigger disappointment. So Barber Shop as its name suggests introduce us an old-school business (I don’t think many of us would use this service nowadays) and we can see by the help of the symbols so many kind of mustaches and beards. The slot is made in cartoon style and I’m not a fan of this appearing technique but somehow I like these cute icons. Maybe they seem to be a little bit one-schemed but they are well-drawn and some of them are very typical character and the entire interface gives a light entertaining visual experience.

The game segment brings something new for me and I have to say I can appreciate them and find some of them are great. Surprisingly the game can be played with as low total bet as €0.10 and because there are 25 pay lines this winning calculating method was a mystery for me at first but fortunately we don’t need to do math as the paytable shows the pays for the current bet. Anyway, there are other selectable but fix 13 different stake options from €0.20-€100 and interestingly there is no possibility to play with €25 which otherwise would be an evident bet. So assuming a €1 total bet (€0.04 line bet) and the assigned top paying line win to it is €40 so we easily can see 1000 times of line bet is the main prize.

The slot offer real great features as I mentioned and one of them is the re-spin feature which is activated each and every time if a win is completed then the winning symbols are held in their places and all other symbols on the screen re-spin once and this process lasts until one of the newcomer icon can join to the previous symbols and can form a new winning combination and increase the number of winning icons. Of course any additional line wins during re-spins trigger the feature again.

5 Bonus emblems are needed to activate side game which is a free spin series and it consist of 10 base spins. Every appearing Bonus symbol during that session gives another 2 free games (we can get max. 30 such spins) and the re-spin feature is still intact there but with greater quality as with every re-spin an assigned multiplier value increases from x1 up to x5. There’s another little add-on named Inwinity Spin which means if the bonus free spins are finished the automatic spins continue until the new table arrangements bring at least one win.

I like very much these features and find them exciting and profitable at the same time but as you can see the slot doesn’t use a traditional Wild symbol which is not a fortunate thing from the developers. Anyway, the re-spin feature has surprisingly good results as I could thank some of the bigger wins for that extra but the free spin section is the real deal here especially if the great re-spin feature is supplemented with that multiplier values.

Despite this slot graphically doesn’t fit well to my style and I just can’t find this kind of appearance attractive but with the other game segments it really could make me a fan of it and really enjoyed my introductory play session.

There is one thing that I want to mention and this is the game setting panel. This is one of the best I’ve seen as it really contains all the information what the player needs to have for playing and it really gives lot of freedom to player to change settings and customize it with lot of options. Overall, I’m very impressed with this new partnership with Thunderkick and if other products can bring along these game qualities perhaps we’ll be good friends in the future, who knows? I feel we’re in the right direction so I’m really looking forward to it.
Jolyn. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Well here I'm back again and back to stay sorry guys I had to stray but now I return and return to play! Well what on earth can I say about Barber shop that hash't already been said or praised if you will! Barber shop is a nifty Jack Hammer style slot based in a Barber Shop in France. Barber shop is created by fairly new kids on the block Thunderkick! It features 25 paylines at a cut price minimum cost of just 10p! I first played Barber Shop at Casumo and my view of it after 10 rounds was simply a poor copy of jack opinion however completely altered when I played at Betsafe!

I was down to about £5 earlier this year and thought I would give it another chance! So glad I did! I had the balance to nearly £40 in about an hour mainly due to numerous good free shaves. Yes you heard correctly they are called free shaves on this game! Barber Shop features of course gents in a barber shop (what else!) When you line up 3 or more men or symbols on a line it re-spins until no more are added to the line (just like Jack Hammer 1 and 2). But this game is way more entertaining with nice ambiance backing music and the men are shaved clean when the line win stops haha!

Other lesser paying symbols include shaving tools, combs, shave foam. Top symbol 5 of a kind pays out 400 coins should you be very lucky this means top payout on 10p of £100 in the base game!!

Next I will talk about how to get onto the fantastic free shaves bonus round! Land 5 or more bonus barber signs on the reels for 10 free shaves land nearly full screen for nearly 30 free shaves! In the free shaves upon each win the multiplier increases up to x5 and stays at this level until you get a losing spin! This means a top jackpot at minimum bet in free spins a mouthwatering £500! and it can continue to for a very, very, very lucky player they could win close to £1000 at 10p bet! It would be highly unlikely but nice to know it is possible! When your free shaves run out you get an infinity spin (pun on infinity) this enables the slot to respin until a win hits (very useful indeed!)

Although the game does not feature a mountain of bonus games it is great value for money and can build a bankroll up if played correctly (sensible bet sizing).

I give Barber Shop by Thunderkick 9/10!! It is not perfect as it can run cold at times but it redeems itself when it pays out BIG!!



Symbols stay in same position until you get a losing spin.
Amazing free shaves with up to 5x multiplier (that can stick until you lose).
Infinity spin after free shaves are completed.
Nice paytable.
Great value for money play for 10p minimum and this still means 25 paylines!!
Looks attractive and is humorous to boot!

Can go on cold runs at times.
Can be frustrating when your re-spins end!
Is so fun to play it has that DOA effect that you just can't leave without getting a win out!
Ernestine. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Want a free shave? Then go to Barber Shop, but getting there may cost you some money. Hey, nothing is really free nowadays is it? Barber Shop is a fun-to-play 25 paylines slot game that doesn’t show the paylines, nor the bet per line values, as in all Thunderkick games, purely because all their games start at the minimum bet of 0.10 Euro per spin, regardless of number of paylines. A distinct advantage for low betters. Everything else about the game is simple yet pleasing, in terms of graphics quality, and with interesting sound effects too. Quite acceptable even at today’s very high standards of graphics quality, but still 1 star down.

Typically of all Thunderkick games, win values for every symbol are on the low side. The highest paying symbol, the Brown bearded man, pays 40 x bet, the next highest pays 20 x bet, while the bonus symbol do not pay anything. There isn’t any wild symbol and there’s no doubling or tripling of wins either – all wins are paid at bet value. Such a pity. 2 stars down.

Also typical is the offering of only 1 feature game, the free spins game. 5 bonus symbols trigger 10 free spins, and each additional bonus symbol appearing on the reels adds 2 more free spins, up to a maximum of 30 free spins. More free spins can be won during the free spins play but this hardly happens. Don’t ask me why. Wins in the free spins are paid in increments from x1 to x5. Every 3 or more of the same symbols appearing on a payline become sticky while all the other symbols take a respin. All additional same symbols become sticky too, are paid at the next higher win multiplier, with another respin awarded. The free spin ends when no same symbol appear on any of the active paylines. Very interesting game play, I must admit, but payouts are not big due to the absence of doubling or tripling catalysts. 1 star down.

Contrary to the simplistic characteristics of Barber Shop, the game play is actually very enjoyable and entertaining. Each time the same symbols become sticky, a respin then ensues, more same symbols appear and become sticky too, until no more appear on the paylines. Thrilling to watch indeed! Each respin win is paid at the next higher multiplier level, up to the maximum of x 5. However, there are no multipliers in the base game, so big payouts can only be had in free spins games. Nonetheless, after much attempts, wins of over 100 x bet are rather hard to get, even with several free spins games coming quite often. The biggest win I’ve had that paid about 100 x bet or more came from getting several of the Brown bearded man, but I’ve never seen all-of-a-kind win as yet. Maybe it’s possible to get, maybe not, no one knows, until someone actually wins it. Overall, Barber Shop can keep you entertained for long hours, have fun playing it, and strangely enough, it makes you want to come back and play more, won or lost! I’ve not won on Barber Shop, but every time I see this game, I end up playing it. Very addictive, so 0 star down/up, despite not having won anything big on the game.

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