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Avalon II The Quest For The Grail powered by one of the most prominent software development companies Microgaming welcomes players into the fantasy world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This 5-reel and 243-payline slot machine is a succeeded sequel to Avalon blockbuster game presented in a much more attractive 3D animation, as well as superb sound features. Everything in the Avalon II Slot Machine is enhanced as compared with its predecessor. The game’s medieval theme somewhat resembles Lord of the Rings with the decorations and graphics. Yet, here you are going to help Arthur bring the grail back to Avalon safely. Actually, the fight between the good and the evil is present here, too.

Interesting Features

Like the vast majority of Microgaming casinos, the low-value symbols of Avalon II are playing cards. However, higher-value symbols here are pictured by theme-related icons including as follows:

  • Merlin the Wizard (serves as a multiplier and can bring random prizes via cash) is worth 0.50; 7.50; 25; and 200 points for 2, 3, 4 and 5 icons respectively;
  • Guinevere is worth 5.00; 20; and 150 points for 3, 4, and 5 icons respectively;
  • Morgan is worth 3.75; 15; and 100 points for 3, 4, and 5 icons respectively;
  • The Black Knight is worth 2.50; 15; and 50 points for 3, 4, and 5 icons respectively;
  • Arthur is worth 0.450; 10; 37.50; 250 coins for 2, 3, 4, and 5 icons respectively .

Avalon II provides two wild features. The Avalon II logo stands for the wild, while The Lady of the Lake is the expanding wild. The first wild substitutes any feature to create a winning combination. The expanding wild, meanwhile, has the ability to expand over the entire reel when it lands anywhere on the reel 3. This will award casino players with a series of ways for winning on one single spin!

Bonus Rounds

Avalon II offered by Microgaming also has a scatter symbol. It’s natural that the symbol is presented via the Holy Grail – the sacred silver chalice. Two scatters together bring a payout no matter on which reels the symbols land on. Three scatters, meanwhile, activate the Grail Bonus Quest. By progressing through the series of new games here, a player reaches the decisive destination. To find out what destination that may be, it’s necessary to first learn more about all the other games included in this Avalon II slots game Bonus Quest.

  • The first comes Lake of Legend. This game brings not more not less but ten rolls of the dice. Once you manage to forge Excalibur, you will get cash awards.
  • The second game is named Misty Vale. The advantage of the game is the wild symbol provided to your choice with as many as fifteen free spins!
  • The third game bears the name Choose Your Path. Here players are provided with an opportunity to choose one of three different mini-games including Whispering Woods, Forest Falls, and Dusky Moors.
  • The first mini-game gives you the chance to get a significant prize by picking up the right shield out of five ones. There are three picks available here.
  • The second mini-game brings forward twenty free spins! Besides, the player is provided with a wild that leaves a long trail from the top to the bottom of the reel it lands on.
  • And what refers to the third mini-game, this tries your luck in finding the right pair for a helmet from the wide range shown. By the way, by picking up the wrong variant, the multiplier for the final prize becomes higher.
  • The fourth game in the Grail Bonus Quest of Avalon II is named Morgan’s Keep. The game brings twenty free spins to the player with additional Rolling Reels.
  • Next comes the Hall of Shadows. This is a fight between you and the Black Knight. By successfully striking the Knight or blocking it, you will get a prize!
  • And the final game of Avalon II is the Isle Of Avalon. This is your final destination on this outstanding Bonus Quest. By landing a golden “o” on the third reel of the Wheel Of Avalon, all your prizes will be remarkably increased!

Another bonus by Avalon II is the Merlin Bonus. The latter will appear on the reels from time to time bringing either a multiplier or a cash prize with it.

Playing Tips on Avalon II by Microgaming

Playing Avalon II slot machine on real money you are guaranteed with the unforgettable gaming experience. And even though everything in the game seems to be fixed, the amount you wager depends on you. The minimal betting per one spin in Avalon II by Microgaming is as little as 30p, while the maximal betting here is £30. However, developers and experienced players advise going on to play to get an access to the Bonus rounds described above. Particularly here all the miracles and big wins happen!

History of Avalon II

The already popular Avalon II was developed by Microgaming right after launching the first Avalon game. In fact, the second edition was much more successful with its legend-based theme, amazing graphics and, of course, the wide range of bonus features.


Without any doubt, the Avalon II game will remain in the history of slots as one of the most attractive and succeeded online slot machines. The game is compatible not only with computers but also with tablets and mobile gadgets. The RTP rate of the slots is 97%. This said it’s recommended to all slot fans to try the game at least once. Yet, one can’t guarantee you will be able to stay away from the online slot once you dig into its world of wonders!


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avalon ii Reviews by Players

Rory Van. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Pros: Avalon II is another game from Microgaming software followed by Avalon the previous game from same software, which here the graphics is way, much improved, better one, which they kept the them and some if not all the features. It’s a another 5 reels with 243 winning way slot game with high variance paying table, where even in the base game the player can hit big, even with a minimum bet stake which is 0.30 cents.

In the base game there are 2 features and one of it is the Merlin feature where it will appear randomly and all it can do is give you some cash prize where if there will be no winning combination Merlin will award you from X 4 up to X 20 your bet size and on a winning combination the multiplier is from X 2 up to X 4 multiplier with your bet size.

The other feature is the wild one which only appears on the third reel helping you to get some winning combination. The other feature which we all look forward to it is the Grail Bonus feature, where there are 8 bonus games. The Grail Bonus feature will be triggered if three or more Grail symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The first one is the Legend Bonus feature, the second one is called Misty Value Bonus feature where you'll get 15 free spins with X 1 multiplier, the third is Whispering Woods Bonus, where you'll pick 1 from 5 offered options where the prize can reach till 160 X you bet size.

The there is the fourth Forest Falls Bonus feature where you'll be rewarded with 20 free spins and again with X 1 multiplier where there will be the Trailing Wilds which they act as a stacked wilds on the first and second reel, then comes the fifth Dusky Moors Bonus feature where there will be 12 items shown, which you need to match 2 of them which the prize could go from X 2 up to X 20 multiplier.

The Morgan’s Keep Bonus feature is where you'll be rewarded with 20 free spins with X 2 multiplier but here will be the Rolling Reels which can award you with up to X 6 multiplier. The next feature called Hall of Shadows Bonus where it will give you some cash prize and the last is Avalon Bonus feature which I have never played but it’s about where you spin the wheel to get the highest multiplier. So there are many features specially these ones with the Grail, so this game needs a lot of playing and I guess good bankroll so you can achieve all this features. I have played this game many, many times but can’t say I have won more than X 50 my bet size, although is one of the games that has potential of big wins.
Cons: Nothing can be filled in thumbs down category for Avalon II.
Kathline. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Pros: Avalon II is game made by Microgaming. I like first Avalon, so release of second part was good for me. I play this game sometimes, but almost all time with lowest stake. Game could be destroyed of any balance, so I am very careful when playing it.

I like how this game looks. All symbols are very beautiful, wilds looks nice, and animations for everything is good. Actually I think that it is probably best looking Microgaming 243 lines game. But not sure because Immortal romance and Thundestruck II look awesome too.

I like wilds which is stacked here. When there is stacked wilds in 243 lines game and payouts not bad it is always mean that it is possible to win huge at this game. Full screen of wilds in this game could pay awesome money, but I do not know how much exactly. Also there is special 'lady of the lake' wild which appear only on 3rd reel and expands. And overall payouts are very solid, better than in IR.

I like features in this game. There is 8 different features, actually game is fulfilled by bonus games and freespins features. I could just give huge thumbs up for that, because it is very impressive to play this game in new casino - each time you get feature there is new one, and so 8 times. Just awesome, and one of the best slot feature I ever played. My favorite one is freespins with trailing wilds, it called forest fall if I am right.

I like this game overall. Played it much, and had one monster win of 140$ with 0.30 stake. And it was just during normal play, landed many wilds and good symbols. Playing this game sometimes, love it, and give it 10 stars without doubt. But sometimes it is just hungry for money and can easily eat 100$ with lowest stake without giving feature. Had this two times.
Cons: I was only really just starting to play on-line I think a little while after Avalon 2 was released, so I didn’t particularly share some of my friends disappointment about the game being another 243 ways slot game – I was really quite enjoying those games at that point and this looked like a real good one from all the promotional videos that were being bandied about. I was lucky enough to score a few free spins at some of my favourite casinos, which initially left me a tad confused – I hit the bonus round at a couple of different casinos, and both time went into the dice throwing sword-building bit… I had seen the map screen of course and wondered, well, assumed, you must somehow progress across the map, I figured it would be like the other 243 games where as you play the game more you unlock additional bonus rounds, but nope, it’s not quite that way in Avalon 2.

The game does look good, but I’ve come to expect that from Microgaming, and the stacked wilds really had me quite excited for some big wins – they didn’t exactly come flooding out though and when I did finally get to play the game for real money and make my way across the map for the first time, I was disappointed to find that you only get to choose your bonus round occasionally, and that you are basically forced into trying to attempt a full run of the entire map each time you play in order to pickup the larger bonus rounds as well as the pathetic ones that have really low maximum payouts. It’s all just a real strange setup for me and it put me off the game very quickly, and I’ve never gone back since despite winning around 600x my bet or so in the “sliding wilds” bonus game. If I could play that every time I hit the scatters I would be a happy girl, but sadly I only get that option like once in every six bonus round hits, making this just a very frustrating game to play for me!
Darell. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: Avalon II was released to considerable fanfare from the gaming community, coming several years after the popular original game, many slot players were eagerly awaiting this release to see if it could live up to the high standard set by its predecessor. I know I for one was disappointed to see the game would be yet another 243-ways game, as Microgaming have already released more than enough of these in recent years.

Still, the promotional video looked extremely promising, so this was one game I simply could not wait to play upon release! Fortunately I did not have to - 32red casino were kind enough to drop 32 free spins in my account on the original Avalon game to celebrate the launch of Avalon2, which netted me over £30.00 - enough for a hundred spins on Avalon II! Kudos to 32red for that! :)

The game looks very well made, typically high quality Microgaming slot production - the symbols are large and well drawn, the sound isn't annoying, and the user interface is really top notch. In the download Microgaming casino especially the animations are silky smooth and it really does set the bar for other developers to challenge in my opinion.

I hit my first feature very quickly, by scoring three of the holy grail symbols. This takes you to a map, showing a number of locations from Arthurian legend. I expected that once I had progressed to the end of this map by triggering the feature several times, I would be able to choose which of these areas I would like to visit upon subsequent entries into the bonus - along the lines of TS2, Playboy, or Immortal Romance. Sadly this is not the case - you move through the map in a fixed pattern, occasionally being offered a choice between a couple of different features, but essentially you can treat each run through the map screen as a complete 'game' on this slot...
Cons: ...which would not be so bad, but many of the features have wildly different maximum payouts, in fact it is such that the reels are altered in between several map stages to add/remove scatters from the reels to increase/decrease your chances of triggering the feature in accordance with the possible return of the next map stage. For example, the very first dice throwing bonus has a maximum payout of a little over 100 x bet - really terrible for a 243 ways slot game, and whilst subsequent map sections - especially the "Sliding Wilds" Free Spins - do have massive potential, the fact you have to score the feature 8 or so times in a row to get back to it totally offsets any excitement it might offer for me.

I couldn't help but get annoyed at the tiny payouts attached to the Arthur symbol - two of these gives you a win of 1/15th of your bet, and the way the reels are stacked ensures that most of the time you hit this particular combination, you will hit little else. This becomes all the more annoying if Merlin should appear and wave his staff around for 15 seconds to multiply your 1/15th of a bet win up to 1/5th of a bet, for example!

Overall, I can't help feeling Avalon II is a huge missed opportunity - It certainly does not have the long lasting appeal the first game did, and I can't imagine many who were eager to play it upon release are still bothering with it now. A shame!
Danica. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Avalon 2 is the third slot game that i have tried,basically it is about the continuation of King Arthur 's legend version. This avalon 2 is another piece of work from Microgaming. The attractive part of this game is the high quality effects as well as the graphical design and these attractions are important for me to have preference in this game. It has also consists of the combination of simplicity and creativity making it a great slot game. Normally, i dont like games which are too complicated and too hard to understand. This avalon is the one that makes me feel easy to play and not too difficult to understand flow of games. From what i feel is that playing this game is hassle free and no much troubles.Then it is also very newbie friendly because of the understandable settings and features.

The flow of Avalon 2 slot game is like this: it has a five reels slot which is common as we can easily see in other slots ,but the special thing is that there is an additional feature which is the free spin of 20 provided by Avalon.Then,the visualization of the symbols and the graphics in general are of a quality and I have only seen reflected in a couple of slots games and this avalon is one of them.

From wat i feel is that playing this game is hassle free and no much troubles.Then it is also very newbie friendly because of the understandable settings, feature.Playing this slot game is not too boring because they have many great bonuses but you will need to choose in order to get rewards like when i got the Morgan's Keep.This Morgan's keep is quite unique as it granted me free spins of 20 with the multiplier of 3x . Free spins is the thing that makes me like this Avalon the most because i can play the games by free and without any risk involved. It is worthy to have more free spins and who knows you gonna to win big by free.This is something that i feel worthy to try in this Avalon slot game.

However ,there is one thing i need to emphasize here which is about the achievement of 5oak of the pictured symbols.I believe you guys will experience the same because what i felt is that you can hardly achieve the 5 oak of the pictured symbols even you have the stacked wilds being present. Although this is challenging by not being too easy in getting something but you need to keep trying and dont ever give up. Eventually, playing Avalon is considered a tool that can train my commitment in doing something without giving up too least i can learn something from utilizing my leisure time.

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