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Attraction play online casino for real money

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Net Entertainment has recently presented an original video slot called Attraction, where you will find  several interesting functions. The game takes place in a physical laboratory, where a certain device is tested.

General Description

Attraction slot has 5 reels with pictures on the screen in 3 rows. You can play on any number of active lines, that is from one to ten. The maximum sum allowed per per round is one hundred euros. Attraction also has some interesting options, like: repeated backs, Magnet Feature, and special characters.

According to the information on the site, this model,on a long segment gives out 96.7% of the total amount of bets.


Attraction slot uses ten pictures, acting according to general rules. These are five instruments and five denominations of playing cards from dozens to ace. Special items are Wild and Sticky Wild. They are colored symbols of the atom. Let’s consider their individual features:

  • Wild appears only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th drums. It  replaces any other pictures, except for the second kind of wild symbol. This helps to form combinations.
  • Sticky Wild arises only as a result of the bonus feature “Magnet Feature”. It is also not paid  separately, but it replaces any other symbols.

Bonus Games

The prize option “Magnet” can be activated in any ordinary spin. Every time the drums are started, somewhere near the outside of the screen, a magnetic device appears at its edge. It can be on top or bottom above the three middle drums, and also to the left or right opposite to any of the three bands. In this case, it will affect the entire drum or the entire line to which it is directed.

If, after stopping the reels opposite the magnet, the Wild symbol appears, all positions between it and the device will be filled with the Sticky Wild symbol. Then they remain in their places, and a second spin is launched, as a result of which the remaining positions on the screen are filled with new pictures. Payments are calculated for all combinations formed.

When new Sticky Wild appears after the respin, the function is extended.


Here are the buttons you need to know before you start playing:

  • Level – select the denomination of coins
  • Paytable – open payment table
  • Autoplay – enable auto-play
  • Max Bet – play at the maximum bet
  • Coin Value – specify the denomination of coins
  • Coins – the number of coins on the account
  • Bet – the size of the rate in credits

In order to start a new spin, you can press the “Round” button in the center of the panel. Under the screen there is an information line, where important data on the game appears.In the settings, you can activate the fast spin, select the graphics quality and adjust the sound. The auto game mode has its own parameters. In addition to the coefficient table, Attractions has a very detailed reference section with a detailed description of all aspects.

You won’t have to download this slot, because you can play it straight on the website.


It’s safe to say that the company Net Entertainment, without slowing down and not lowering the bar, continues to regularly delight users with excellent video slots. Attraction is the best confirmation of this. This is an excellent model with an interesting theme, high level of return, excellent graphics, and interesting features.

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Attraction Reviews by Players

Catina Crofoot. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Attraction is another sweet slot game coming from NetEnt. The game has a futuristic design and symbols. The theme of the game is probably some laboratory and some experiment with magnets. To be quite honest I don’t even know what the symbols in the game really are except for the computer and the card symbols. Still the slot looks descent with nice animations and design. The background music is also very good and it is like a song that goes on and on so you won’t get bored playing.

This slot has 5 reels and only 10 paylines. If you take a look at the paytable you will be deeply disappointed because the highest paying symbol has a payout of only 500 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. With a paytable like this you are sure to expect some descent bonus round or a nice wild or scatter payout. Well this game doesn’t have a scatter symbol and has two wild symbols. It also doesn’t offer a free spins or cash bonus only wild respins. So what makes this game interesting to play? Well at times I will say nothing and other times I will say it can be fun to play and has some potential for a descent payout.

Before every spin a magnet is set above a row or a line and the goal is to get a wild symbol anywhere in its beam. If that happens the wild becomes sticky and can expand to cover the reel or all the places in the row back to the magnet. You get a respin with extra magnets and if you get another wild in place with the magnet it becomes sticky and you get another respin. This goes on until you get no more wilds.
I’ve stopped getting excited when NetEnt are launching a new game these days –that way, if its any good I’ll be shocked and impressed, whereas if its just another shocking, shameless rip off, I won’t give it another moment of my time. Sadly, Attraction most certainly ‘slots’ perfectly into that second category… even when you think you’ve hit the big time on this game, all the flashy lights and effects are for nothing as you realize you’ve ended up with something like 30x your bet!

On every spin a reel is chosen between 2 and 4 to be the “attracting” reel, and the magnet locks to either the top or bottom side. If you are fortunate enough to land a wild on the correct reel, and also lucky enough for there to be a space or two between the magnet and the edge of the reels, then the wild will be extended one or two places towards the magnet. You’ll also be awarded a free respin if this should happen, and the process can continue until the whole of reels 2-4 are covered in wilds, although I’ve never actually seen this occur.

The maximum win is a pathetic 500x your bet, and the expanding wilds on reels 2-4 only reminds me very much of that other shocking NetEnt abomination Starburst, though personally I think this is even worse as when you do land a wild your not even guaranteed it is going to cover the entire reel. I do think the wilds drop a little more often than on Starburst, but I don’t think that’s enough compensation personally.

I really wish NetEnt would stop churning out this rubbish. Where are the bonus rounds? Where are the big wins?! Games like this just inevitably suck you dry slowly until you end up with nothing and give little in the way of fun or playtime in the process – where is the fun in that?
Chandra. Reviewed on 25.09.18
If you have a bonus wagering requirement you need to beat, this is a game that might interest you. Sadly, the list of bad things is a little longer...
Attraction first appeared at Mr Green casino earlier this year, they seem to have some kind of arrangement with NetEnt whereby new games are tested out at their casino prior to them being released to the rest of the market. I’m sure there are many players who frequent Mr Green for this very reason, to try and get an early look at the latest and greatest NetEnt slots, though personally I have to say that there have not been many NetEnt games that have impressed me for a long time now. I guess the last one I really liked was The Wishmaster.

Attraction, sadly, is nothing like The Wishmaster. Its something of a re-designed “Starburst” I think, as it shares a great many gameplay mechanics with that game such as the 10 paylines (although there is no pays-both-ways this time), the fact there are no bonus rounds or feature modes, and the free re-spin when you manage to catch a wild with the magnet is very similar to Starbursts expanding wild feature. The top payout is the same too, at just 500x your bet, and I’d imagine it is similarly impossible to ever hit this jackpot in this game too – just like in Starburst.

That’s not to say it’s COMPLETE garbage, it can be fun to play for sure – but lets be honest, I like to play slots because I like to win money. I like the excitement that every spin could win me a few hundred bucks… and you just don’t get that from these super low variance NetEnt games. They just suck you dry slowly and methodically, which for me makes the only use for such a game is as a way of battling your way through a bonus wagering requirement. This is a real shame because NetEnt are really great at coming up with original ideas and innovative features in their slot games, but they almost always spoil it by not putting any decent wins on the paytable! And why not a feature or two as well?! …

The unique feature in “Attraction” is the magnet, which will randomly position itself at one of the sixteen edge spaces around the 5x3 play area. If a wild lands in the line of the magnet, it will “pull” the wild towards itself, transforming each space the wild passes into an additional wild symbol. Your win will then be calculated before the reels spin again, for a free re-spin. It’s pretty cool, but it seems to be VERY rare that you will actually get the magnet and a wild lining up in order to trigger the feature, and it really doesn’t pay all that well even when you do.
Terra. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Attraction video slot is the newest game I had played from the famous Netent provider. I don't know what to say about this game, because it's still early and I don't want to do the same mistake as I did with The Wish Master slot, because at the beginning I hated this slot, but how the time was passing by and played this slot much more I had really nice winnings on it.

The first time I played Attraction video game was few days ago when many of the casinos I am player, send us free spins on this game. Although I must say that or spins are not that much to try this or any game so that's why I decided to play it with my money. Because I had more money on the account, first I played it at Jetbull Casino with0.50 euros per bet, I was playing around 40 spins, but nothing happened, I was just loosing money, because when you trigger those wilds on the reels and when the re spins feature is activated, you need to have another wilds on the reels, but they need to be placed where the magnet is, so that way you win bigger amount of money. When I lower the bet to 0.20 per spin, after that I got the stack wild or the magnet and my biggest win was 34 euros.

After this win I was playing around 30 another spins, but this game has only emptied my account I lost 40 euros at the same game. So far I must say I am not impressed by this game and the season is there are only 10 paylines, which are too little to win something big. As I understood the game, everything is about the magnets, so the wild symbols always and only lends on the 2, 3 or 4 reel, the sticky wild is only activated by the magnet and those sticky wilds only appears when the re spins feature is activated and that will happened, when the magnet will appear, horizontally or vertically of the game and if the wild appears on that reel, there you have winning combination, which after that the respins feature is activated. But getting 2 or more wilds, where the magnet appears it is very hard to trigger, well that was my experience.

I should play this game few more times and maybe give it a try for 100 spins and then I will maybe change my mind or not, so so far I am not very impressed by the new game,which Netent has released .

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