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Aloha! cluster pays

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General Description

The holiday season is a truly wonderful time, when a user is free to go to distant warm islands in search of insane, entertaining, and eccentric adventures. The legend says that in the Hawaiian lands, teeming with the natives, there are untold treasures, which are easy to find, having agreed with ancient idols. Aloha! Cluster Pays slot suggests just that. The slot is released by the leading manufacturer of creative slots, the company Net Entertainment, so you won’t have any questions about the trustworthiness and the gameplay, and you can enjoy your gaming experience straight away.


The connoisseur of online entertainment, who chose Aloha! Cluster Pays, instantly finds himself in the friendly and picturesque setting of the Hawaiian Islands, the beautiful nature of which pacifies and relaxes. It seems that at this point in the world, there are sacrifices in honor of ancient idols, which are very fond of flowers, and are being prepared for the holiday. If you pacify the offerings of ancient spirits, the reward will be remarkable winnings and luggage of unforgettable impressions. Gameplay is accompanied by a pleasant melody, raising the mood and providing positive emotions.

According to the peculiarities characteristic for the products of the famous company, the slot machine is endowed with remarkable bonus rounds, which allows us to hope for success and victory. The rules for creating bonus combinations are different from the standard ones, attracting the attention of experienced gamblers. In addition, Aloha! Cluster Pays slot  has high payout ratios, promising a gamer a productive session.


Vivid visual design will appeal to fans of the famous slot machine Big Kahuna. Graphics of Aloha! Cluster Pays will give you visual pleasure. It is painted in bright colors and in the background all the colors of the southern sunset are intertwined. Brilliant combinations of colors create an iridescent mood, perfectly illustrating the theme chosen by the developers. Aloha! Cluster Pays color schemes of the background are modern; they effectively contrast with the game icons that gather on the lines of the slot.

The navigation panel of the device is located at the bottom of it, demonstrating a familiar set of keys that control the slot machine. Fun and positive soundtrack will increase the interest of the follower in the game process, ensuring successful session results. The design of the device allows the players  to get acquainted in detail with the culture, religion and traditions of Aboriginal Foster tribes.


Aloha! Cluster Pays slot begins with the study of the functional of the device, for which it is worth looking into the payout table. This section of the slot will tell the user information about the technical characteristics of the device, the principles of drawing up winning chains, as well as payout ratios. Aloha! Cluster Pays slot offers as many as 6 drums. There are no usual lines for betting and sequence formation; there are only variative ways of composing combinations.

Prize chains are formed on the principle of adjacent cells. For one spin, the user is able to assign gambling credits – from 1 to 10. A risk gamer is able to play at maximum rates, but this option is suitable only for a professional, that is self-confident. For beginners, it is recommended to activate the device in a free mode – this allows you to test the features of the device without betting for real money.

If the player wants to admire the wonderful graphics, it’s worth starting the automatic rotation mode, for which there is a special “Auto Play” button. On the screen of the slot, the user will notice the windows informing about the state of the game balance, the amount of the current bet and the size of the win. Falling of combinations from the scattered icons during the main mode marks the transition to the bonus level. Depending on the number of scattered symbols, the user is assigned a certain number of free spins: from 9 to 12 spins.

During the active bonus game, the appearance of scatter symbols marks additional spins; they are assigned in an amount from 1 to 4 rotations. Automatic Aloha! Cluster Pays is equipped with a spectacular option “Sticky Win Respin”, which is designed to diversify the main game mode, launching arbitrarily. The winning combination is fixed in positions, while the remaining icons change. In the case of obtaining the next winning sequence, additional respiration will be started.


Aloha! Cluster Pays is an original slot, that gives the user the widest possible winnings. Cheerful design of the device attracts attention and improves the mood, emphasizing the topical thematic line. Like most NetEnt gaming slots, Aloha! Cluster Pays offers a wide range of bets. The presence of creative gaming options contributes to generous prizes, being the main advantage of this wonderful slot. Traveling to the virtual Hawaiian Islands is a profitable, memorable and joyful event.

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Aloha! cluster pays Reviews by Players

Luke. Reviewed on 01.07.18
When someone says "aloha!" to me, it got my mind swirling. Is that person saying "hello" to me, or saying "goodbye" to me? What do you think? Hmm, some of you are already looking at me in strange ways, but when NetEnt says 'Aloha, cluster pays', you go 'okay!' Hmm! Aloha is actually both hello and goodbye, for those who don't really know it yet. So if you're looking for a double-meaning word, then this is one of them! NetEnt knows this, and is now saying to all of you, 'hello (come and try out my new game)', but at the same time, saying 'goodbye (sorry that you don't like my new game)'! Confused? Good! Hahaha.

Well, AskGamblers got confused too. Up there, it is stating that this is a 10 payline game. Well, it isn't! How can a 6-reels 5-rows game have only 10 paylines, when NetEnt is stating that there are no paylines? Hmm, the mind boggles! Hahaha. But, never mind, everybody makes mistakes every now and then! Aloha! Cluster Pays is a game without any payline, now get this straight. What it does is to pay you a win for any cluster of 9 or more of any same symbols anywhere on the reels. Left, right, top, bottom, who cares, as long as it has 9 or more same symbols connected together!

This game doesn't have any Wild symbols, but there is a Question-mark symbol, which can substitute for any adjacent symbol, except for Free Spins symbol. Both the Question-mark and the Free Spin symbols don't pay for themselves either. What the heck, if every symbol is not paying anything at all, so what pays then?! Hmm, just when you think NetEnt may have gone loco, it turned out it isn't so! Hahaha. All symbols in the game consists of masks, fruits, a flower and a seashell, but not including that crazy totem pole on the right that can go "oooh", "aaah" and "hehehe"! See how its hands can do the Hawaiian hand dance nicely, and don't forget to see how it can suddenly put on some cool sunglasses too! Very hilarious! Yep, NetEnt got me this time! Hahaha.

There a randomly activated Free Re-spin when a cluster win appears on the reels. All the winning symbols become sticky and the others get one re-spin. Any new winning same symbol becomes sticky too and another re-spin ensues, stopping only when no new winning symbol appear on the reels. The Free Spins game offers 9 up to 12 free spins, for 3 to 6 Free Spins symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. No retriggers, but additional 1 - 4 free spins can be won with more Free Spins symbols during the free spins game. This feature game also has a Symbol Drop Mechanic, where low symbols get kick out of the reels to make way for higher paying symbols. Isn't that niiiice? Hmm!

When you realise that you need to get 30 same symbols to get the maximum win value for that symbol, then you would go "ooh gaawd!" If you think getting that is easy, "oohh gaawd!" Never mind the paytable, you cannot relate it to the usual paytable, because they are alohas apart. One is hello, one is goodbye! And honestly speaking, I enjoyed so much more watching the antics of that crazy Totem Pole than watching my small wins! That crazy pole reminds me of me, the small wins remind me of MG! Hahaha. Butttt, I must admit, I did enjoy playing Aloha! Cluster Pays from the many times that I had played it, even though not a single win I could get from it, but then again, that's exactly how Aloha says it! Hello...or Goodbye! Hahaha.
Felisha. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I'm naturally suspicious of "slot-like" games such as this, though I do try and tell myself that people probably felt that way when the first all-ways (243, 1024 ways to win etc) games were released - my worry is that the unusual mechanics behind the RTP make it much more difficult than usual to determine if I am getting a fair game. Nevertheless, I try not to dislike something just because it is new and this particular game, Aloha! - Cluster Pays, does seem to pay out reasonable amounts fairly frequently.

The on-screen grid of 6 by 6 positions may look and move like typical reels, but this is a very different kind of game. There are no lines or ways here, instead you will need to line up nine or more matching symbols so that they are touching in a group horizontally or vertically. Nine does sound like a lot, but after playing the game for quite a long time I can definitely say this isn't as hard to achieve as it might at first sound.

There are two types of symbols, fruits - which pay lower amounts like the TJQKA symbols more commonly found in slot games, and masks, which are the higher paying "picture" symbols. There's also a wild symbol marked with a question mark and a free spins scatter symbol. Payouts are determined by how many matching symbols form a cluster simultaneously, with the biggest payouts returned for hitting a cluster of 30 matching symbols. There is a free re-spin feature along the lines of Jack Hammer, but unfortunately this does not trigger on every win like in that game and in fact does not actually occur very often at all - when it does though, the reels will continue to re-spin each time your cluster gains at least one extra symbol, giving the chance for some very large wins.

The feature mode is, as is usually the case, the most exciting part of the game. Free spins are awarded for three or more scatters, with extra free spins granted for four, five or six scatters. You can also earn extra free spins during the feature however you don't get very many - this is because during the free spins the fruit symbols are progressively removed from the reels until there are only masks, wilds and the free spins symbol remaining on the reels giving much better chances of hitting a big win.

I didn't expect to enjoy Aloha! very much but it has quickly become a game that I fire up for a few spins out of most of my deposits and I've been really quite lucky whilst playing it so far! The minimum bet is very low at just 0.10 as well, so this is definitely a game that will suit any players budget!
Williams. Reviewed on 28.09.18
NetEnt again use their creativity to manufacture a new different slot both in appearance and gameplay, so was it born the slot called "Aloha! Cluster Pays" whose launch has been scheduled for next March 22, 2016 and for the moment we only can play it on demo mode.

For a start, this slot is fitted with a larger number of rows and columns than those slots to which we are accustomed, here we are exactly talking about a structure of 6 columns x 5 rows, but unlike the other games here it is enough that symbols are grouped in clusters at any position on the reels to form a winning combination, that is, there is no requirement to be formed from the leftmost reel; symbols typically appear stacked and there is also a "symbol of substitution" which acts like a wild but with no win multiplier attached.

It is undeniable that "Aloha! Cluster Pays "is visually very attractive tropical theme, even though I'm not sure this slot filled my expectations, partly it is difficult to fully evaluate this game on demo mode as there is a time limitation that does not allow us to see how often we can expect to activated rounds of free spins, which in my opinion seems to be the most interesting feature on this game, because payouts arising from formation of clusters haven’t left me very satisfied and re-spin feature which it is awarded randomly after any winning combinations do not seem to be a very recurring feature. During the game a few times you will see that you get relatively large groups of symbols and they appear signs of Big Win and Mega Win for wins between 13 and 35 times your total bet, I'm not sure if a 35x gain should be called “Mega Win”, it seems a bit exaggerated maybe set this way to encourage players easier, and I frankly have my doubts about the good earnings performance during the base game. As for the round of free spins I have no certainty whether it will truly be a great thing because several attempts with this game on demo mode I still have not managed to trigger my first round, so I think I'd better wait for the release of this slot to see what kind of reactions starts to generate among players, and hopefully be good, and in any case we must commend NetEnt for their continual effort to innovate and try to surprise their users.

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