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Frederic. Reviewed on 04.07.18

Alien hunter is playtech powered slot which offers simple yet effective gambling experience to the players. While rolling through the list of video slots on euro max play casino, i struck this slot. I thought of giving it a chance. The game loaded in seconds and i was welcomed by a 5 reel slots with 25 paylines.

I had only $5 in my account so i had to restrict my bet to lowest yet i have to be optimal enough to make some winnings. Thus i started with 15 pay lines activated and $0.01 on each pay line making a total bet of $0.15 per spin. I press the spin button and voila the first spin itself got me 5 free spins. I was awestruck and as the reels rolled i thought it might be my day. A couple of spins more and again i strike free spins feature and again get 5 free spins. I played around 10 mins and my balance was somewhat around $4.3 and then when i was getting bored i struck the Egg collecting bonus round where you have to collect the eggs until you select an egg with alien behind it. I started from the back and to my luck the last egg had the alien so i was able to collect around $7 with this round as each egg you select has some cash prize behind it. I was also able to strike the alien hunter bonus round twice and was able to win around $2.2 from each one of them.

In my opinion in the alien hunter bonus round , you should select skill over luck because it pays more as far as my experience is concerned. I was also able to strike 10 free spins by striking four scatter symbols ( alien hunter spaceship )twice but to my amazement i was just able to win $1.2 and $0.9 from each one of them. Also there is a progressive jackpot on this slot which is an added advantage on euro max casino.Thus this is a nice slot and a must play for all the video slot lovers. Good luck !

Graphics are bit outdated and sound too is not that great. Free spins doesn't pay much (at least in my case)
Alien Hunter would be my first review under the ``Playtech`` software category so here goes. Alien Hunter is among one of the first slots to get my attention inside a Playtech Casino.

It's got 25 Paylines, it pays fairly and about 60% higher from there, 3 incomparable features....two of which has more of my attention than the least favourite on here and most importantly wilds resembling an alien with three eyes caged up come often usually at a rate of 30%. One of the many features Alien Hunter provides is it's one of a kind Alien Egg bonus (must be on reels 1 and 5 together) where I would trigger it for 2 - 4 coins, changing my bets desirably if I see a lot of features, usually after 20 spins or less, to pick an egg for prizes until I find an actual alien hiding in one of them. That's the one thing to avoid but surely it's recommended to try to find a a super egg that holds a 2x multiplier for future wins!!! A $1 win for example can transform to $2 after this nice figure introduces itself from a pick. The earlier to get a super egg (2x multiplier) the sweeter the prizes!

Another feature to really dig in is the hunting bonus. It's harder to hit because this requires 3 bonus astronaut/soldier symbols under the 3 reels of 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels altogether for a choice of shooting aliens within a 15 second time frame or ample time to test luck to my abilities on picking 6 aliens slowly but carefully. Of course, these bonus symbols must be on a PAYLINE which I hate lining them up for! It's quite a hassle really. If choosing the sharpshooter option I would have to be quick with my mouse to shoot down 3 different coloured aliens up to six can be collected as prizes. I mostly aim for the red aliens even if their both fast and worth much more than the blue or green aliens. But sometimes when I'm not up for some shooting, testing my luck is the best choice....of course random amounts are a head scratcher for an answer.

The last feature is not a really good feature to find. It's simply 5 free spins for 3 SCATTERS! If I were under a change of softwares, Microgaming would at least grant 10 Free spins with a cool multiplier, Alien Hunter on the other hand gives nothing! The most for what I got on the Alien Eggs were $60 for a $1 bet, Around $15 for the sharpshooter bonus and alas, usually around $20 if I try my luck instead of my skills. I know right?

Alien Hunter is completely a very good slot to start winning, it`s definitely an 8.5 out of 10! A perfect score only IF `Mr Free Spins`would honestly be better for what it really is. 5 free spins for 3 scattered ships, come on!

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