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alaxe in zombieland

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alaxe in zombieland Reviews by Players

Haley Harkins. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Now I'm not a big fan of this video slot but since TrustGamblers has it, I might as well give you some pointers on this slot.

Okay, first off I would not recommend this slot ever because it pays only a very small fraction of my bets. After going through 35 spins under $0.50 I triggered the Red Queen's Adventure bonus. This can be triggered when three keys appear in the middle reels of 2, 3 and 4 at the same time. So I triggered the bonus, won $2.50 for my $0.50 bet and started this bonus. My feelings exactly towards this bonus were exciting until time proved to make this one of the worst least, for the first time I triggered this bonus. Inside what I had to do is pick 3 roses to paint red and the goal is to accumulate equal to or more than the value of the current tombstone above my selections. 5 tombstones total and I only managed to get to the second tombstone where I only collected a measly $4 total from the whole thing.....that included the $2.50 from the 3 scatters lol. $17.50 down and only $4 gained giving me some losses.

The other feature that triggered is a pick feature called the "Gravestone" feature. The prizes are somewhat worth the value of triggering the bonus but I wouldn't recommend fighting for it. The feature let's me pick a gravestone until I see a "collect". As for the Tea Party free spins I never got a chance to obtain it through my bets.

As I got unlucky with this slot, many possibilities/results can be produced for other people and my story will most likely be different from theirs in terms of being lucky. The music as the reels spin do add some suspense and excitement to the slot but overall it lacked the power to surprise me when winnings sums of money!

For me this slot gets a 5.5 out of 10!
Coy. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Alaxe in zombieland is microgaming quickfire slot, quickfire means that you can not find this game on download version of any casino( at least as far as i know, i am not sure about it, if you know this things better, you can feel free to explain me this thing). I like to play such slots, in which wilds pay big, also i like the name and style of the slot.

Alaxe in zombieland have a nice graphic and sounds, and looks really good. If you look at paytable, you see that very big win possible if you hit 5 wilds in a pay line, and i like such slots,in which 5 wilds pays big. Of course 5 wilds is not the easiest goal to achieve, but who knows, probably you hit it, and then payout will be big. By the way, i had 5 wilds only on dead or alive, on microgaming slots i never see 5 wilds on any slot, does not know why, probably because almost all microgaming slots pay a lot of money if you hit 5 of these.

Alaxein zombieland has 3 different features, which can be triggered by hitting 3 of scatters ( 3 different types of scatters on this slot, and every bonus game is triggered by different scatters, so it will be easy to understand which bonus game you won).
My experience with this slot is very different, few times i had nice run on this slot at redbet casino, and end with very nice withdrawals, but few times i also had very, very bad sessions in which i lost big bankrolls without hitting anything nice, so i recommend you to be careful with this slot and do not made very big bets, because it can kill you.

I should say in the end that i like this slot, and it is always a pleasure to play it, i recommend you to try it out.

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