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alaskan fishing Reviews by Players

Lanette Luckie. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Alaskan Fishing game is powered by microgaming. Cool game I must say. I like it, it has good wins, great bonus and even better free spins. I guess you could say it has it all and if you are looking for a good game to play then this is your and most of the time I leave with profit. But if I play it for longer than that I start to lose money and eventually end up broke.

There are two features in this game. The Fly Fishing Bonus and the free spins feature. The Fly Fishing bonus is awarded when you get a fisher man on the first and last reels. This brings you to a bonus where you have to go fishing. You have five picks and sometimes you can catch a really game. I play this game almost every time and for me personally this game is great. The only catch is that it is only good for a short period of time. If I play this game for 15 or 20 mins then everything is fine big fish. My usual bet on this game is €0.60 or €0.90 and max I ever won on this bonus was around €36 on a €0.90 bet. I like fishing and this bonus is perfect for me.

The free spins feature is awarded when you get three or more scatters. This will give you 15 free spins with all wins doubled. The great thing about this game is that it is full of stacked wilds. So you have a good chance of getting a big win in the free spins. The free spins can be retriggered and I have retriggered them. Max I won on the free spins was over €80 on a €0.90 bet.This game has a great potential. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone. The graphics are nice and the music is nice to. Over all good fun and very entertaining. If I was to rate it I would give it 9 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Alaskan Fishing online video slot is 243 liner from microgaming, and we all know this software creator for their amazing and branded TS II and immortal romance 243 liners, but apart from this slot Alaskan fishing is medium variance, while two which i name has extremely high variance.

This slot as i told has 243 lines, and like many of you already know from the name of this slot theme is Alaskan fishing and everything which can be linked with it. Unfortunately i never been in USA and Alaska special, so i did not know how fishing is there( lol, actually i never was anywhere except my country, t_t ).

This slot has stacked wilds, and moreover, good news, you can get full screen of wilds if you become to lucky. Payouts are a bit tight of course, but this is understandable, this is 243 liner with stacked wilds, payouts on such slots always tight. In this slot is possible to trigger bonus game, by hitting bonus fishers on first and last reel. There you can catch 5 fishes, which will award you 2 x - 15 x your total bet ( each fish).

Most times in this bonus game i am catch small fishes and get low prizes, i think i am bad fisher... Or this is just being unlucky. After all, this slot also can award free spins feature, 3 + scatters will award you 15 free spins with doubled wins. 5 scatters will pay nice 100 x total bet, and free spins also can be retriggered.

I like this slot, and sometimes i give it a go, making this games reviews i think about this all slots, and blame myself that i am always choosing high variance game, this is not ok. I will try to start playing medium variance game much more often, it is amazing games!
Shirlene. Reviewed on 01.07.18
I was reading somewhere on some official website pages on the internet that if you choose to move and live in Alaska, the American States through a special investment fund for the inhabitants of this region will give you a life contingency income of several thousand dollars each year. Ah, Alaska, the land Grizlly bears, fishing continuously before the winter comes, the land in which capital city (Anchorage) there is a traffic sign “Warning, Moose!” because there are so frequent collisions between them and cars. I remember with pleasure the episodes from “Discovery” about one or two years ago that presented the personal aircraft pilots from Alaska, because here who does not have a personal aircraft is in difficulty with the transportation.

I deliberately chose to play the slot “Alaskan Fishing” (from Microgaming) because I know I will probably never experience for real this region (I am a person too comfortable, though) and this way, I wanted to try at least in part these sensations. And I was not wrong “Alaskan Fishing” offers an unforgettable experience, making up the player for a few moments into a passionate fisherman in the fast waters in Alaska. The beauty of the nature is indeed perfect and the music that accompanies the adventure is just beautiful.

Now, a little bit about my game statistics. When I started to play here, because of the endlessly Stacked Wilds columns I said that probably this slot is similar to “Eagle Wings”, that is the wins are common and beautiful and one can easily gather money. This is not true, because here you will find from the paytable that all symbols pay almost nothing (3-30 cents for “3-4 of a kind” playing with a bet of 30 cents/243 ways). And so, you will have dozens of losing spins or with wins of 3-10 cents. And yet, from time to time with a win of 60-100 cents for “4 of a kind” and occasionally (yet rarely) with 3 reels full of Stacked Wilds the balance will rise with about 8-10 Euro! The slot is continuously eating your money, but suddenly in just one or two spins you return to where you started.

The slot has a Bonus game (in which you are fishing are 5 different fish sizes) and 15 Free Spins. Since from both of these you are earning about 5-10 Euros, there will be moments when you will have some extra money, despite the small payouts and constant frequent losses.
The atmosphere here is excellent and you can taste a little bit of certain pleasures that otherwise (I guess) it would have been very hard to experience.
Arletha. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Alaskan Fishing is a rather old slot from Microgaming but I enjoy it still and play it often since it has given me many big wins and has big winning potencial. I have managed to win over 1000 times my bet on this slot, so you can win huge.

Of course the theme of the slot is fishing and all the symbols are around fishes and fishing. It has a nice musical them and the graphics are nice. The pay table is not very good but on the other hand the wilds are stacked on this slot so you can have many winning combinations since it is a 243 ways slot. Because of this you can win big amounts during the base game.

The slot has 2 features a bonus round and free spins. You can win the free spins with 3 or more scatters. During the free spins the wins are multiplied x2 and also they can be retriggered. Also you can win the bonus round during the free spins too which I find very good. Free spins usually are hard to get and many times I have played over 200 spins without any free spins trigger.

The bonus round can be won when the highest paying symbol of the slot, the fisherman, lands on the first and the last reel, then you can go fishing. During this bonus round you get to pick 5 spots from the nine that are at the lake to fish. The fishes you get awards you wins and they depend if the fish is small, medium or big. Bigger fishes bigger wins. During this bonus round I usually have wins at the range of 50 times my bet with is good in order to keep my balance in good shape. The bonus round is triggered more easily than the free spins in my opinion.
Payouts are quite low for everything in this game. Nothing pays more than 20 bets for 5 of a kind. This sort of things is not very good, but luckily stacked wilds compensate it.

Game itself looks not very impressive. Animations not great, sounds too. After playing solid brands like Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II , Playboy some players may feel that this game is not great.

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