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Age of the Gods

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Age of the Gods Reviews by Players

Gilbert. Reviewed on 04.07.18
The series of Marvel slots will be removed from the portfolio of Playtech in this 2016 due to the expiration of the license for use of this brand, which incidentally, it will not be renewed by order of Disney, the new owner of Marvel Entertainment since 2009. Anticipating empty spaces they will leave these popular games, Playtech has started since April to create a new series of slots with a view to replacing Marvel games.

The name of the series will be “Age of the Gods,” which will be based on the exciting Greek mythology, and their names will be: Zeus, Hercules, Furious 4, Athena, Roulette, and Fate Sisters, all they preceded by the words “Age of the Gods:”

This game takes only the name “Age of the Gods” and it is the first one of this series, and it can be said that it is a very visually appealing game thanks to the general fascination it arouses Greek mythology itself.

What I personally find more exciting and really appealing on this game is its feature “Age of the Gods Bonus” which is to reveal, one by one, 20 coin-shaped symbols that hide faces of Olympians: Athena, Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules; so, you start to click to reveal 3 images of the same god and then proceed to enjoy a round of 9 free spins; each god has different features associated with its free round such as fixed wilds, multipliers and so on; the most interesting of this bonus round is that after your 9 spins your round does not end, but you return to the previous stage to try to get a new round of free games with another god, and the round will only be finished when instead of revealing the face of one of the previous 4 gods, it is revealed the face of Hades on one of the coins.

All this means that it is possible to enjoy more than one round of free spins consecutively. Personally, I have come to enjoy two consecutive rounds of free games before bumping into the face of Hades.

Now, and based on my personal experience, managing to trigger the round “Age of the Gods Bonus” is quite a feat because it may take hundreds or even over a thousand spins previous to meet the 3 scatters necessary to gain the entrance ticket to Mount Olympus.

Additionally, payouts during the base game are usually not good enough because prices established for each of the symbols are somewhat tight, excepting perhaps wild and Athena symbols, that built the best-paid lines of the whole game, and of course, they are also the most difficult lines to be formed; I've never managed to get a line of 5 of a kind with the symbol of Athena; once I formed a line of 3 of a kind with wild symbols, and I think this has been the best-paid line I have ever matched so far on this video slot.

In conclusion, “Age of the Gods” has seemed an incredibly exciting slot to me, however, my two first sessions with this game have not been successful economically at all, rather they have been a kind of walk through the underworld; I just hope that subsequent slots within this same series are more generous.
Sook. Reviewed on 27.09.18
The Age Of The Gods replaces Marvel's The Avengers game. The symbols have been replaced with Greek Gods symbols but everything else has remained the same, basically. The only way to see any difference in its game play is to play it over several thousands of spins. A few plays with just a few hundred spins would be insufficient to get any good insights into the game, because it is already known how Marvel games can pay big at the right times, so it wouldn't be surprising at all if Age Of The Gods is capable of such big wins too. Only time will tell.

The Wild symbol pays 10,000x the line bet for 5 of them, which is Playtech's standard value. It substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbols, but is still a dumb Wild symbol, for not doubling any wins, not being stacked and not expanding either. The logo 'Age Of The Gods' is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet, and getting 3 or more of them triggers the Age Of The Gods Feature game, with 4 choices of different games. Match any 3 symbols to play that corresponding Free Spins game. After that, pick more symbols to match, to play more Free Spins game, if lucky enough, or get a Hades symbol to end the picking. I love this multiple Free Spins games possibility. As for the symbols in the game, Athena (Captain America) pays 1000x, Zeus (Iron Man) pays 500x, Poseidon (Thor) pays 500x, Hercules (Hulk) pays 400x, Hades pay 300x, and the others pay from 250x to 150x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. A little bit on the low side but is still a good paytable.

Here's a brief summary of the various Free Spins game choices. Athena, awards 9 free spins with a random 2x - 5x multiplier for each spin. Zeus, awards 9 free spins with a +1 multiplier increase after every 3 free spins. Poseidon, awards 9 free spins with up to 5 Wilds randomly placed onto the reels for each free spin. Hercules, awards 9 free spins with an Expanded Wild Reel on reel 3 on every free spin. Which is the best of the 4? All four! Hahaha. That's because each game can pay big at the right time, or pay small at other times.

I've been playing this game a few times now, but have yet to get any good sizeable win from it. I had faced the same situation with The Avengers game before too, not being able to get any wins above 100x my bet amount. Not that it's impossible to get, just not my luck to get them, as compared to Blade, or Elektra, for example. Some games just doesn't or couldn't play good for you, strangely enough, and this Age Of The Gods is one of mine, sadly enough. But that wouldn't deter me from playing more of the game in the future. Who knows, one fine day, I may just break that 100x jinx for once.
Catrina. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Age of the Gods is probably the best game of all of the Age of the Gods series, at least for me. This is a high variance slot and it is very similar to another slot I play very often, The Avengers. The biggest potential this game has is in the free games.

I have played this slot so many times. There were times when I was cashing out a lot and there were times when I was losing all my money very fast. But this does not stop me to enjoy the game play this slot has to offer. The last time I played this slot I was not that lucky though. The most that I have got for five of a kind win was 10 x bet only.

Pantheon of power is probably my favourite feature just because it is so easy to trigger. You need to land various gods on an active pay line and you get 200 x line bet.

3 or more bonus symbols trigger Age of the Gods bonus where you have to reveal 3 matching gods. Almost every time I play this slot I get the Hercules free games where Hercules is a stacked wild on the third reel. I got 9 free games and I triggered the bonus within the bonus but no luck this time and I ended with only 21.20 euros win. Next time I triggered the Hercules free games again and after the bonus was over I had another chance and I won the Athena free games with a multiplier on every spin. Hades has unleashed his vortex the third time and I won 68.05 only. There are 2 other free games with Zeus and Poseidon. Zeus variation offers 9 free spins where the multiplier is increased by 1 every three spins, and also the wild is locked on the third reel in the center position all the time. Poseidon variation also offers 9 free spins with up to 5 wilds added after every spin.

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