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age of discovery Reviews by Players

Mi Mccall. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Age of discovery is an interesting slot game coming from Microgaming. The theme for this slot is the historical period of the great trans oceanic discoveries. The name and this period itself reminds me of world famous sailors like Vasko De Gama. Or maybe an even better example is Christopher Columbus. Who hasn't heard of the famous sailor who discovered the American continent.

I have to admit that Microgaming did a really good job and transferred the theme to the slot very vividly.
By this I mean the sea waves sound first which you can hear in the background all the time while you play this slot. All this considering I decided to raise the sails and sail off to an exciting slot adventure.

On the very beginning I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that this game didn't offer a free spins bonus round. On the other hand there is the Treasure Bonus which activates if you get at least 3 symbols with a compass. I was very anxious to discover what this bonus round was about. But getting the bonus wasn't easy. It took me over half an hour of play and off course the bad thing was that I spent a lot of money while I got this bonus.In this bonus round you have a map with fields on it marked with an X. Behind every field there is prize in cash or a scull. In case you click on a field which has a scull behind it the bonus round ends. Another disappointment. On the third field I uncovered a scull and only cashed in 2 euros from the Treasure Bonus. Age of discovery is a good game that I like even though I decided to move on to another slot. I did that because the chance to loose all of my money was a reality.

If I ever come back to this game I hope to have more luck than today. At the end I have to say that I really enjoyed the slots I played but that enjoyment costed me over 30 euros.
Maybe I’m one of the few who don’t like too much the symbols at Age of Discovery. Though the exploring-adventure theme is great and the main figures are well suited to the game but fruit figures are just out of place. I understand these southern fruits were among the many things that can thank their spreading all over the world for discovering that continent, but in this case as I see it the slot loses a little bit from its seriousness. Other than that there’s no wrong with its visual appearance.Being a 25-payline slot it doesn’t offer too much features that would catch the players’ eyes and they’re even not too remunerative. First, the most surprise thing is there’s no free spins feature at all. Nowadays, it is not too common to release a 20+ wining line type slot without this extra but in that situations at least there are some additional features, functions that a little bit compensate the hiatus, but Age of Discovery doesn’t possess any plus. With its 6000 coins reward the Golden Coins is the most wished symbol during main spins and also serves as Wild but without multiplier number. Sea Dragon is the Scatter that can pay out up to 80 times of total bet, and the last specialty is Treasure Bonus. It’s triggered by 3 or more Compass symbols anywhere on the reels and provides a task to pick locations (from 30) on a map and every hidden treasure that picked indicates its value in coins format, until a skull figure is chosen and ends the game. It can be a decent bonus because as if I recall properly there are only 3 or 4 choices out of 30 that prove to be wrong.I’d lie if I say this is my favourite Microgaming slot or play it frequently because the graphics are not outstanding, it is not too well-designed, hasn’t big potential and in my rating it hardly reach the medium level. If I were the person at Microgaming who says the final word I think I would have thrown it back saying something like this ‘Come on guys, you can do better than that’.
Alpha. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Age of Discovery is a very beautiful looking game and when I first opened it I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics. In some ways the game made me feel like a new age Columbus searching for new found treasure on a mysterious island.

This time I made sure to check I wasn't betting max amount and took it a little easier. While betting 25c I managed to trigger the bonus within the first few spins. To get the bonus I had to get three compasses anywhere on the reels. I was then presented with a treasure map where I had to select X's. Under each X was a particular cash sum and as my luck was with me I combined €15 worth of coins. On my first pick I got €5 which was the biggest amount on the map so I was happy out straight away, then when I was getting a good run of it I got a skull and it ended. Even though it was over I was still very excited to have got the max amount so quick so I decided to be a bit braver and increase my bets on the reels. My new bet was 50 cent and roll after roll the game threw plenty of wins at me, even the wilds were coming out more frequently than I imagined that they would. As I kept spinning I saw 4 water monsters appear on the reels which paid me a sweet ten euro! I was considering increasing my bets further but I decided not to. No more than 10 spins later I got hit with the three compasses again and was kicking myself for not raising the bet. I was back on the treasure map even with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. So this time round I managed to pick 7 coins in a row without the dreaded skull but only managed to gather €18 in total. There was one coin somewhere on the map holding 10 but I wast in the right place to find it.

All things considered this is a slot game I will definitely be returning to and the rewards were enough for me to love it!

My rating for Age of Discovery is 9/10
Karolyn. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Playing a slot without free spins to be won might not sound too appealing, but sometimes you don't realize it until the free spins haven't been triggered when you expected they would lol. That's exactly what happened in my case, and not for the very first time. I guess laziness is something we as human beings tend to be guilty of every now and then.Examining the paytable more closely than I did would have cleared a few things up. Age of Discovery is one of the older Microgaming slots and offers 25 paylines and 5 reels. The minimum bet on this game is €0.25 but playing higher always seems to be the right thing to do for me. So I did exactly that and played 1.25 euro per spin.Age of Discovery definitely got an adventurous vibe to it. You'll feel like sort of a sailor while spinning the reels and trying to collect the compass bonus symbols. These guarantee a bonus game which is full of potential. Keep in mind that there are also scatters which are displayed by the dragon symbol.While these do award prizes, they don't trigger anything at all when collecting a few. The coins in this game are the wilds which substitute for other symbols except scatters and bonus symbols. During base game I found it difficult to win anything, just small prizes barely crossing 10x my bet size.I did however break even more or less on this game thanks to the treasure bonus. You need 3 compass bonus symbols to trigger this bonus. You get redirected to a map full of X's and these are packed with treasures. You can keep picking until you come across a Skull & Cross bones symbol, then all the fun ends unfortunately. My average hits during this bonus has been pretty good with me averaging between 40-50x bet size. It's a game I haven't played in a long time though, because I simply am in need of the possibility to win free spins. This game does not offer that, which is a shame.Final rating for Age of Discovery is 6.5/10.
Ariel. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Wow! This is one of the best and most preferred video slot that I would never pass up! Age of Discovery is a 25 paylines Microgaming video slot that features only one bonus feature. Sure, it lacks a free spins mode but what it lacks in free spins makes up for it in the bonus round, the "Treasure Bonus"! Inside this Treasure Bonus it displays a map with a bunch of X's. There are a lot of them and with that being said there are 3 symbols that end the bonus round while everything grants a lot of credits to the value of your triggering bet!

What I usually do is start off with $0.50 a bet to see if it's hot then when things are looking well to my favour I increase my bets to a maximum of $1.25. Burn burn burn!!! Now I must warn you that once you trigger the Treasure bonus with 3 compass scatters try not to hit a skull and cross bones symbol in one of those X's as your first pick. That happened to me a few times ending the feature after seeing my hard efforts of spinning go to waste. There will always be a prize of 20x your bet hiding in one of the X's and after a skull & cross bones symbol has been selected there is a consolation prize in the log book for you to collect.

In my opinion, an improved version of Age of Discovery would be to grant more chances to continue forward instead of ending the bonus abruptly while in a bigger "sized" map of more X's! More X's means more prizes to collect! Even though payouts are average and below, this slot proves to be a game changer in my book! My advice to you all is to bet $0.50 (2 coins) or $0.75, those are the bets I played with to trigger the bonus often, about 3 times before things slowed down. The bonus does get harder to trigger on $1 or more so proceed with caution!

Age of Discovery deserves a 9 out of 10 only because I think the coin wild should be a doubler on any winning combination!

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