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a night out Reviews by Players

Kazuko. Reviewed on 03.07.18

A night out slot was made by playtech company long time ago, this is really outdated slot and i play it only few times.

Theme of slot is night club party, or something like this, here we have alcohol cup that working as wild and also best paying symbol, and few other symbols with woman symbols, which pay really not much and 5 of a kind did not bring big win. As i say slot looks really outdated and it is look really bad and not interesting even compared to old marvel games, not saying about new ones. Game has 20 paylines and also including dollar ball feature. This is jackpot game which playing each spin, but player should play 1 credit in it currency to play it. If player match 4 of 5 numbers he will get 1% of jackpot, if 5 of 5 then congratulations, you win big jackpot. Game has free spins triggered by special symbols from reels 1 and 5. Number of free spins and multiplier is always different and depend on players pick. My best pick was 12 free spins with x 6 multiplier which pay me great x 120 total bet payout, and this is my best win on this game. Base game is extremely boring and it is hard to hit at least 100 x total bet playing this game and therefore probably it is good to grind WR playing this game, but i suggest not wait big wins here.

Very old very outdated online slot from playtech, it is not interesting game and i think almost no one playing this game nowadays. It can be interesting to see how playtech games looks long time ago, but to play this game on regular basis and serious - i not see any reasons for it.Even jackpot not helping this game to be interesting and i suggest just miss this game.

This is a weird slot and I rarely play it. It is fast and unpredictable, and I don't like that. The pays on this game are not great and the feature is average. I have given this game a fair shot and can honestly say that I am not a fan of it.

There are a lot of wilds in this game and I got a lot of them on the reels, but because the pays are small I never really got a good line hit. The game gives you a feeling that you are making cash because of the wilds and wins, but in reality you are winning pennies.

There was a couple of times when I got more that a tenner on a line hit, but that was with few wilds and girls all over the reels. Usually the pays are less than the bet.
The game also has a bonus and to get it you have to get the barman on the 1st and last reels. To me the bar man looks like Simon Cowell, and every time I see him I remember his stupid face.

The game is very fast so it is hard to spot them, but if you do get them, they will award you with a free spins feature. There is a chance to win 20 free spins with 10 x, but I never got that. The best I got was 20 free spins with 3 x, or 5 free spins with 10 x. Either way I never managed to win more than €10 on the feature. The feature spins so fast, that sometimes I cant enjoy it. Before I know it, it ends and shows me my win.

The graphics are pretty lame and the sound effects are lame too. The whole game need upgrade and I hope they do it. I would not recommend this game to anyone and if I was to rate it i would give it 5 out of 10.
A night out is one of Playtechs better slots - definitely! Its a lovely little 20 line slot to play, and even placing minimum bets of 0.01p making it 20p a spin it come being in some lovely little returns for you.I have good things and bad things to write about this slot! The biggest negative I have to comment about is when I got five scatters! Well I'm not actually moaning about when I got the five scatters, I was thrilled to bits about that but I think I won a very measly £10! On a 20p spin. I managed to post a screenshot in our great forum here for everyone to see, and whilst achieving five scatters is a great achievement I like to win a little more than that! Also on this slot, your scatter symbols are not your free spins symbols, so it literally was just the £10 I won on that occasion.My other negative is that the free spin NEVER come in for me. My partner plays this slot quite a bit too and he gets them all the time, but I hardly ever get them!My positive comments about this slot are you can have great wins on just your normal spins, and yes you don't need to be betting more than 20p to have big wins. Although when I've played this slot at £1 a spin, £40/50 wins are regular spins. Most of your spins will get you a win here, lots of regular wins makes it a great slot to achieve your wagering on! My other positive comment is about the free spins feature. When it does come in its great with the possibility of getting 20 free spins at a x10 multiplier. I don't think I've ever had it myself, but I'm quite unlucky when it comes to picking to the right ones!Overall its a good little slot to play and definitely one of my favourite Playtech slots.

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