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2 million b.c.

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2 million b.c. play online casino for real money

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2 million b.c. Preview

2 Million B.C. is not so simple as it possible to imagine right after the first try. It is an emotional story, where the central roles belong to the primitive people couple (they are cavemen). Gambler should concentrate his attention on every detail of the plot because it must be observed. The main reason is that without this step it would be impossible to get the real emotional support.

It was the real harsh world without any shade of belief. The only one available bridge of trust could be created just between main 2 Million B.C. characters. Their story is full of pain but it doesn’t mean that there was no romantic. Even standing on the edge of harsh world they always had the power to believe in each other. It is very interesting that 2 Million B.C. by betsoft made gamblers believe into this intriguing ancient love story because the main hero never forgets to bring a gem to his beloved one.

Maybe someone can decide that such romantic story is too much ladies like. In fact it is so much full of adventure that 2 Million B.C. can occupy the attention of every gambler who excited of the really professionally-made games.

Features that everyone should know

This review can’t be full without mentioning about amazing betsoft work with animation. It brings the real effect of presence which will leave gambler only after he will close the game page. It would be interesting to know that most of the casino players who ever tried 2 Million B.C. noted that it is one of the most realistic offers to try your luck. There are more details which bring additional advantages to this game:

  • – juicy colors;
  • – realistic nature which accompanied with the wild sounds;
  • – detailed characters which show own emotions;
  • – a lot of surprises during the game;
  • – funny moments which makes you feel like you are spying main characters (for example, in case if gambler missing something, the hero will notice him that something goes wrong with his leg spanking over the sand);
  • – a lot of additional characters (it is possible to meet wild animals here).

Anyway, the main Million B.C. features are waiting gambler inside technical details. They create the main advantages and their union brings a magical atmosphere of the wild ancient world with its own rules.

Let’s start play and play-for-money overview

There are 5 reels with 30 paylines which are available every time. Their totality opens a lot of opportunities and hidden surprises for even the most fastidious gambler. There are some steps which should be done before someone will decide to start his own game:

  • 1 – Learn every meaning of the paylines.
  • 2 – Observe every available symbol on reels.
  • 3 – Make sure that all buttons are available and ready to be used.
  • 4 – Create own strategy (it is important because the chaotic game will never bring the result). The plan is something that helps to keep the direction and catch the easiest way to get the profit.
  • 5 – Get the comfortable position and start your game.

Million B.C. offers two kinds of game: just for fun and for real money. There are a lot of differences between them. Here are the 2 Million B.C. slots main sectors differences:

– For joy.

2 Million B.C. slot is a game that can be a harbor for every tired drifter who wants just to get own joy without additional difficulties. The game without money, just for joy, means that there are no worries about the deposit and everything else. It is available for everyone and there are could be no excuses to ignore such amazing chance to improve your mood.

– For money.

In case if gambler decided to try his luck and get some money, it is impossible without deposit replenishment. It is easy to do with the help of the most popular payment systems which are available on platforms.

Money game brings to Million B.C. adrenaline. Most of the reviews explain this position of money betting on the basis of mental relaxation. It is a kind of psychotherapy with the opportunity to earn some cash.


In 2 Million B.C there are 30 paylines and every gambler should be ready for a huge amount of available variations. That is one interesting feature which brings intrigue into the game. Sometimes even after a long period of experiment with strategies, it is possible to find something new.

Variations depend on the actual score. This fact brings into the 2 Million B.C. slot machine additional charm.

Reel Strips

It is interesting to learn that 2 Million B.C. provides an opportunity to catch some ancient symbols. Everyone which is possible to find on reels was created for this game as the important detail of entourage. Their combinations bring different opportunities and sometimes smart strategy choice can bring into the game special spice.

The truncheons are the main symbol of caveman so this fact turns them into the important detail. The smallest profit can be earned by 2 truncheons. The highest profit comes after reaching 5 ancient woman symbols on reels.

What about bonuses

2 Million B.C spins about the ancient people theme. As the result, one of the main bonuses which bring free spins was symbolized by fire. Other interesting bonuses are:

– 3 acorn.

This combination makes the ancient man go hun for a saber-toothed tiger. This step means a huge fight. In case if gambler wins tiger, it will get the full bonus.

– 3 or more brilliants.

In that case, the caveman is going to try his luck in a fight with a tiger to get his brilliants.

Most of 2 Million B.C. gamblers concentrated their attention on real generous free spins. This opportunity shows how adorable this game could be when time stops and the only one important thing around is excitement.

Slots and their variations

The betsoft company made everything to bring the original concept to their machine. As the result, producing company’s rights become to be the main protection to avoid possible copies. 2 Million B.C. slots game as original as it is possible and one of the most important details in it is the fact that there are no variations. The only two ways which can bring diversity into this world: gambling just for joy or without any payments.

Rules features

It is clear that betsoft understood the real popularity of this game. It explains by very high percentage of returns which is equal 92%. Anyway, this fact can’t make this game being less popular in casinos and it is already proved by the fast-growing amount of offers on different platforms.

History of 2 Million B.C.

The main story roots are possible to find in the One Million Years B.C. movie. It is a kind of try to create a remake of interesting story and the period of time when the world was nothing like its modern version.


This slot offers a lot of interesting turfs which creates main advantages. There is possible to find a love story, extremely adventure and even extinct animals which were embodied in the old movie’s plot.

The wide range of bonuses and combinations to win offers everyone to spend his own time with a great joy.

This game will be interesting for everyone who prefers original plots, not traditional challenges, interesting characters and opportunities to earn a lot of money.

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2 million b.c. Reviews by Players

Emmie. Reviewed on 02.07.18
My next review will be for 2 Million B.C slot game from Betsoft software.It is a funny little 30 lines slot game with very interesting theme and graphics.This slot takes you back in past for 2 million years when humans lived in caves and hunted animals for food.The main character is caveman and his girlfriend cave woman.There is also a bee that collects acorns and a saber tooth against which caveman fights in saber attacks feature.

The feature is triggered when you collect three acorns,caveman climbs on top of the slot and takes acorn and you need to click anywhere to hit saber-tooth that walks beneath caveman.When you hit him you get a random number of credits.I got this feature plenty times but it is not very profitable just fun and nice for an eye.

The free spins are also easily triggered but they are not very profitable just like saber attack feature.They are triggered when you get 3 or more camp fire symbols. For three you get only 4 free spins but you can re-trigger them. Don't expect much from free spins i had collected 16 free spins on one occasion and won maybe around x5 my bet.The last diamond feature was most profitable for me on this slot. You get 3 diamonds in a pay line and then feature is triggered and you need to help caveman to steal diamond from saber-tooth.You have 3 options to choose from how you do it sneak,entertain and attack. I always go with entertain option because it is hilarious.Caveman gets on stage and starts singing and the saber loughs so hard he drops diamond and caveman steals it.Then you also get random number of credits and caveman gets a kiss from cave woman :). This slot is very interesting for an eye and looks more like a high budget cartoon than a slot game.But when it comes to earning money on 2 Million B.C slot i must admit it is very bad.

Features pay little and lines just keep giving you pennies.For conclusion my three grades.Payouts are very bad 3/10,fun is awesome 10/10 and bet small win big also terrible 2/10 I can recommend this slot only to be played with fun money

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