Internet opened an array of opportunities in all spheres of our life. Gambling is not an exception. The first digital casinos appeared at the turn of the 21st century, and in a short time they overstepped land-based gaming houses in terms of popularity. Nowadays, online gaming is one of the most rapidly developing sectors of the whole gambling industry. As of today, many players even don’t remember or don’t know what those early-days virtual casinos looked like. Let’s dive deeper into the history for a while.

Classic Downloadable Online Casinos

Frankly speaking, first online casinos used to be a sort of cumbersome and complicated in use. A player had to download a piece of software on his or her PC – it was a special app that acted as a virtual “room”. After that, it was necessary to sign up the casino, using the same app and download the needed games. The whole casino was stored on the hard drive of the user’s PC, and it was possible to access it only from this hard drive. Casinos of this type still exist, and they have certain advantages, such as a more consistent functioning, the better graphic quality, and lower requirements to the speed of Internet connection. However, more and more people choose more advanced alternative options.

Flash Casinos as an Alternative for Downloadable Versions

Flash casinos are also known as online, instant, or no download casino. But regardless of the name, their principle of working is different from the functioning of downloadable casinos. As the name implies, flash casinos are created with the use of Adobe Flash technology (though there are more advanced versions built on HTML5). It means that these casinos can be accessed via a browser instantly, in the online mode. In this case, you don’t have to download and install anything. Instead, you visit the casino’s site, log in and start playing.

Advantages of Flash Casinos

Some of the strong points of flash casinos are apparent while others are non-evident. But their growing popularity proves that as a whole, their advantages overweigh disadvantages. According to gamblers’ reviews and expert opinions, there are several reasons to opt for a flash casino instead a downloadable one.

  1. Convenience. You don’t have to sacrifice space on the hard drive of your PC for storage of a virtual casino. You may access the casino via any browser, play for a while, and then close the browser. That is all!
  2. Privacy. You don’t want your family member, friends, or office mates to know that you play at a casino – it’s not a problem. Just turn on the incognito mode in your browser or use VPN and leave no traces. Even if you share your computer with somebody, you may be assured that your hobby won’t be revealed one day.
  3. Mobility. If you want to be on trend – go mobile. Mobility is the main trend of the modern world. Flash casinos can be accessed via mobile devices without efforts. They are not stored on the hard drive of a PC, so you can use multiple devices to play at your favorite casino. All you need is a browser with Flash support, your login and password.
  4. Quality. Modern flash casinos offer fantastic quality of gaming content. You won’t notice any lags playing their full-featured HD games. The most advanced flash casinos are on a par with the downloadable ones.

What Games are Available in Flash Casinos?

Some people mistakenly think that only slots can be played instantly. Yes, slot games are the most popular gaming product. They are played everywhere, and some flash casinos offer 700+ titles of marvelous slots to their users. But they are not the only option. Most flash casinos today offer poker and roulette, baccarat and blackjack, table and card games online. More than that, on many sites, there is a live dealer section where you can play your favorite games in the most realistic live mode right from your web-browser.

At the same time, not all the games have been adapted for flash casinos yet. That is why if a casino has both flash and downloadable version, the number of games in the first one will be smaller.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Flash Casinos?

Flash casinos are easy to access, modern and convenient. And still, there are situations when you want to opt for conventional downloadable casinos. Here are the main weak points of flash casinos:

  • a smaller selection of games;
  • less impressive graphics;
  • not all devices support Adobe Flash.

That said, the latest flash casinos have been noticeably improved over the first trial versions. Due to the latest achievements, the quality of games in instant casinos is on a par with the HD quality of downloadable casino games. A limited support of the Flash technology is also not a problem, as modern web-apps are built with the use of HTML5, which means that they are supported by most smartphones.

Where to Find the Best Flash Casinos?

There are several criteria for choosing the best flash casino. It must be reliable and trustworthy. Of course, it needs to offer a decent selection of games to please gamers with different tastes and preferences. Moreover, a good flash casino must be compatible with multiple operating systems and have a convenient, well-adapted mobile version.

A lot of casinos these days offer different versions for different categories of players. This is, probably, the best variant, as it gives a lot of freedom. You may choose whether you want to enjoy the full-featured version downloaded on the PC, or use a “lite” instant or a mobile version for a quick playing.

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Closing Thoughts

For about two decades of their existence, virtual casinos have changed noticeably. Modern flash casinos give a great opportunity of accessing numerous casino games at any moment from any device and without leaving any traces. If you want to play with the maximum comfort and confidentiality, then flash casinos are definitely your choice.