Wild symbol

Wild is a unique symbol in slot machines with some advantages in front of the others. Its primary function is to replace the missing element, which makes it possible to create a winning combination. In its essence, Wild is a Joker who also can replace values. But the possibilities and significance of the symbol may differ from each other, depending on the game and the software developer. In some cases, Wild does not have its value, but in others, it is the most "profitable" element. For example, it can be paid separately, merely falling out on the playing field. The possibilities are not limited to this, but Wild symbols are divided into types:
  • by the frequency and location of the appearance on the reels,
  • by action on other cells (as a replacement),
  • on the functions of the multiplier.
Wild is the most common specialized symbol, which analogs are even in simple gaming machines with one line and three reels. The ability of this sign extends entirely to all combinations collected on one line. The frequency of appearance of this element depends on the size of the win for the entire game session, since Wild, being in combination, will provide higher coefficients. Developers of Wild slots online very often expand the functionality of this unique symbol with many unusual options, which introduces a significant variation in the gameplay. For example, the possibility not to leave the game reel during the respins or enlarge to the entire playing field. The main list of wild symbol options will reveal some concepts and their meanings:
  • Random Wild: the symbol is generated on the playing field in random order;
  • Stacked Wild: the symbol is collected from a set of separate cells;
  • Expanding: the symbol extends around the reel;
  • Sticky Wild: the position of the element is fixed;
  • Extra Wild slots: another "wild" symbol is generated.
You can play free Wild slots to experience how it works in practice.

Where do the Wilds appear?

Control the appearance of the wilds does not work out: they are formed according to the principle of the random number generator and fall out in a chaotic order. At the same time, in some slots, they appear only on specific reels. For example, on the second and the fourth one or the central three of the five.

Symbols that replaced by wild

This unique and special symbol in classical apparatus can replace any cell of a reel, except for itself similar elements. Each slot uses images of a particular theme. These can be images:
  • wild-symbol;
  • berries;
  • animals;
  • architecture;
  • maps and others.
Most often it affects standard symbols without affecting individual images. Among them:
  • Free spins;
  • Bonus;
  • Scatter and others.
In some cases, when the Scatter forms a combination on the active line, the wild can replace it. There are slots where the usual thematic pictures are used as a wild symbol. For example, in the video slots of Wild Games from the Playtech, the animated characters perform the function of the wild, ultimately occupying the third reel. If Wild falls on all the video slot reels, so you can make standard combinations from it, which can give a jackpot.

Wild as a payout multiplier

An essential and enjoyable additional function of this symbol, which occurs in slots is an increased payout multiplier that is relevant for the combinations that are formed with its help. If Wild replaces a character in a particular combination, the winnings are growing obtained from it.

Wild slots with extending

In certain situations, Wilds can extend, occupying several positions on the screen several times forward. It can appear in stripes or fill the whole reel. That continues during one or more spins of the reels. For example:
  • In the Lucky Lager from the Cryptologic, the role of the wild symbol begins to perform all the icons that are located above it on the reel;
  • In the Untamed World Pack slot from Microgaming, after four times the "wild" symbol on one reel, the cell remains "wild" for the next four spins;
  • In some slots, after appearing on the middle reels, Wild stretches to all three cells;
  • In some cases, the fallen wild makes neighboring symbols wild too.
  • Fixed, mobile and adjacent Wilds
  • Wilds, which remain in their place for several reels are called fixed, and they significantly increase the gain.
  • Wild symbols that can move from right to left, until they finally emerge from the game from the last reel, are called mobile. They are nothing more than a kind of fixed Wilds.
  • Several consecutive wild symbols that fill the entire reel are called neighboring.
For example, in the slot machine Double Happiness on the NextGen software, there is an exciting free spin round. During free spins, the Double Roaming Wilds function is used. On the screen there are two moving Wilds, which continuously move, making step by step every new spin of the reels. While fulfilling their purpose, they replace other pictures in cells, and if they fall out in one cell, they multiply payments by the combinations that they helped to compose. Its calculated with an additional coefficient x10. Any wild slots, from standard to particular, always gives a chance to win and a potent dose of excitement. With each year the competition grows, and the wild symbol is transformed to make users more involved and excited.

Slots with several Wilds

In recent years, software developers are increasingly resorting to increasing the number of Wild symbols in the slot. And they are used in many models already implemented in practice, what attracts a large number of visitors, giving more chances of winning. For example:
  • The slot machine Seasons is dedicated to the times of the year. Each season is confined to a separate stage. At these levels, there different prize opportunities, including a separate wild. A wild symbol replaces not only other images but also performs other functions. It duplicated to other cells, expanding in different directions, launch free spins, increase payments to additional multipliers and so on.
  • SuperWilds: this device from Genesis Gaming, which can fill the user with varieties of the Wild symbol. Wild signs are depicted in the form of superheroes with unique possibilities. Three identical jokers start free spins. These symbols expand and multiply the payouts two or three times, open additional spins of the reels. In this case, the central meaning of wild as a replacement is preserved.
  • Video slot Reel Attraction is new from the Novomatic software. A gray professor with a magnet in his hands appears on the first reel. He performs the role of the expanding Wild. On the four remaining reels, simple "wild" symbols may appear in the form of a magnet. If two types of these particular symbols look on the screen at the same time, the mad scientist expands, occupying all three columns vertically and attracts the reel with the magnet. The name of this function is Reel Slide, and it guarantees to receive several payments at once with each spin.


Wild slot machine extends the capabilities of slot-machines, making the game process much more exciting and diverse while making a material benefit to the gamblers. The features listed above do not reflect the full spectrum of what wild symbols can be in full measure. Developers are always trying to come up with something new, which leads to the expansion of the functions of wild symbols. Play free Wild slots before real money bets.