Scatter symbol

What are scatters and what are they useful in gaming machines?

People need excitement, and this is inherent in the nature of each person. That is what has brought great popularity to slot machines. Nowadays it is not necessary to look for gambling establishments in the city, and everyone can enter the virtual casino and plunge into the fascinating world of entertainment online.

What are Scatters?

During games on certain slot machines, specific symbols appear on the drop-down reels. They are designed to replace some pictures with others and to give bonuses and increase the winnings. Those game symbols called scatters. Their action does not depend on what line they appear on. For the scatters the most fundamental condition is to drop the required amount on the screen and if this happens - the machine will give out a bonus. Most often, the scatters allow the player to play a free game. However, not all people immediately start playing for money. The subject of free games can be varied. Fans of such favorite male hobbies as fishing necessarily will like the game machine fishy fortune, in which you can play free Scatters slots. Images of different fish and the process of the game will bring great pleasure to the fishermen. Casinos present an extensive range of scatters slots online for a wide variety of topics. You can play for whole days and free. Therefore, no one will be bored.

The Benefits of Scatters

In the free game casino, the benefits of scatters are also significant. Usually, for the start of a free game, it is enough to have three images on the screen. However, some machines offer another principle: the more the scatters fall, the more free spins you will get. If these symbols fall out, another situation may occur. The player is invited to choose one from several items, but there can be attractive prizes, and something negative. Additional bonus rounds and free spins can bring an excellent reward to the player. During the bonus game, the higher coefficient usually works, which leads to a reasonable amount. That's why many players choose for themselves gambling machines, in which there are symbols of the scatters. Moreover, most likely, without these symbols, there would not be such significant gains that so often get lucky users.

Scatter in practice

Every professional player in online slots can describe all the pros and cons of a particular slot machine. In any game, you can meet standard symbols like card games, which are very popular but do not bring significant benefits. Often a so-called wild symbol comes into play. Wild symbols can create a real game miracle, but for this, you need to try hard to see them in a particular place. However, often the decisive role in the victory is brought by the scatters. They help the player to win this or that amount, even if they did not play in a line. Three or more scatters enough to enjoy either a bonus game or merely get a clear money benefit. In many slots, there is such a situation when even two scatters bring some profit.

Scatters and bonuses

However, in most gaming devices, the scatters play the role of a catalyst for an exclusive bonus game. Most often, only three scatter symbols are enough to plunge into an exciting and very profitable world of bonuses. Also, the scatters can allow spinning reels for free. Sometimes, in this case, we need to try to catch as many scatter symbols as possible, which can give a more substantial number of free spins. Often the scatters, besides the free spins, play the role of a multiplier. That is, they allow us not just to multiply all the combinations. That indicates that the most significant winnings of the scatters slot machine can be due to the scatters. Based on all of the above, we can only advise players when choosing a slot machine in the casino, determine precisely the game where scatters are represented. Often these slots play standard combinations with the standard value of jackpots, but you also have a significant trump card in mind that can shoot adequately when you do not foretell anything special.

Scatter gives an extra chance of success

The scatter symbol significantly increases your final chance of success. The true online casino players are always waiting with great trepidation for new games. Developers of games every year come up with more exciting and more variations on this topic. For example, Playtech is one of the leading developers of online slots and introduced a new version of the caterer - the mysterious Mystery Scatter. In the glorious games of this famous developer, the scatters often perform like wild symbols. Free spins are given to the gambler after a certain number of scatters are dropped during spin. Before free spins start, one of the symbols is randomly selected by a mysterious scattered symbol. Thus, during free spins, two scattered symbols appear in the game instead of one. That makes all the free spins more attractive, and an extra intrigue appears in the game. Free spins can be restarted. Therefore, some players play in expectation of a bonus game of free spins. As an example, the game Captain's Treasure Pro, in which the scatter is a treasure chest. By and large, it does not matter which subject of your favorite slot machine, the main thing is that there would be more scatter symbols. After all, the more scatters you will see in front of your face, the more will be your gain, or they will definitely give you additional spins, which will increase your chance of success. Try to play free Scatters slots to see all the benefits.