Free spins

While choosing a casino for registration, beginners are faced with the fact that they are offered free spins as a welcome bonus. Free spin is the opportunity to make a spin without fees. With the help of free spins, everyone who wants can get an opportunity to play on some slots without using the personal money. Often, free spins only affect popular video slots. But it is much more difficult to get them for playing roulette or blackjack. But if you carefully look at the current offers of famous gambling houses, you can find good options, even for little-adapted games. Free spins are classified as no deposit bonuses. Their main advantage is the opportunity to abandon the preliminary deposit of personal balance. Even zero on the account will not become an obstacle if free spins have been assessed, for example, when you sign up without making a deposit. Despite the popularity of this method of attracting customers, this kind of privileges can be granted to regular visitors. They will only have to fulfill the conditions for wagering and win the due prize. This kind of loyalty program is unlikely to help to break a big jackpot, as it was not thinking for that at all. But if you want to try your luck on automatic machines, and there is no desire to spend personal savings, free spins are an excellent way out of the situation. They are often used by experienced gamblers who want to:
  • try out a new free spins slots;
  • test a particular strategy or analytical system;
  • check the "hot" machine.
But we should take into account that the casino will strictly treat those who still decided to take advantage of the promotional offer. We are talking about some restrictions that are imposed on the use of free spins. Each gambling house has its own set of rules on this. But if you summarize the most common conditions, then there will be bans on the use of these bonuses:
  • for machines that support progressive jackpot;
  • over the allotted timeline;
  • when you win above the allowed rate.
But since the user gets them for free, it would be foolish to give up the chance to take advantage of such a generous gift and try free spins slot machine.

Issuing free spins on a no-deposit principle

Having dealt with what are free spins, some impatient novice users immediately register in the first casino they saw. But experts advise first to study the full range of proposals of at least a dozen gambling platforms to find the best option for themselves in all parameters. Particularly carefully you need to read the sections of the user agreement regarding the wagering and the withdrawal of funds. Crediting not real money to the consumer's account is the main difference between free spins for registration without making a deposit and standard no-deposit solutions. Instead, the player is given a strictly defined number of rotations. To monitor the number of free attempts issued, you need to regularly look at the personal profile, where data on this parameter will continuously be updated. When using the software on a PC, the number of spins is usually displayed directly on the screen without having each time to check the Personal Area. According to unofficial statistics, fee spins are considered the most favorite kind of bonuses among the gamblers from the European countries. Many experts say that this is due to relatively simple rules for their wagering in comparison with other variations. Every free spin has its own cost. In order not to go broke due to all comers, many online casinos offer visitors such privileges only at the lowest bets on the line. It's about a few cents. It’s very rare when you can find offers allowing for more than a dollar or euro as a spin bet. Such versions are considered an extraordinarily generous gift.

Why casinos offer free spins only for slots?

Free spins are mostly given only for slots. The administration of gambling platforms explains such a policy of doing business that free spins slots are more popular among ordinary users. There is some sense in this since beginners usually start with slot machines. They need to first cling to the system to understand the intricacies of gambling. Another reason is the opportunity to offer very modest prices for the spins and minimize the probability of winning. Agree, when playing roulette probability of winning is much higher than with hundreds of combinations in slots. To get the free spins after registration, it's enough to spend a few minutes confirming your data. Since it will not be necessary to deposit money, and you still far from cashing out the winnings (which implies more thorough verification), then nothing more will be required from the client at this stage. That gives an opportunity to play free spins slots. In some cases, to get free spins, you will also need to enter the bonus code. That is typical of situations where a gambler:
  • was attracted by a friend who decided to include a newcomer to the affiliate program;
  • led the referral link;
  • received a promo code or bonus in the course of some drawing or lottery on a third-party resource.
Having the code on your hands that opens the possibility to receive no deposit free spins for registration, the client will need to enter it himself in a particular field of a personal profile. But if there was not a suitable window in the account, this is not a reason to panic, because not all casinos support the tactic of automatic activation of bonuses. In this case, you need to contact the support manager for help. He will recommend passing the code to him either in the chat room or via email. Then you can try free spin slots online.

Varieties of free spins and detailed classification

Schematically, all the free spins are divided into two broad camps:
  • bonus offer without the need to deposit;
  • those which accrue prizes only after the account is replenished.
In this case, casinos with no deposit free spins enjoy considerable support among the townsfolk with different income levels. There is also a separate partition that provides sorting by type of users who are going to use their privileges:
  • newcomers;
  • regulars.
In the first case, free spin should be considered as a marketing strategy. With its help, the administration wants to expand the client base significantly. In such a simple way, the gambling house additionally earns a reputation of generous donators and does not spend much on professional advertising at the same time. Free spins, which are already given to experienced gamblers, focus on players who temporarily disappeared. Managers view the activity of all profiles and send him a letter with a tempting offer if the player has not appeared in the casino for a long time. There are those experts who are used to divide free spins on slot machines, on which they can use them. It's about categories:
  • without restrictions on the types of games;
  • with restrictions.
The first option is preferable for both aces and novice players. Immediately after the enrollment bonus, everyone can decide for themselves on what machine he will spend. That is ideal for those who intend to try out new slots from sure developers and decide for themselves how much they are generous in winning. But here it is worth remembering that the number of spins with advanced features will be lower than the number of free spins with limited options. All virtual casinos require compliance with a specific set of rules for wagering. There are very few gambling establishments that provide for the abolition of the wagering. Sometimes free spins can be obtained right during the game. In some slots, there are bonus games, where you can earn free spins besides the primary win.

Following the rules of online casinos

To stretch the "life cycle" of the user and attract newcomers, casinos create different loyalty programs. For the same reason, casinos are not limited to conventional no-deposit privileges, adding free spins to promotions. But to get them, you need to read not only the rules of wagering carefully. Some sites call potential customers with generous offers for a hundred free spins with pleasant wagering conditions. But after the fulfillment of all of these, it is still impossible to get payments. That is because some foreign casinos on principle do not allow withdrawing money received on bonuses to residents from some countries. To avoid such trouble and many other pitfalls, it's enough to review the user agreement carefully. Play free spins slots and get all the benefits of such promotions.