Bonus rounds

What can be better than to play online slot for real money, while not investing any cent? Now we tell you about an opportunity that the player receives after activating Free Spins bonus rounds. Thanks to this, any player can simply monitor the growth of profits during while a bet will be made by a casino. But these are not all the bonuses that can be obtained in the online game. Some slots provide thematic bonus levels, while others offer to double winnings an unlimited number of times. Sometimes bonus rounds slot machine provides both free spins and risk game or bonus round. In general, there are three big groups of bonus rounds which can be found during the playing slot in the casino:
  • free spins;
  • thematic bonus rounds which are usually open in a new window;
  • risk game;
  • other options, including the Wheel of Fortune.
But today we'll be speaking about two the most impressive bonus rounds: free spins and a bonus game. Due to the fact that their members receive the greatest profit, we are so interested in such options.

What Are Free Spins And Bonus Levels?

Free spins are such gratis drum scrolls that gambler can get playing some online slots for real money. Sometimes they are issued on a piece, sometimes by dozens. In most cases, everything depends on the method of their obtaining. Usually, free spins can be obtained in two ways:
  • like the bonus from the casino (most often as a welcome bonus);
  • during the game of money after the appearance of the corresponding symbols on the screen of the slot.
We can totally review that free spins like a bonus rounds are one of the most exciting gifts to the player. But no less interesting to get a ticket into the bonus level. Most often, the bonus level is a special round where the user should select items, but there may be exceptions. Although the winnings in free spins are significantly bigger than in the bonus level.

How To Activate Free Spins?

In different slots, the Free Spins are activated in different ways, but more often it is necessary that or more Scatters (special free spins symbols) fall on the screen. To know exactly how these bonuses are launched in this or that slot, the player should use the "Payouts" option. In some slots, free spins can also be obtained at the end of the bonus mini-game. They are almost always played at the same bet that was used by gambler before. And sometimes spins are accompanied by multipliers. Some gamers think that they will definitely earn much, even playing like a something. But few people know that they can get a big win only using the right strategy. So let`s make this right tactic together:
  1. It is recommended to play bonus rounds slots constantly, while watching when free spins are dropped, after what kind of bets, and so on.
  2. More useful to play on all the lines. Free Spins fall out much more often.
  3. Bigger bet during the game in the standard mode gives bigger guaranteed winnings in bonus rounds.
These are simple enough rules that can easily help to increase profits. Also, there are too many online slots with different bonus levels. In some of them, it is possible to activate the free spins again. To reactivate, you need to have the same number of Scatters or special symbols. Theoretically, in this way, you can play free spins level indefinitely long, but in practice, most slots are programmed to the maximum number of spins, after which the bonus ends. In addition, in some slots, you cannot reactivate these free rotations again (although there are not many such slots).

Volatility: The Meaning of The Word For Gambler

In some bonus rounds slots, the user can choose the number of free spins and multiplier before slot starts this round. In this way, customer set a suitable level of volatility. For example, you can get 50 free spins with an additional multiplier 2x, 30 free spins with a coefficient of 4 or 10 free spins with 15x. It is believed that the more volatility makes the chances of winning more (although you can get only an average prize). And the above volatility is precisely in the game with 50 free spins and multiplier 2x. The choice, as always, is very individual. Some prefer to play the largest number of free spins, as this will give a greater chance of their re-activation. Players who are more prone to risk, are ready to play with fewer free spins but with a higher multiplier in the hope of winning a large sum. To find out if there are rounds with free spins in the slot and how to play a slot machine, in general, you can find in the chapter Paytable or play free bonus rounds slots. In addition, the player never knows when exactly the next free spin will be activated. This makes slots even more interesting and exciting.

What Is The Meaning of A Casino Wager?

The other parameter related to free spins is a wager. The casino uses a wager to keep the player and encourage further bets. In general, the wager is the rule that must be met if:
  • a user got free bonus;
  • game for real money;
  • the player wants to withdraw winnings.
Such kinds of the wager as 30x or 40x are the widest spread. They mean that the player must wager in the online slot the total amount of his bets that should be in 30 or 40 times more than the received bonus. Of course, if you play free Bonus Rounds slots, you do not have to follow the wagering conditions. For example, in Immortal Romance slot (Microgaming) player can participate in the real vampire battle and win multilevel free spins. Another gaminator is Castle Builder from Rabcat. This entertainment has specific bonus round in which gamer need o built a castle for the nobility. The player will receive a great reward at the end of the construction.

The Look At Thematic Bonus Rounds

Usually bonus rounds slots online have not only free spins level, but also thematic bonus offer. Bonus levels as opposed to free spins, are launched after the appearance of Bonus symbols on the corresponding reels. Sometimes bonus rounds slots provide free spins, in which you gambler win participation in the bonus stage, or vice versa. The most common variant of the game is Pick Up. Drawing bonuses absolutely always happens on the basis of chance, and it seems that the player himself determines the outcome of the game by selecting special cells or items of the slot. Thus, it is pointless to waste time thinking, because the result is predetermined by the system of charging the winnings. The same scheme determines the number of winnings for bonuses, but here you should pay attention to the data of the RTP slot, which are based on the profitability of the online casino or software vendor. That's why, when choosing a slot machine with bonus games, first of all, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the bonus modes of the slot, which will serve as the main source of winnings in the future. Online slot Legend Of Olympus except for high-quality graphics and generous payouts offers gamblers really interesting bonus level. Three gold coins activate a bonus game in which the user will have to cross the river of the dead with Charon and choose one of the three chests in the underground kingdom of Aida. For courage, the player will receive several free spins, during which Zeus will throw Aida by lightning!

Conclusion: Wins Only One Who Plays

The bonus round can be really different: free spins, extra levels, wheel of Fortune or even pick up game. All of them can be received after the registration or if it is stipulated by the rules of the slot. If a person wants to play bonus rounds slots online for free without registration, needless to say, he will not have a bonus from the casino. But in any case, the player can enjoy the slot's proper bonus rounds. To go into the bonus game the user need to wait for its activators: Scatter, Bonus or Wild symbols. Of course, the dropping of combinations with the indicated images does not depend on the number of preceding bets or their size. Whether you become a member of the bonus game or not, does not depend on how large is your deposit. And despite the fact that statistically slots give out tickets to bonus rounds in about the same number of spins, the player still will not be sure that this rotation becomes a bonus until it happens.