3 reels

3-reel slots: the old good classic

For the first time, people learned about the slot machine at the end of the 19th century. The American auto mechanic invented the machine that could bring winnings to players. The first device was called the "Liberty Bell" and had three discs rotating independently of each other. These parts were called reels. They had various pictures. When the slot started, the movable disks began spinning. And after they were stopped, the symbols formed a combination. The mechanism of that time was quite primitive. Now the gaming machines are amazed by the variety of design, beautiful graphics and funny stories. But the principle of the game has not changed much.

Features of three-reel gaming machines

Now, 3-reel slot machine belongs to the rare form of slots, although they were ubiquitous before. Over time, the gambling industry has reached incredible heights. The developers have created a large number of different devices, among which there are modern samples in the 3D and multi-gaming slots. However, online casinos have not forgotten about all the famous classics and continue to release 3-reel automatic machines in their halls. Like any other kind of Internet games, such devices have some features:
  • often offer fixed sizes of bets;
  • often have BAR-symbols (used to look like a label from chewing gum), sevens, images of horseshoes, bells, jewels, and fruits
  • a modest number of active lines: they can be counted from 1 to 5;
  • they cannot boast of a wide variety of extra rounds;
  • the size of the prize always increases in proportion to the bet.
In spite of such clutter, 3-reel sets are considered an excellent example of old classical slots. Avid lovers of gambling respect them. Many newcomers note that it is quite useful to learn from such machines since they have a clear interface and available rules. The mechanism of a 3-reel gaming machine is quite simple. All 3-reel slots online have pay lines. This term is understood as the line on which the winning combination of symbols falls (usually 3-5). Symbols have a different value: some bring more points, some - less. Among them, there is a wild symbol that can replace the missing components in the winning set of drawings. There is also a so-called scatter-symbol that gives bonuses, jackpots or an extra round. When you play free 3-reel slots, the description of all symbols and rules is provided in the pay table.

External design

The interface of each device has a fixed number of buttons. They play the role of indicators that allow you to control the machine. Among the keys of the 3-reel device you can see:
  • Lines: shows the number of active pay lines and their winning options are displayed at the time of the prize combination;
  • Balance: gives information about the amount of credits (virtual coins or real money) that are on the gamer's account;
  • Win: the window where the win displayed after the previous spin;
  • Bet: determines the size of betting for each line;
  • Paytable: table with the specified number of possible prizes for each symbol;
  • Max Bet: The maximum bet.
It is usually easy to understand how it works and the interface is typically standard and has no complications.

Varieties for 3-reel apparatus

The slots can belong to different categories. Classic devices can be:
  • Fruit. Contain images of apples, plums, oranges, pineapples, etc. They have different bonuses and additional symbols depending on the particular slot;
  • With a fixed jackpot. Usually, the bets in these devices are from 1 to 3 coins per spin;
  • With progressive jackpot. To break the pot in these slots, you need to play big and make the maximum bet;
  • With bonuses. They assume extra buns for the maximum bet, as well as the availability of a variety of additional rounds, where valuable prizes are played out;
  • WAPS. This abbreviation stands for Wide Area Progressive Slots. Machines from this group are called progressive with a vast bet range. In this case, the jackpot is collected not in one slot or even on several devices in the gambling hall. Money is accumulated from all casinos that are in one state, city, province or the whole country. The chance to beat such a machine is meager.

Free versions of slot machines

Recently, devices with free games have become very popular. Since there are several hundred thousand slot machines, it is impossible to play everything. Not many gamers can sacrifice their money to familiarize themselves with different slots. Therefore, leading companies produce not only real money machines but also slots where gamblers can play free 3-reel slots without making real money bets. Both models are identical and have the same interface and layout, but there is a certain number of virtual credits for bets on the free one. Simulators allow the player to choose the slot that suits him best, with advantageous bonuses or a specific design. Thanks to the free use of such devices, each novice can learn the features of the selected machine, get used to it and develop his strategy, which will help win a big prize in a real gambling fight. Developers produce models that are also available on a mobile platform, which makes it possible to use online casinos on tablets or phones.