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The History of Online Gambling in Europe at a Glance

Like all the spheres of online business, e-gambling can’t boast a long history. The entire industry is just about 20 years old. And still, it is older than the universal European currency known as the Euro. As you, probably, remember, the Euro was established in 1999, but the first real physical coins and banknotes were issued in 2002 only. Meanwhile, the first digital casino in Europe was opened in the mid-1990s.

Of course, these first casinos had little in common with modern multi-functional gambling platforms. They were virtually not regulated, as the proper regulatory bodies and auditors simply didn’t exist. But the situation was rapidly changing along with the growth of the online gaming segment. By 2005, the total value of the online gaming market was estimated at approximately 12 billion euros. And the largest share of this huge market falls to Europe.

What European Casinos Accept the Euro?

As soon as the Euro was adopted in the territory of the European Union, e-casinos began accepting this currency as well. As of now, the Euro is in circulation in 19 European countries (the so-called Eurozone). Most virtual casinos available in these countries are licensed by one and the five regulatory bodies. Their jurisdictions are as follows:

  • Malta;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Alderney;
  • Isle of Man;
  • Curaç rule of thumb, if a casino is regulated by one of these jurisdictions, it allows payments in euros. Also, it supports the payment methods that are officially used in the territory of these countries, including Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, and others. The most popular licensing agent in Eurozone is Malta Gambling Commission. Over the time of its existence, the MGA has granted 500+ licenses. Sometimes, it seems that at least every second casino in Europe is a holder of the Maltese license. All these casinos allow transactions in euros.

Using Euros for Playing in Non-Euro Casinos

You must be aware of the fact that some European countries do not accept euros. They use only their national currencies instead. The list of such countries includes the UK, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and some others. But does it mean that you can’t play in the casinos of these countries if your currency is the Euro? Of course, no. Today, there are a lot of methods of currency exchange that are available online. They are exchange stocks and other exchange services, as well as built-in exchangers in many electronic payment systems. After all, you can use exchange the currency in the bank or any official exchange office. However, we do not recommend doing it without the need for at least two reasons:

  • The exchange rate is usually not too favorable, plus exchange services charge their fee. You don’t want to deduct a percentage from your deposit, do you?
  • It requires more time and efforts. No matter whether it is depositing or withdrawal, you will always lose time and money on every transaction.

The best approach is to play in the currency you have. If you live in a country where the Euro is in circulation, select the casinos where euros are accepted. It shouldn’t be a problem, as more and more such casinos appear. Even despite rather severe restrictions in the legislation of some countries, the European gaming market is still the largest in the world.

How to Choose the Best Euro Casino

With plenty of casinos available, choosing the best one is always a challenge if you don’t know what criteria to rely on. Certainly, the game selection and the software used are important aspects. But if you are looking for the best option for a particular currency, then you need to consider some other things as well.

  1. First and foremost, check what kind of license the casino holds. It is no need to mention that unlicensed casinos shouldn’t be considered at all. If the license was issued by Malta, Curacao, or the Isle of Man, then it is not a problem. Chances are the venue will support euros. The same can be said about licenses issued in Gibraltar and Alderney.
  2. Make sure that both withdrawal and depositing in euros are supported. Just visit a Cashier or Banking page and find the list of currencies allowed.
  3. Check the banking methods available. Usually, casinos offer multiple ways of funding users’ accounts – from wire transfers to pre-paid cards and e-wallets. Decide on what method suits you best and look for the casinos that allow using it for depositing and for cashout.

Other things to consider are the speed of withdrawing and depositing, fees charged by the casino (or the absence of fees), the lower and the upper limits of depositing and withdrawal. If you are lucky to find a casino with the most favorable conditions, good bonuses, and a great selection of games, the problem of choice is resolved.

Euro Casinos in the Long-Term Perspective

As of today, the European segment of the online gaming industry is rapidly developing. And there is every reason to believe that the trend will hold. Even despite certain restrictions introduced in some countries, virtual gambling is allowed in most Eurozone states. It means that the number of Euro casinos will only grow in the long-term perspective.

The hottest trend of the last years is mobile gambling. This is true for Euro casinos as well. People use portable devices for various types of entertainments, including playing casino games. It makes it possible to play during business trips around Europe. This is another reason why the Euro is so popular with casino players. It is a universal currency that can be used for playing in numerous casinos in multiple European countries, even in trips.

The Bottom Line

Euro casinos are in a high demand in the territory of Eurozone. This is evidenced by the number of customers of these casinos and the number of languages supported. Players from Poland, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, and 15 other states regularly open accounts in Euro casinos, deposit and withdraw euros. Experts say, in the nearest future, the number of Euro casinos will continue to grow.

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