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As a general rule of thumb, governments of all Islamic states strictly prohibit everything that is associated with gambling. But Turkey is a non-standard Islamic state. It has a secular government, relatively democratic laws, and heterogeneous population. Though most Turks are Muslims, and their attitude towards gambling is mainly negative, some residents of the country are fond of playing casino games. Unfortunately, most casino games are restricted in Turkey. Fortunately, there are ways to bypass the restrictions.

Gambling Laws in Turkey

The entire sphere of gambling in Turkey is controlled and regulated by the state. This is true for both online and offline gaming. The Turkish government makes no difference between land-based and web-based gambling venues. There is only one company that has the right to provide gaming services in the territory of the country – IDDAA. And the only type of gambling activities allowed is sports betting. It can be done offline or online via the services provided by IDDAA.

As for other types of gambling (games of skill, games of chance, lotteries, bingo, table games, cards, etc.) for real money, they are prohibited in any form. Local companies can’t establish casinos, and foreign providers of similar services are not allowed in the market. Moreover, Turkish banks must block any transactions between their customers and gambling venues. As for the residents of Turkey, their participating in gambling activities is considered illegal, and violators can be fined. However, some tricky players find ways to bypass the restrictions.

How to Play Casino Games in Turkey

Though the Turkish government has forbidden foreign gaming operators to enter the Turkish market, it can’t forbid them to accept players from Turkey on their territory. Many web-casinos set no restrictions for the Turkish gamblers. Quite naturally, these gamblers take advantage of it. Even if a foreign gambling site is blocked by the governmental censorship, it’s easy to bypass it with the help of special services. Of course, these actions can’t be called legal, but this is the only real way to access popular games loved by all gamers in the world.

When it comes to games chosen by the players from Turkey, they mainly opt for the products of several large software providers, such as Microgaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, as well as the less popular TopGame and SoftSwiss. The games assortment offered by these providers is rather wide: online slots, poker, roulette games, table games, and many others. Once getting an access to a casino, players from Turkey can play any of its games.

How to Choose a Casino for the Players from Turkey

Those who live in Turkey must take into consideration a lot of aspects if they want to play at a casino online. Here are some tips for those who made up their mind to playing.

  • Make sure that a casino accepts players from Turkey. You’ll this information as soon as you visit the casino’s site.
  • Check what payment options are allowed. Keep in mind that Turkish banks block transactions associated with gambling sites, so you’ll need to look for alternative methods. Some e-wallets will do, but mind that to register an electronic wallet, you need to enter your personal data. If you want to stay completely anonymous, use cryptocurrencies and VPN-services.
  • Check whether you are eligible for bonuses. Nowadays, all casinos have their own bonus programs, but sometimes players from particular countries can’t participate in these programs. If you can’t find this information anywhere on the site, contact the support service and ask whether players from Turkey can claim the bonus or not.

Choosing the best web-casino can take much time. If you want to find a suitable site quickly, check the list of reliable casinos that accept Turkish players. That said, you need to keep in mind that gambling in Turkey is illegal. We don’t encourage you to break the law; the list of casinos is presented for information purposes only.

How to Start Playing for Real Money at a Casino

Regardless of the country of your residence, the procedure of opening a real-money user account at a web-based casino is one and the same. First of all, you’ll need to sign up the casino. Click the “sign up”, “join”, or “registration” button (depends on the casino’s interface) and fill in a simple online form with basic personal data. After that, you’ll need to verify the account, selecting one of the methods offered by the casino. Usually, it is done when a player makes his or her first deposit. Finally, you have to deposit some funds and start betting.

Many casinos provide a free or “fun” mode along with the real-money gaming. If you are not sure you will like playing at this particular casino, you can begin with free gaming.

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