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Spain is more than just a member of the EU. It is a unique country in Central Europe with its own unique history, customs, traditions and rules. This is a country, which is loved not only by travelers, tourists, and photographers, but also by gamblers. The Spaniards are avid gamblers by nature, and this is reflected in the entire culture and lifestyle of this nation. Spain is one of the few countries where almost all kinds of gaming are officially allowed by the state. No surprise gambling is one of the most popular types of entertainment and one of the state’s major income items.

Gambling in Spain: History and Modern Days

The Spaniards have always been known as hot-tempered as hazardous people. It seems as the thrill of competition is in their blood. Spectacular cockfighting shows are the national entertainment that attracts a lot of tourists even in the modern days. Even the famous corrida originates from Spain.

However, there are more peaceful games that are also loved in Spain. The Spaniards frequently play almost all sorts of card games and dominoes. Needless to say, residents of Spain are made about horses and horse-racing. Nowadays, there are 7 acting horseracing tracks where one can bet for real money in Spain. Also, there are over 60 working brick-and-mortar casinos and oodles of gaming machines of all types. It’s hard to believe that some time ago most of these venues used to be forbidden.

It was not until 1977 that playing table games (games of skill) were finally allowed in the country. Games of chance, in turn, stayed forbidden until the early 1980s. As for the online gambling market, the first attempts of its regulation were undertaken in 2002 – the time when it became apparent that web-based casinos’ popularity would be growing in the long-term perspective. However, the modern gambling standards were adopted only in 2011 when the Gambling Act of Spain was created and approved. Among other things, this Act described the procedure for obtaining licensed by gaming operators. The most popular online activity at that time was sports betting. Finally, in 2014 online slots, poker and card games were legalized, and modern online casinos appeared.

Online Casinos in Spain

As of today, online casinos can work absolutely legally and officially in the territory of Spain. To some extent, they are regulated by the state, in particular, with its Gambling Act. But in general, the legislation system of Spain is quite loyal if compared to most countries. Only licensed web casinos have the right to provide any gambling activities online. To get a license an operator has to create an e-casino that meets all the security standards, so gaming at Spanish casinos is safe. Modern web-based casinos are multi-functional platforms providing extensive gambling opportunities. Popular gaming activities in Spanish online casinos are the following:

  • horse-racing & sports betting;
  • national lotteries;
  • various types of poker games;
  • online slots;
  • card games (baccarat, blackjack and others);
  • roulette.

All the online and offline casinos providing services in several regions of the country are regulated by the state. The platforms, providing services in one region are regulated by the regional authorities.

The Best Online Casinos for Spanish Players: How to Choose

Due to the loyal Spanish laws, residents of this country have a lot of casinos to choose from. Many major international providers and small local operators provide their services here. However, with so many casinos available, it is easy to get confused. Here are some basic criteria that you can rely on when choosing the best e-casino for gaming.

  1. The assortment of games. The more various games the casino offers the better. Few people would agree to play one and the same game one hundred times. Most players prefer to try different options and get a new experience every time.
  2. Bonuses. A bonus is one of the most pleasant moments in gaming, just because it is free cash. But some people forget that, according to casino rules, you have to play through this cash before you can take it. When choosing a casino with bonuses, study the wagering requirements thoroughly.
  3. Payment options. Generally, in Spain it is not a problem to deposit or withdraw funds in/out of the casino account. Banks don’t block the transactions as it happens in the countries where gambling is forbidden. And still, not all players want to use their bank accounts for making casino payments. Many of them prefer alternative tools, such as e-wallets or prepaid cards. Make sure that the chosen casino supports the payment method you prefer.

If you feel lost in the diversity of available online casinos and don’t know what to choose, check the list of reliable and trusted casinos that we’ve prepared specially for you. We’ve gathered the titles of popular trustworthy casinos with great bonuses and vast selections of games in one place.

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