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Currently, Singapore is considered the second largest gambling zone after Macau. Even though the doors of gambling establishments in this part of the world were opened for visitors only recently (in 2010), their profitability already exceeded the level of incomes of the capital of gambling in America.

Casinos in Singapore

So, Singapore’s first casino “Resorts World” was opened in February 2010. This event was timed to the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Its construction was carried out by the company “Resorts World Sentosa” from Asia Minor, spent $ 4.5 billion on the project to create a gambling center. This project included ten restaurants, four hotels, a casino and the fantastic Universal Studios theme park.

The second casino in Singapore is “Marina Bay Sands,” opened a little later than the first gambling establishment, or rather after a couple of months. Its investor was the “Las Vegas Sands” company from the US. This gambling complex consists of three 55-story towers, which included over 2,500 rooms for recreation, several restaurants and retail areas, a museum, casinos, cinemas and other entertainment facilities. A highlight in the design of the gambling complex was the location on the roof of the infinity pool, which creates the illusion of an infinite future.

History of gambling in Singapore

For the first time gambling in Singapore was legalized back in 1823, when this beautiful country was a British colony. However, this permission was in force for only about three years, after which all gambling was again banned. The only exception was the government lottery of Singapore Pools.

The decision to legalize the gambling business and build the casino mentioned above hotels was given to the authorities not easily. Representatives of both the Christian and Muslim religions, as well as many social workers, made harsh statements against the resolution of gambling, indicating their negative impact on society. They predicted an increase in the level of organized crime, the development of variety pawnshops, ways of money-laundering and so on.

The government, in turn, pointed out that it is necessary to take such risks because this significantly contributes to the development of whole tourism sphere in Singapore and allows it to classy compete with neighboring countries successfully. Be that as it may, the decision to legalize the casino was made.

Before 2005, gambling in Singapore was banned for 40 years. The rejection of such an old conviction was caused by the need to obtain new sources of financing for the state, where natural resources are, and games for money became that source. Now these two casinos, which were mentioned above, are the only legal gambling establishments in the country where you can satisfy your passion for gambling. Currently, they occupy the third and second lines, respectively, in the ranking of the most expensive casinos in the world.

Singapore Casino today and online gambling

Only in one year, the income of one gambling center amounted to more than 5 billion dollars, and the number of casino visitors exceeded 11 million people. Accordingly, the profit from the operation of two gambling complexes is much more impressive.

Restraining the pace of development of terrestrial casinos is the industry of online gambling, which is not regulated by anyone in the country. As a result, a large number of players sit on the Internet on foreign websites and the money they leave in gambling establishments imperceptibly “flow” out of the country.

However, for citizens of Singapore and people permanently residing in this country, there are certain restrictions on visiting the casino. It is about the need to pay a special fee to visit gambling houses. Its size is $100 per day, and it is paid for each of the casinos separately. However, you can pay immediately $2000 for the year.

Problems and future of Singapore casinos

With the advent of land-based casinos, the situation with crime and drug addiction in Singapore has become tenser. Therefore, to reduce the negative impact of gambling on the local population and somewhat to protect it from access to entertainment, the entrance to one of the 24-hour casinos was set at $80 (which not every gambling fan can afford). Also, at the request of relatives (who have noticed an unhealthy addiction to gambling in one of their family members), access to gambling facilities for some persons is prohibited. The creation of “blacklists” is widely practiced in many casinos, and not only in Singapore.

Currently, there are VIP-numbers in the gambling establishment “Marina Bay Sands.” Entrance to them is available only by invitation cards. And thanks to the fact that the casino allows you to play at high bets, often its guests are celebrities, such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Of course, visits to such personalities do not go unnoticed, and this adds even more glory to the casino of Singapore.

Will this gambling center become the second most popular in the world for many years, or will Las Vegas still have this right, time will tell? But analysts already now prophesy a great future for Singapore, and the strategy chosen by country confirms the forecasts. However, if every year the casinos in Singapore will meet 18 million visitors, it is possible that the capital of gambling in America will be far behind.

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