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Romania is a European country and the part of the European Union, which means it complies with the current EU legislation. At the same time, it is a separate state with its own history, cultural traditions, and laws. For example, when it comes to gambling, the Romanian government treats it just as an extra source of the state income, and therefore doesn’t prohibit it. Instead, the state has taken the gambling sector under control. All casinos and other gambling venues in the modern Romania are licensed and regulated.

The History of Romanian Gambling

If we reach back into the history of Romania, we’ll see that the attitude toward gambling used to be different in different periods. The first National lottery was opened at the beginning of the past century. But some years later, when the communists won the power, all types of gambling were forbidden. It was not until the early 1990s that the situation on the market changed for better and the first land-based casinos began to appear. As for online gambling, it was legalized much later – in 2010. Nowadays, people in the territory of Romania can legally play at online and offline gambling venues.

Modern Gambling Market in Romania Overview

According to the Romanian laws, only licensed companies have the right to provide gambling services – both online and offline. There is a special authority – the Supervisory Committee – that is engaged in licensing and monitoring the gaming operators. The main country’s regulator of the whole gambling market is the National Gambling Office of Romania. The largest national operator, providing online and offline gaming services is Loteria Romana. Until recently, it used to be a monopolist in the market, but over the recent years, the number of other providers has grown.

To get a license on the Romanian land, a gambling operator needs to meet multiple criteria. Here are the most important of them.

  • It needs to comply with the requirements of the European Commission (don’t forget that Romania is a part of the EU).
  • It must not violate the rights of the minors or vulnerable categories of population in any form.
  • It must have a valid bank account in one of the Romanian banks. There also must be a real representative of the company, who is the resident of Romania.
  • All the information about the online casino and its users must be copied and preserved on Romania-based servers. The data is kept there for five years.
  • The software empowering the casino must be approved by the Monitoring Committee.

All in all, there are three types (classes) of gambling licenses issued in Romania.

Licenses of Class 1 are issued for the companies providing online services. The range of the products offered includes games of chance, and contracts with players are a mandatory condition. The tax size depends on the turnover: if it doesn’t exceed $500 thousand, the tax is $6 thousand.

Licenses of Class 2 are intended for those who provide both online and offline services or are engaged in testing or developing of gaming products. The tax size is $6 thousand.

Licenses of Class 3 are given to the companies providing lottery games options. A license of any type is valid for 10 years since the moment of its issuing.

Online Gambling in Romania

The concept of online gambling was officially recognized and approved in 2010 in Romania. But it was not until 2013 that the online gambling market became regulated. That year, the National Gambling Office was established. As of today, all online casinos of the country are controlled and regulated by this entity. Each online casino, acting in the territory of Romania, must comply with its requirements. In particular, it must publish on the website the full name of the company and the software provider, as well as license number. Also, licensed online casinos must comply with the concept of responsible gaming. It means they must do the following:

  • warn players about the risk of gambling addiction;
  • set daily/weekly/monthly deposit limits at a player’s request;
  • temporarily or permanently freeze the account at a user’s request;
  • prevent the minors from using the casino’s services.

No matter what particular casino you will choose, if it is licensed, you may be sure that it meets all these requirements and guarantees a due level of security and transparency. That is why when choosing the best casino to play in Romania, you can rely on your personal preferences. To decide whether a casino suits you or not, you can estimate it, using the following criteria:

  1. The number and types of the games on offer. Traditionally, Microgaming casinos offer a lot of games and are popular with players. But you can prefer another provider and have your personal opinion, of course.
  2. Bonuses. If you compare the promos of various casinos, you’ll see that some offers are much more generous than others. Even if you are not a bonus-hunter, you won’t mind getting some cash or other perks such as free rounds just for the fact of registration. Choose casinos with bigger bonuses and loyal wagering requirements.
  3. Payment options. Most Romanian players use euros for gaming, but even if you’d like to use another currency, it is not a problem, as many casinos support multiple language and different currencies. Also, check what banking methods are considered. Credit cards are not always the most convenient option, and many users today opt for e-wallets or some other alternative methods.
  4. Overall usability and convenience. It depends on your personal preferences.
  5. Mobile version availability. Statistics show that the share of mobile gamblers continues to grow. If you are one of them. it is an important aspect for you.

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