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Modern Poland is definitely not the very best place in the world for gamblers. It has controversial and complicated laws, and all types of gambling activities are strictly regulated by the state and major state-owned companies. The number of offline casinos available is limited, and online casinos are almost completely forbidden. However, like residents of other countries where gambling is not welcomed, the Polacks find smart ways to bypass the restrictions. Thus, the Polish government can’t influence foreign gambling operators even if it wants to. Though an access to many international casino sites is blocked, there are quite a few casinos that accept the Polacks. Check our list of best casinos for gaming in Poland to find the one that suits you best.

Gambling in Poland Overview

It can’t be stated that gambling in Poland is absolutely illegal. Officially, it is legal, but with some reservations. Until recently, the only allowed type of gambling activities was sports betting. However, in 2014, the Polish government had to adopt some important amendments. Thus, online slot machines were declared to be legal. Unfortunately, this declaration was on paper only, as no gaming operators are let in from abroad. As for the domestic market, it belongs to the state-owned corporation Totalizator Sportowy. No competitors can provide their services to the residents of the country. The good news is that Poland can’t regulate anything outside its territory. Players can’t but take advantage of it, simply accessing foreign online casinos over the Internet. The Polish censorship has blocked an access to many sites, but not to all of them. As of now, it is still not a problem to find an online gambling venue that accepts users from Poland. On this page, we offer our unique top-list of best casinos for Polish players. The ranking is regularly updated.

How to Choose the Best E-Casino in Poland: Tip from Professionals

Our team consists of professional gamblers with massive online and offline experience. We’ve already analyzed several hundreds of casinos and have written dozens of reviews. We try every single site of our own before writing a verdict, and we know everything about all the important requirements, which a good casino must comply with. Choosing a casino, Polish players need to take into account the following aspects.

  • A license. This is the first thing we check, visiting a casino. A license must be valid and it must be issued by a reputable regulatory body, such as the Malta Gambling Authority. The information about the license number and a seal can be found on the site’s pages.
  • Games. This is what a player looks for when visiting a casino. Check whether the gaming operator offers the games you like. The total number of games available also matters. Some Microgaming casinos, for example, offer over 700 titles.
  • Mobile friendliness. Compatibility with different platforms is becoming more and more important, as more and more players opt for smartphones instead of PCs.
  • Flexibility of the payment system. Depositing via credit cards is usually inconvenient for the Polacks, as banks frequently forbid these transactions. We know wonderful casinos that allow payments with popular e-wallets and Bitcoins.
  • Customer support. Players from Poland can’t rely on their own government in everything that relates to gambling, as the activities of foreign operators are not regulated in any way. That is why it’s so important to have a possibility of getting a professional support and help from the casino’s party. The top casinos selected by our experts are proud to offer 24/7 support via multiple channels.
  • Bonuses. A welcome bonus is a perfect way to double or triple your initial deposit, which means you’ll be able to play two or three times longer. We have found the sites with the most favorable bonus playthrough conditions.

As you see, a lot of aspects need to be considered every time you choose a casino to play online. To make a choice quickly and efficiently, have a closer look at our top-list of recommended sites for Polacks. There may be not so much of them, but definitely enough for you to access all the games you like hassle-free.

History of Gambling in Poland at a Glance

Being a typical Eastern European country, Poland has a unique eventful history. As for gambling, first casinos were opened in the country in the early 1930s. Then, during and after the II World War, the industry was completely eliminated. Only in the 1980s, the first attempts to revive gambling were undertaken, and casinos appeared on the streets of the Polish cities. Meanwhile, the first version of the Gambling Act was adopted in 1992 – it was the beginning of the era of regulated gambling in the country. These land-based casinos still exist; currently, there are about 40 of them.

As for online gambling, it remained illegal and non-regulated until recently. Frankly speaking, only sports betting alone used to be considered a legal online gambling activity till 2014. In 2014, finally, online slots were approved to some extent. However, virtually no casinos providing gambling services online are allowed, so the Polacks have to look for alternative options.

The Bottom Line

Statistics show that residents of Poland love gambling as well as players from other European countries. But due to severe restrictions introduced by their government, they are forced to look for foreign web-casinos. Luckily, there are enough of such casinos, accepting the Polacks. Online slots and other popular options are just a couple of click away waiting for those who understand.

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