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Today the Balkan region and in particular Montenegro has all the conditions and opportunities for the development of the gaming business. These are all thanks to many legislative projects in the sphere. The territory of Montenegro is desirable for many tourists. And the local authorities are trying to develop not only tourism but also trying to support the country’s gambling establishments. There are about 500 gambling halls in Montenegro. One casino has about 2000 customers. This ratio in total is five times higher than that of the UK casino.

Montenegro Casinos In General

Noteworthy sounds the fact that in Montenegro there are no funds to combat gambling addiction. The best casinos in the country are considered as local sights. Each tourist in the country can make an interesting excursion to these famous institutions. Excitement is an integral part of the mentality of the Balkan peoples. Noteworthy sounds the fact that in Montenegro there are no funds to combat gambling addiction. The modern Montenegrin model of gaming business is distinguished by the lack of funds to combat gambling addiction.

Thanks to a flexible state policy, the number of gambling halls in Montenegro grows every year. This applies to both terrestrial and online casinos. There are six large casinos in the country, in which all types of popular gamblings are represented. These factors contribute to the growth of the number of casinos in Montenegro:

  • ease of obtaining a license;
  • the propensity of Montenegrin residents to gamble;
  • developed tourist business;
  • availability of wealthy investors.

But the simplicity of obtaining the license to conduct a gambling business does not mean the presence of a large number of fraudulent halls. All casinos (including online ones) in the country are carefully checked. Those who did not pass the verification, are blocked.

Features Of Gambling Business in Sunny-Kissed Montenegro

Today, gambling in Montenegro is actively developing due to the foreign investments. This is actively promoted by the Gambling Authority. Many celebrities willingly come to the best elite casinos of Montenegro. To open a gambling business, the person needs to register an enterprise and receive a concession from the government. An opening of the virtual casino requires at least 300 000 euros at the bank account. It is much easier to open an ordinary terrestrial gambling club. To open it the person needs 75 000 euros.

According to the law of the country, the organizer of gambling must have:

  • the appropriate permission;
  • a large fixed capital;
  • a deposit in the bank;
  • the casino cash desks.

In addition, all Montenegro сasinos pay taxes. It’s not so difficult to open a casino here. More difficult to retain and build-up at the customer audience is constantly growing offer.

The Best Montenegro Casino For Playing For Real Money

The main centre of gambling in Montenegro is the resort of Budva, where even convenient casino gambling hotels are organized. Budva is a modern analogue of Las Vegas in the Balkan Peninsula. Various travel companies organize special casino tours, during which people can visit Budva like the main pearl of the region. Casino Merit in the city centre offers luxurious atmosphere, excellent service. Another one place allows to combine a holiday with gambling is casino Cattaro. It is also impossible not to remember WIN. It is a hotel complex with the working casino. And the most impressive and the largest club is Avala. It is located in close proximity to Mogren beach. That`s why each gambler can enjoy to only playing Poker or Roulette, but also enjoy the breathing of the Adriatic Sea.

Place Of The Virtual Gambling In The Structure Of Virtual Casino

Legislation of the country allows the holding of gambling of all categories. There are a lot of virtual casinos and other gaming clubs. Various organizations create popular online casino virtual venues that are targeted both to locals and visitors. Online casinos are distinguished by a good software and are high-quality service. All the online casino servers are located inside the country. It is not surprising that both players and investors are satisfied with such course of gambling affairs in the country.


Unlike most other countries, Montenegro casino operates at the legislative level which is provided by the government of the same country. Here are created excellent conditions for the development of the gambling industry.

So why do many gambling tourists prefer Montenegro to more famous gambling places? The secret is quite simple, however, like all ingenious. In whatever casino person go, everywhere client will get an elite level of service, a quiet atmosphere and the ability to disconnect from all problems. In addition, the assortment of games and slots which are offered is really impressive.

In Montenegro everyone can find something to do in free time. This is a sightseeing, and active recreation, playing casino, swimming in the sea, and much more. Some wealthy people even book charter flights and fly to Montenegro and at least once a week to play at local casinos, so amazing are these places.

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