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The area of one of the smallest countries in the world located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, near the borders of France and Italy. The total area of Monaco is 1.95 square km, and it’s consist of the counties-cities of Monaco (old town), Monte Carlo, La Condamine (business center and port) and Fontvieille (industrial district).

Even though you can walk across the country in just a few hours, it is one of the most famous countries in the world. The Principality of Monaco is always associated with luxury, expensive cars and jewelry, excellent champagne and aged classical wines, modern yachts and other most perfect water and air transport, as well as gambling. Therefore, everyone who visits the principality is fascinated by its slender palms, medieval castles, modern skyscrapers, snow-white villas and mountain villages with their unique landscape.

History aspects of gambling in Monaco

The first gambling establishment in the territory of the modern principality was created in 1856, but a year later it was closed, as it did not bring the expected revenues since it was inconvenient to get to it.

In 1863, the Casino des Spélugues opened its doors to visitors, but a few months later one of the visitors won 50 thousand francs, and the club could not pay the winnings. As a result, the casino became his property.

Fortunately, businessman François Blanc received the right to manage the subsequent fate of the gambling house for 50 years, who invited the best architects and artists, among them Charles Garnier, the author of the project of the Opera building in Paris. A fantastic result was achieved by the architect, combining several styles among themselves. Already in 1878, the first hall of the club received its visitors. After 12 years, architect Jules Touze completed his facade. Then the club held electricity. In 1938, the gambling house was equipped with the first slot machines. The construction of the last building, part of the architectural ensemble of the casino, was completed in 1988.

Alexander Dumas, Baron Rothschild, Napoleon, Sarah Bernhard, Chaliapin, Caruso were guests of the club at one time.

Casino in Monaco today

Today, the Monte Carlo casino of Monaco is a set of magnificent halls, preceded by a spacious lounge with l’Atrium columns. The building of la Salle Garnier will be the first in the way of visitors, named after its architect-creator, where the performances of the most famous artists from all over the world take place. In fact, it is an opera theater, striking the splendor of the decor, made in a combination of red and gold. Here the works of Berlioz, Debussy, Stravinsky sounded, the ballet troupe led by Diaghilev in costumes from the great Picasso performed. And today beautiful music sounds in these walls, heavy balls are held.

In the pink and white living rooms, in the halls of Europe, Renaissance, American games, Palm and others, there are gaming tables, behind which you can play one of the games, among them roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat.

Monte Carlo casino

The abundance of flowers, well-groomed lawns, sunny terraces, a beautiful park that goes to the mountains – all this is surrounded by the building of the casino “Monte Carlo” of the Principality of Monaco.

The casino “Monte Carlo” is the property of the “Society of Sea Bathers” and its annual turnover reaches hundreds of millions of euros.

At the entrance to the gambling house, you need to pay ten euros. Inside the club, photo and video shooting are prohibited. In some halls, visitors are allowed only if a strict dress code is observed. Young people-visitors to the club should have a document attesting to reaching the age of 21 years.

Nightlife and the Grand Casino of Monaco

The world of night entertainment in Monaco is very diverse. Nevertheless, especially, gambling establishments stand out against their backdrop. Tourists only need to choose one of the institutions of the principality, including the Casino de Paris (Café de Paris), the Sun Casino (Casino) or the Salle des Palmiers.

Nightclubs of the country, creating a unique atmosphere of chic et choc, will help every tourist to relax either in the dance even until dawn, or with a glass of good wine.

To visit the night institutions of the Principality and organized events, it will take more than one night. Therefore, one cannot help recalling evenings in the “Star Hall,” performances in the Cabaret Casino, lounge bars or technical clubs that remain in the memory of tourists for many years.

Neighborhoods of the “Grand Casino,” known as the “Golden Mile,” received such a name not only because of the focus of gambling clubs, but also the accumulation of all kinds of boutiques. A dangerous addition to the neighborhoods has become popular hotels, beauty salons, and famous restaurants, forming in their scope and variety an area that I do not want to leave.

There is the Hotel de Paris in the Casino Square, which guests are famous people of our time.

Not far from the hotel there is a cinema, equipped with technical innovations, where the newest movies are shown throughout the year.

A little bit of the distance was focused on discos. In one of them, named “Jimmy,” you can watch the entertainment of the rich and famous. Near the “Jimmy” there is a Boutique de la Manufacture de Monaco, from which it is impossible to go without a souvenir, as it symbolizes a rich life, similar to a fairy tale.

Poker tournaments

Thanks to the agreement between the Betclic Everest Group, the SBM and the EPT, the Principality of Monaco has once again become a welcome place for visiting many wealthy people of the world during the European Poker Tour, which was stopped in London, Barcelona, Prague and San Remo. During this grand championship, the Greek city of Loutraki and the Italian Campione d’Italia were opened, and six champions were crowned. The events that have happened have proved the growing popularity of poker in Europe.

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