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New Jersey is one of the northern states of the United States. The territory is small but densely populated. It is here that the New York metropolitan area is located, and the state is proud of its gaming capital, Atlantic City.

Historically, New Jersey has been much more loyal to the gambling business than other states. For example, before 1844, lotteries were allowed here. With its help, the authorities collected money for wars with the Indians and Independence.

Money management

Eleven large casinos operated in New Jersey, nine of them are located in Atlantic City. In the ground casino, there are more than 33 000 employees. There are also more than 28 million players a year. The total income exceeds $3 billion, and each year the casinos pay $278 million to the Treasury.

Online casinos of New Jersey are regulated from February 26, 2013, through the local act A2578. This law legalizes online poker and casino sites. The same eight large land-based casinos own the right to conduct online gaming activities.

Only in October 2016, online casinos earned more than $16 million. Budget contributions from this amount reach $2.5 million. Thus, online casinos receive about $200 million in the year and bring approximately $30 million to the government treasury.

The history of gambling in New Jersey

The officially gambling business in New Jersey was banned from 1894 to 1939, but there is no data as to whether this decision was strictly enforced. There were always popular slot machines, lotteries, and bets. Churches and other non-profit organizations openly kept bingo halls, and the Freehold Raceway opened in 1830, and it never stopped working.

The first state power lottery was launched in 1969. Several schools were built on the proceeds.

An interesting story is the actual occurrence of a casino in New Jersey. It is a coastal state, and there are many resorts in it. The late sixties became unprofitable for them. Some could not attract visitors. Some closed and some turned into residential buildings. After the gambling business grew legal, many hotels opened anew in the form of a casino.

New Jersey became the second state in the US, which officially authorized the gambling business. Legalization took place in 1976. The government allowed to organize a casino so that the proceeds from them went to help disabled people and the elderly.

The first casino of New Jersey

The first casino was opened in 1978. It was Resorts International Casino in Atlantic City. It still works and is still one of the largest. It is decorated in the theme of Roaring Twenties” and contains 942 hotel rooms. The area of gambling halls is 9300 square meters.

Then in 1979, two casinos opened: Caesars in June and Bally’s in December.

New Jersey always competed with Nevada. The seventies and eighties turned out to be good for the state, and it could even get ahead in this peculiar race. Nevada at that time was a very criminal state, with a high crime rate. New Jersey was safer in comparison with Nevada, so the players traveled to Atlantic City.

After other states legalized gambling and casinos, the popularity of New Jersey fell slightly. However, the state continues to develop the gambling business. Atlantic City plans to build several more casinos to attract more tourists.

The history of online gambling in New Jersey

The legislation on the legalization of online gambling was considered starting in 2011, and only on February 26, 2013, the revised bill was approved by the state administration.

The law legalizes the all online casino for ten years of probation, limits operations on the websites of the Atlantic City casino and imposes a 15% tax on income from the online sector. It is worth noting that the charge on the income of land-based casinos is 8%.

The act prescribes an age limit of 21 years, as for land-based casinos. Besides, the online casino server can only be located in Atlantic City, and people can play from computers located in New Jersey. GPS determines the location of the equipment.

Legislation of gambling in New Jersey

It is allowed to play from the age of 21. Minors can enter the casino, although they do not have the right to play, drink alcohol or stay in the gambling zone. If a minor is playing at a casino, he gets a $500-1000 fine and a ban on driving for six months. And appeals are prohibited.

Lotteries, betting on horse racing and other legal gambling in New Jersey are allowed from the age of 18. If a person is under the age of 18, then he has the right to participate in those games where the prize is a toy or something, but not money. For social gambling, the age qualification is not defined.

Modern gambling business in New Jersey

As already mentioned, there were eleven large casinos in New Jersey. The largest casino of all is Harrah’s. This casino hotel contains 2,588 rooms and a gambling area of 15,000 square meters. There are 5 567 slot machines and video pokers, 139 card tables, 40 tables for the poker room. That is where the World Series of Poker tournaments are held. It opened in November 1980, and now it is powered by Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

Borgata was the later opened casino on July 2, 2003. It has 2 002 rooms, and the gaming zone also occupies 15 000 square meters. The MGM Resorts International owns it. The casino offers about 4,000 slot machines, 180 card tables, and 50 poker tables.

Casino Borgata at the moment receives the highest revenues. In 2015, the casino benefitted from the slot machines $468 million, and from card games about $228 million.

Charitable and social games

The state permits charitable gambling to non-profit organizations, such as churches and orphanages. They have the right to organize bingo, raffles, casino nights and races.

Social gambling is also allowed. Social games are the same gambling games (poker, sports betting, etc.), in which a circle of close people participates: family, relatives, friends, colleagues. That is, players are united by other common interests, except for gambling.

Social gambling in New Jersey is allowed in, provided that the organizer of the game is on an equal footing with other participants and does not take any contribution from money in the game process. However, social gambling is prohibited in bars and other similar places.

Illegal gambling business

The annual income of the illicit gambling in New Jersey is very high, and its value reaches many billions of dollars. Even though gambling is allowed, illegal gaming houses retain their positions. They can offer some services that are not provided by legal casinos. For example, it is gambling activities outside of Atlantic City.

The New Jersey law does not punish players, but a person who organizes an illegal gambling establishment can receive imprisonment of a term of up to 5 years, depending on the size and type of the bets. However, such arrests are rare.

Online gambling business in New Jersey

Online gambling business of New Jersey was legalized on February 26, 2013. Starting from November 21, 2013, online casinos worked in a test mode, the so-called “trial launch.” The full official launch took place on November 26, 2013.

Regulator of online gambling industry in New Jersey state is New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. That is the same organization that controls the entire gambling business in the state.]

Only those sites that have received a license from this Division have the right to engage in gambling legally.

Slot machines in New Jersey’s online casinos

Borgata casino is considered the pearl of the online gambling in New Jersey and it’s just like a ground-based casino. The websites of this operator cooperate with Borgata casino has more than 1000 slots. The site represents almost 20 exclusive slots. You can find the same slots that are located in the land-based Borgata.

The site CaesarsCasino offers more than 180 slot machines. At the same time, there are no traditional automatic machines on its pages familiar to land-based casinos.

888Casino is a casino with 16 years of experience. That is one of the main partners of Caesars. For residents of New Jersey, the 888Casino offers about 50 unique video slots.

Golden Nugget casino contains more than 250 slots, among them, is a few exclusives from Bally Technologies.

Betfair casino has approximately 150 slots. You can find here more than a dozen exclusive slots.

Mohegan Sun offers visitors about 130 slots. The site has a lot of slot machines from IGT. Many slots can be found in land-based casinos.

PokerStars Casino contains more than 20 slot-machines with free spins and various bonuses.

Resorts Casino provides almost 130 slots, among which there are many familiar names for experienced players: Cats, Coyote Moon, Cleopatra.

Tropicana casino offers 100 slot machines, like sister VirginCasino. The second one contains 102 video slots. There are several exclusive gaming machines.

Control of gaming machines

The Technical Services Bureau deals with technical compliance issues.

The bureau consists of four departments:

  • engineering;
  • operational;
  • research department
  • department of technical support.

The main priority for TSB is examination, approval, and inspection of gaming machines. Each slot in New Jersey has to go through their lab and then pass inspection in the casino before it is presented to customers.

The Operations Department is responsible for the regulation of more than 28,000 slot machines, tracking their location and controlling jackpots.

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