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With each new day, fairy-tale India is gaining more and more popular among tourists. New hotels, resorts, malls and many other entertainments are being built, aimed at wealthy Indians and visitors from other countries. The only thing that literally until recently did not fell into its place is gambling. Although recently this state of affairs has begun to change. India casino is no longer a rarity, and access to the virtual halls is provided 24 hours a day all seven days a week.

The number of terrestrial casinos in India is increasing. Due to the changes in the legislation regulating the gambling business on the territory of the country it became possible to open gambling clubs. Now India is the 9th country in the world in terms of income from gambling houses. Currently, gambling is allowed in the territory of three states of India. These are Goa, Sikkim and Punjab. In these places were built special gambling zones for citizens and tourists.

Prerequisites And Future Plans For The Development of India Casino

The first India casino was opened at the beginning of the 2000s in the format of a floating gambling house. The Casino Royale was so commercially successful that the state authorities decided to intensively develop this sphere of business. Now in India there are about 200 gambling houses, which are situated only in three regions where gambling is not forbidden.

A new impetus to increase revenues from the casino was the initiative to legalize gambling in Maharashtra state. This is one of the most developed regions of India (Bollywood is there). The idea belonged to lawyer Jay Sayat, who recalled that such good decision had already been made in 1976. It is planned to adopt the positive experience of Sikkim and Goa. The legalization of a terrestrial casino there allowed to increase revenues to the country’s budget in several times.

The Best Virtual India Casino

And if more than 200 terrestrial casinos in three states function perfectly and generate great revenue, then online gambling is in the penumbra. Despite this fact, Indians are frequent assessors of online casinos and are prone to excitement (except for the Muslim part of India). Used a number of parameters (honesty, usability, support service, an assortment of games), we compiled a list of the best casinos that can be played for money by the people of India:

  1. Royal Vegas. It is the oldest online casino in India. It is operated by the Fortune Lounge group. Since 2014 all players can make deposits and bets in rupees. The casino offers a great set of gaming applications in both online and mobile versions, with a full security guarantee.
  2. Indio Casino is a community of more than 150 online playgrounds. The assortment of games here is really impressive. The casino provides all the possibilities both for playing for money and for free improving game strategies on demo versions.
  3. Dafabet Casino is an online casino powered by Playtech. Clients can play for rupees there.
  4. William Hill Casino is intended for reputable customers. The shares of William Hill are quoted on the London Stock Exchange. At the Indian market William Hill Casino has been operating since 2008 and is famous for its high bonuses.
  5. 24kt Gold Casino. This online club is really pure gold for users who want to try the latest gaming novelties. This gambling space does not accept rupees.

Each of these casinos provides for its visitors a high level of technical and information support. Also, information about the work of the RNG of each of these clubs is in general public access.

Methods Of Payment Available In Indian Casinos

To create gaming account and make a deposit, online India casino offers a wide variety of working methods and currencies. Preference, of course, is given to the recognized leaders of the world financial club (Euro and Dollar), but the number of platforms that operate with Indian rupees is constantly increasing. So today the list of used currencies in India casino is represented as follows:

  • Indian rupee;
  • British Pound Sterling;
  • U.S. Dollar;
  • Euro.

Most of the casinos are worked in India with advanced technologies for the transferring of funds. We recommend the preferred use of the following payment systems:

  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Paypal.

Players from India should not forget the possible difference in time zones at their place in India and in the area where the casino is located. This will help to avoid misunderstandings.

The Legal Framework For The India Casino Operation

The issue of effective regulation and legalization of gambling becomes more relevant at the stage of development of the global online gambling industry. Such fast-growing country like India, despite a large number of residents and the existing gambling potential, does not use the opportunities that could open before it in the field of online gambling. The main reason why online gambling in India is still in a shadow is the lack of the necessary legislative framework. There are no clear regulations prohibiting gambling establishments, but there are no permissions to do business like this.

Recently officials have begun to develop a document that should prohibit advertising of online gambling in the country. Particular attention will be paid to advertising of online casinos in social networks, where any promotional items are distributed in many times faster.


Most likely, India is the most attractive among the jurisdictions, not yet mastered for gambling. There are more new billionaires here than in the United States and Europe combined. Lauren Pilling, the head of the research company Global Betting & Gaming Consultants, said that there is a decent layer of gamblers in the population of India.

The gambling laws of India are now obsolete morally and technically, and the authorities are not engaged in the development of new ones. Only three states are successfully developing in the industry of land-based casinos, and the remaining colossal funds continue to flow past India. By default, in-country Internet gambling is outside the law. So in fact for virtual casinos and bookmakers there are no restrictions. All attempts to modernize the gambling law in India are stumbling upon the stubborn resistance of the main parties. That’s why in the meantime, Indian players are wasting their money on offshore portals.

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