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Any gambling in China is banned, and it does not matter where the game takes place: on the Internet or land gambling houses. In this state there is even no division between local and foreign operators, the ban is one for all. Nevertheless, in this country, there is a gambling zone in which the most significant number of casino customers are precisely the Chinese. Its name is known far beyond the borders of the country – this is Macau.


Once, this territory was a Portuguese possession. And in the old days, there was a tradition of gambling. Therefore, when it became necessary in China to decide on the development of the gambling industry, it was decided to concentrate the gambling center in this place. At the same time, it was immediately implied that the customers of gambling houses would be Chinese. Thus, the state seems to have protected the Chinese population from a harmful addiction, but at the same time ensuring a significant part of the casino’s income.

Perhaps gambling would not have survived to this day, except for one thing: Beijing has committed over 50 years not to interfere in the affairs of Macao, except those related to foreign policy and defense.

Casino of China: Macau

Currently, Macao is a significant entertainment gambling complex in Asia, where a vast number of tourists and the local population of China come to rest. There are more than 30 entertainment centers in which any of the guests arrived in the southern territory of China can enjoy their time. Recreation is offered not only in the casino (where card games, roulette are represented) and slot machines but also in the form of visits to discos, shops, etc.

Continuous development

Despite the economic crisis, which caused significant damage to many states, the Macao gambling zone is developing as before and even better. The income received from its functioning grows every year. And thanks to this, China’s economy is much more comfortable than other countries to endure crisis phenomena. The state received money from the gambling sphere to invest in creating jobs, in the development of industry, science, etc.

The presence of the casino helped China out of the crisis. Therefore, even now, with a negative attitude towards gambling, the Chinese authorities continue to expand gaming in Macao. In China itself, only lotteries and horse races are available.

A nearby alternative in North Korea

However, lovers of gambling are not afraid of any obstacles. And if not in Macau, then some of the gamblers one way or another will get in the casino of North Korea. There is a luxury casino on the territory Rajin-Sonbong (special economic zone) in the five-star Imperial Hotel. The entrance is allowed only to foreigners. In this gambling establishment, you can try your luck in roulette, in blackjack, and in other gambling. According to statistics, up to 50,000 citizens of the PRC come annually in the casino in North Korea.

Interesting facts about the gambling industry in China

Culture in China is different from the European one, and there are some peculiarities in it, although after the advent of foreign (mostly American) casinos, the general atmosphere and strict rules in Macau have softened much. In general, a casino visitor from any country will feel very comfortable. But you should not forget about the rules, for example, almost always it is necessary to adhere to a dress code, not to conflict with guards, carry an identity card, since only people over 18 years of age are allowed in the casino, etc.

It is interesting that in the Chinese casino it is forbidden to play local officials, and also you cannot take cameras and other large equipment. And the rest of the general rules are similar to those that operate around the world.

Another exciting feature of the gambling business of China is the floating casino. Gaming halls are located on ships and are open to all those Chinese who cannot afford to visit Macau. Players board the ship in Hong Kong and go on a trip to neutral waters, where, without breaking the law, they can safely gamble.

Online casino in China

It should be noted that online gambling in China is strictly prohibited and almost wholly destroyed. The government of the country adheres to the rigid policy forbidding any online gambling. There is a constant struggle even with those sites that indirectly provide information about gaming portals.

Of course, the Chinese are visiting a variety of foreign online casinos, whose operators, knowing the passions of Chinese citizens to gambling, provide their services in their language. But in China, the activities of such institutions are strictly punishable by law.

The main reason that this direction of gambling does not develop, and the prospects for its emergence from the shadow are not great – this is the lack of the country’s economic needs in this segment of the business. If the situation changes, and revenues from land casinos in Macau will rapidly decline, and it is possible that the Chinese authorities will reconsider their attitude to the online segment.

Perspectives of casinos in China

But, perhaps, with the advent of another gambling zone in China, stretching for 100 square kilometers, many local players will stop leaving the country or will do so much less than now. One time it was said that it is planned to create an entertainment complex of China Vegas, where not only casinos will be accommodated, but also modern hotels, concert and theater halls, cinemas, and even sports grounds for football, golf, and tennis. The buildings were planned to be designed in the form of the most famous landmarks of major cities in the world. But the implementation of this project takes ten years. Therefore, only after the expiration of this period, we will judge the implementation of plans.

Thus, gambling in China now is either a lottery and horse racing or a casino in Macau and North Korea.

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