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The Cayman Islands is one of the overseas territories of the United Kingdom. It includes three big islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. They are located south of Cuba, northeast of Costa Rica, north of Panama, and northwest of Jamaica. The total area of all three islands combined is 264 kilometers and their population exceeds 60 thousand people.

The Cayman Islands is a very popular tourist resort regularly visited by thousands of people from all over the world. In this country, you can enjoy scuba diving, sunbathing at beautiful beaches, hike through the forests in the center of Grand Cayman, and do many more cool things. However, many gamblers are wondering whether they can visit casinos on the territory of the Cayman Islands.

Unfortunately, casino gambling is considered illegal in the Cayman Islands. Even cruise ships with casinos on board are not allowed at Caymanian ports. However, there are some ways to gamble for both tourists and residents of the country. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about gambling regulations in the Cayman Islands for traditional and online casinos.

Offline Casinos in the Cayman Islands: are there legal ways to gamble?

According to the Gambling Act issued in 1963, casinos are prohibited on the territory of the Cayman Islands. You cannot even gamble aboard floating casinos unless you leave the Caymanian waters. Laws are very strict so it is nearly impossible to find underground gambling establishments. Considering that, you can only play online here if you do not want to commit a felony.

However, it does not mean that casino enthusiasts should cancel their vacation. Besides many other exciting activities available on the territory of the Cayman Islands, there are still ways to play. One of them is floating casino. Since 2015, any visitor of the country can play casino games on the cruise ships registered in the Cayman Islands. Find an appropriate ship, come aboard, wait until it leaves waters of the Cayman Islands, and enjoy any game you want without restrictions! Both residents and tourists of the resorts are allowed to do this.

Bingo and lotteries in the Cayman Islands

Surprisingly enough, bingo has been very popular on the territory of the country for many years. This type of gambling was not officially legal, but it looked like the government did not really care about it. In 2015, charitable bingo events and raffles have finally become legit. Nowadays, you can play them without any worries.

As for online bingo, there seem to be no regulations at all. Up to this date, not a single person was taken into custody for playing bingo in the Cayman Islands. Feel free to visit any of the hundreds of websites that accept players from this country. Nevertheless, you should be cautious of the possible risks and consequences.

You might have thought that lottery should be legal too, but this is not true. Lotteries are considered illegal on the territory of the Cayman Islands. Some residents of the country such as the radio talk-show host Gilbert McLean tried to collect signatures in 2010 to hold a referendum on the subject and make them legal, but the attempt failed miserably.

Regarding online lotteries, they have no specific regulations. However, the Cayman government may consider them illegal. There are no reports of tourists or residents of the Cayman Islands to be prosecuted for participating in online lotteries for now, but we are not sure for how long it will last.

Sports betting in the Cayman Islands

The country is a member of FIFA, it has over fifteen cricket clubs, and it regularly participates in so-called island games. Nevertheless, the Cayman Islands does not officially allow people to bet on sports. It is considered illegal on the islands in accordance with the 1963 gambling act. Many people criticize this law and would like to see it change, but the government does not want to change it. Therefore, by making a bet, you put yourself at risk of a fee or even an imprisonment.

On paper, authorities of the country forbid online sports betting. In fact, you can use any international website that works with customers from the Cayman Islands. Even though there were not any reports of people prosecuted for online betting, you should be careful. Play on your own risk and remember that you may get into trouble by placing a bet.

Online gambling in the Cayman Islands

The online gambling is forbidden in the Cayman Islands. Every casino website created on the territory of the country is getting banned. However, the government does not block foreign online casinos offered by companies from other countries.

Given this fact, you can easily enjoy gambling in the Cayman Islands using the Internet. The vast majority of popular software developers are presented in this country. Here are a few companies whose games you can play:

  •         Microgaming;
  •         IGT;
  •         Betsoft;
  •         OpenBet;
  •         NetEnt;
  •         Real Time Gaming.

As to the casino websites, hundreds of them are available in the Cayman Islands. Here are the most popular options:

  •         Betway Casino;
  •         Spin Palace Casino;
  •         Galaxy Pig Casino;
  •         Casino Cruise;
  •         Mucho Vegas Casino;
  •         Lucky Red Casino;
  •         Bob Casino.

Given the number of casinos that accept players from the Cayman Islands, gamblers are given with a large number of options to choose from.

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