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Belize is Between Mexico and Guatemala, and it is the former English colony. The Caribbean Sea washes this small state from the east, and all tourist and gambling activities in the country are developing in the coastal areas because the central territories are for the most part a marshy plain with a large number of lagoons and lakes. Mountains of Maya are in the south which sparsely populated (apparently named after the tribes inhabiting this region in the pre-colonial period).

The main income item of the state is tourism and offshore activities. In the early 2000s, Belize adopted a law on the gambling control, which protected the local population from the harmful influence of gambling but provided very favorable conditions for foreign gambling operators. In fact, under the jurisdiction of Belize, you can place any form of gambling by paying only one license. At the same time, activities are tax-free, in addition to annual franchise fees.

Gambling regulation

Belize is one of the few countries that has adopted a law allowing the creation of an online casino. Law of 1995 on Online Game Licensing, which came into force on May 28, 1996, provides for the proper conduct and regulation of online gambling.

In addition to legalizing online casinos, the law also provides for the licensing of computer operator services, which allow users to bet on the Internet at various sporting events, or participate in other gambling.

“Internet” is defined in the law as any publicly available data transmission network or any private network for data transmission that is authorized to transmit such data. And the computer service of online betting is defined as a computer service that allows computer users to bet on sports events or to gamble with each other via the Internet.

Mainland-based casinos

The decoration is in the Egyptian style. Chips in the casino are used for nominal. On each of them flaunts the inscription Captain Morgan’s Retreat. The range of entertainment here is good, and there are many slot machines for every taste, both old and new generations. There are devices in which you can break the jackpot.

Championship among the table games belongs to baccarat, but they did not forget about blackjack, roulette, poker and there are fewer such tables. There is an interesting thing there, called “Dragon against the Tiger.” But in fact, for such a big name is hidden ordinary card roulette.

The second gambling establishment is located next to first one, and it is Princess Casino Belize. It is only a 20-minute drive from here. If you compare with a casino in Captain Morgan’s Retreat, it’s a big win. And it is not alone in luxury sense but also game content. Princess Casino Belize is an integral part of the hotel complex and is located in a park area on the territory of the national reserve.

The game room will be pleased with an excellent choice of entertainment. There are also automatic machines and table games. Very popular baccara then goes roulette. Besides, you can play on the tables in poker, blackjack, sic bo. Also, there was a place for one “Wheels of Fortune” in the range of games. There are many visitors here. Basically, it’s Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans, because the border with Mexico is near and it’s easier for them to come here.

There is an interesting thing here, which is not found elsewhere, more precisely in the hotel. Being in your room, you can watch live TV broadcasts from the casino. And it is conducted immediately by three channels. Guests say that this is quite fascinating.

Since the mainstream of customers still comes from USA and Mexico, the casino seeks to create the most comfortable and favorable conditions for such players, so that they have fun and have indeed returned here more than once.

Special junket tours were mentioned above. Here we clarify something. So, when you stop at this hotel complex, you get 5000 baht, that is, the gambling house compensates for the costs of travel. There are also all kinds of flyers that allow you to visit the free buffet, provide significant discounts for hotel accommodation and so on.

As for casino staff, the central staff there are Belizeans and Mexicans. That is since salaries here are large only by local standards, but for citizens of Western countries, it is, of course, ridiculous. As a dealer, both girls and boys work. There are no special requirements for gender.

Online gambling

Like many offshore zones in Latin America, Belize provides an annual license for all kinds of gambling. People can play online. Operators are prohibited from accepting bets from the local population.

The company needs to pay $18,000 for an annual license. Extension costs are less, and the amount is about $10,000. One interesting feature: the permit expires on March 31 and does not depend on the date of issue of the document. Therefore, the newcomer needs to successfully choose the moment to not pay twice: for receiving and renewal.

A significant advantage of the licensing system for gambling in Belize is the fast procedure for issuing documents. If the company meets all the requirements of the law, the franchise is released within 20-24 hours.

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