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Casinos of Barbados: a complete guide for gamblers

Barbados is a tiny island country located in the east of the Caribbean Sea. It is known as a great resort with a very warm weather and amazing landscapes — no wonder why it is turned into a popular tourist destination. Despite the small size of the island, the population of Barbados exceeds 270 thousand people. The vast majority of them speak English since the country used to be one of the British overseas colonies.

Anyway, you must have come here to learn about the state of the gambling industry in Barbados. Unlike many other Caribbean countries, it does not offer legal casino establishments because its government is trying to maintain the reputation of a family-friendly and unconstrained place for travelers from all over the world. However, online casinos are considered completely legit so there are more than enough ways to gamble. In this material, we covered every important aspect of online gambling in Barbados. If you were wondering how you can play casino games in this country, you have come to the right place!

Offline Casinos in Barbados: more information about real gambling establishments

Some people heading to Barbados thinking that there will not be any problems with casinos at all. Most of the Caribbean islands offer dozens of gambling establishments available for tourists. Many visitors of Barbados are sure that this country has the similar rules and regulations for gambling. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Many residents of the country are trying to bring casinos to Barbados and make them legal. This topic has been brought up on many occasions, but nothing much has changed over the time. The government of Barbados has even held public consultations in the 1990s to find out whether there is an appetite for a change in laws. However, successive governments were set strongly against any changes, even though businessmen of the tourism and hotel industries have suggested that it would be a good way to add new attractions for foreign visitors and help it compete against other Caribbean islands.

Despite all the above, there is one exception to the law. Since 2012, any visitor of the country who has attained the age of majority can gamble aboard floating casinos. Those are stationed cruise ships that offer all kinds of casino games. Nevertheless, even these operations are only available for tourists — residents of Barbados will not be able to play. Moreover, such casinos can only open up after 6 pm at night.

However, fans of slot machines will have many more options to choose from. Machine gaming is not completely illegal so it is easy to find a hotel or a social club where you can play slots for real money. One of the most popular destinations with a wide selection of slot machines is the Lucky Horseshoe that can be found in several locations across the island.

If you are a desperate gambler, consider betting on horse racing. This is the only type of betting which is not forbidden in Barbados. No wonder why there are so many people who watch and bet on horse races. The country has only one track, which is called Garrison Savannah, but it is very important. It is the place where the annual Barbados Gold Cup is held since 1905. You can place your stakes on horses throughout the entire racing season.

Additionally, the country has a national lottery run by the Barbados Lottery Association. It is entirely operated by GTECH, a reliable international company. The lottery offers a huge selection of instant games and regularly scheduled drawings, including Caribbean Lotto and Mega 6.

Unfortunately, that are all the options you have in Barbados. You will not be able to play table games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, or others. Remember that the only sport you can bet on is horse racing — all other sports bets are forbidden.

Online casinos in Barbados: neither restrictions nor any regulations

The online gambling is not forbidden in Barbados. However, online casinos are not regulated at all. It seems that the government of the country did not make any efforts to regulate the gambling industry. It does not have any licensing authorities. Because of the lack of regulation, operating an online casino from Barbados may be considered illegal. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that the government blocks unregulated online casinos offered by other countries.

Considering all the above-said, we can safely say that you can gamble online from any website you want. To some extent, this is bad since the gambling industry in Barbados is a grey market. There are no regulations at all which means that hundreds of various online casinos and software providers are willing to offer their services on the island. You can play games from some of the most popular developers in the industry. Here are some companies whose products are available in Barbados:

  •         Microgaming;
  •         Rival;
  •         Betsoft;
  •         NetEnt;
  •         Real Time Gaming.

There are dozens of popular online casinos presented in Barbados. Here is the list of some of them:

  •         Betsson Casino;
  •         Casumo Casino;
  •         Slotty Vegas Casino;
  •         Cashmio Casino;
  •         Mr.Play Casino;
  •         Betsafe Casino.

Considering the number of options, you will not have any troubles finding a good online casino in Barbados.

Future of gambling in Barbados

Despite the fact that the government of Barbados does not want to allow casino establishments, many people in Barbados think that it is time to bring casinos to the island. It seems that some members of the ruling party are finally open to this idea because it will improve tourism in the country.

On the contrary, online casinos are unlikely to receive much attention in Barbados. It is not a significant tourism attraction so it seems that the government will not address it for a long time. We do not think that this is bad because it means that residents and visitors of the island will continue to enjoy a huge selection of gaming options provided by platforms from other countries.

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