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Sophie. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Whitebet Casino is part of the very popular Redbet Casino. I have been a member of Redbet for a while now so when Whitebet Casino came onto the market I was obviously going to jump at the chance of playing here. They offer all new customers the same offer as Redbet which is 100% welcome bonus on a minimum deposit of €20 and you get 20 free spins. In fact there are three different offers you can accept but this is the one I opted for. I was choked after I registered and learnt that if you had already claimed this promotion at Redbet Casino then you could not claim it again here. What's the point in that? I don't see the point in opening a second casino if you can't even claim any promotions there. It says in their terms you are to contact Redbet directly to get permission in order to receive the bonus....that's rubbish though because I did contact Redbet and they said they never allow you to claim this welcome bonus in both casinos!!If you are not familiar with Whitebet Casino then I should tell you it consists of two different sections. One is called Casino White which holds all of their NetEnt slots, this is the one that you claim the welcome bonus in. Then they also have a Casino Blue, this is where you can play all of their Microgaming slots. Unfortunately there is currently no bonus promotion here, which surprises me really...maybe one day in the future.Anyway, a few months later I was shocked when I received an email from them saying I was entitled to the 100% bonus and free spins. Straight away I made my deposit and i opted to pay by Moneybookers for €20. When I returned to my home page after the money had been taken, my balance was still showing zero and there was no bonus showing either. I left it about half an hour but nothing had changed and the money had definitely left my account. Then I realised I had an email from them asking me to send verification documents before I could play here. As I read on I couldn't believe it when it said the reason why I had been asked to send these before I could play was because of a duplicate account opened here and at Redbet!! WHAT!!! They were the ones that said I could have a bonus here...I had no intentions if depositing before they sent me the email. I expressed my views on Live Help but it was no good I had to send the documents and that was that. So their wish was my command. Then they wouldn't accept my utility bill so I had to send in a second photo. I was told it could take up to 3 days...I couldn't even play here with my own money! Pathetic.I was surprised when I had an email the next day saying my account had been activated and the bonus had also been issued for me so I was free to play. I went straight to the slot 'Thief' to play my 20 free spins...I had a feeling they wouldn't be there and they weren't. I had to contact Live Help and they credited them to me straight away. I won a grand total of 50p lol.I don't have much to report back regarding my gameplay, didn't win much and didn't make a withdrawal so I can't comment on that. But I know if I had I would have no problems in receiving my winnings.Whitebet Casino did not give me a very good first impression, and for me first impressions are the lasting ones so I don't think ill be making a deposit here again in a hurry.Even though my review for this casino is not a very good one, they are still a very well established casino and it is definitely a trustworthy place to bet your money.

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