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Kacy. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Here at treasure island jackpots casino I been depositing player for over a year. I put a lot of time and effort into this casino my tier level is vip status now. Funny part is I never made one cash out yet. All I do is deposit here, their games are good everything just hardly ever do I win enough.

Yes I thought of closing account cause usually if a casino doesn't pay out after a while I do close out. I wrote them email to close my account but they kept it open so I still do play there.

Weekly they offer all players free spins of which are 0.01 @1 line or 2 line lol and that shouldn't be happening. Reason why do we deposit .01 or 0.02 no it's not allowed they should be giving their players decent lines at least half of lines or all. Out for that bonus we win under a dollar if lucky 1.00, so I may say again can we deposit under 1.00 no. these guys should change their free spins straight away.
Other than that they have really great match offers and daily free rolls to all players. I won on their freerolls few times its loads of fun!

The thing about their slots is once your spinning their reels get slower until error code comes up leaving you to log out of that slot game and return again. That's a drag and I know these Bet on soft casino know about it. They are aware but never fixed the problem. So if you want to throw money away deposit there but otherwise its all for fun. I cut my depositing down at Bet on soft since they never bothered to fix their error* problem. Think its time for me to go back to Microgaming soft ware for a bit.

Another thing is if your from Canada register under USD currency, that's the only way to play in their tournaments. Again these guys never set or up graded their soft ware yet for cad currency tournaments. all their tourneys are either USD currency and euro currency.

As far as I would rate this casino at 7 out of ten. They have way too much error* pop up coming up while spinning reels. when they fix it maybe next ten years from now ill gladly come back as continuous depositing player. Well good luck folks and please be wise about this casino along with all Bet on soft. Beware, they have tons of error* pop ups when spinning their slots.

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