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Cheryle. Reviewed on 11.07.18
In every Vegas Partner Lounge casino they always offer a freeplay! At the time I was not able to claim it as I claimed a Freeplay offer from one of their awesome casinos. When I wanted to chat with one of their representatives to see what they can offer me they offered me 50 Free Spins for a deposit. How kind of them!

So I made a deposit, told the chat representative it is successful then she advised me that the 50 Free Spins will appear within a hour, most of the time it appears in less than 5 minutes. I waited just the right amount of time to see the Free Spins and yes I can see the Congratulations message when opening up Loaded! In each Free Spin they are set at max paylines (25 Paylines) with only $0.01 coin bet. Some of the free spins got me $3, $2.30, and $20 when hitting the 4 scatters! I was kind of dissatisfied because the triggering bet was only at $0.01 or in other words the lowest minimum bet. Inside the feature I was presented with 3 options to play the Free Spins bonus. There was 24 Free Spins at 2x which was small but effective, 16 Free Spins at 3x which was a moderate and reasonable option and finally there was 12 Free Spins at 4x. I was deciding on what to do as the bet was small. I told myself, "Can I get lucky on 12 spins or is it better to play many spins to get the free spins worth?" When I made a choice I chose to play on 12 Free Spins a 4x because winning with a $0.25 wasn't exactly great to begin with. In giving power to my Free spins for 12 rounds I saw good to high wins pour out of this Hip Hop/Rap based Video Slot. On the 7th spin (5 spins left) I got five of the lady symbols (wearing a fur coat) giving me around $40. It was great but I was thinking while it made a fourth combination it should of landed the wild 777 to triple the 5 lady combination. It would have poured 5 - 10 times more gold in my lap. Once the Free Spins were played out I got a total of $47.30 on that feature. It was amazing and the best part is I still have 41 Free Spins from my deposit left! For that I decided to continue on until my remaining Free Spins were 25. Since I did not hit any Free Spins feature or got good wins after 16 Free Spins I decided to keep them for a rainy day to brighten my mood in the future. Of course I was aware of it's expiry date but it was not like it would expire any time soon.

My next move when on to Aces and Faces 50 Hands for half my balance. A great game with the double up feature! It is very addictive as I kept on winning with most hands. While doubling on almost every hand my balance came to an ending $90.18. I stopped playing on that day and continued after 2 days to wagering the bonus coming out of the free spins.

In the end, my experience became a profitable one earning me $189.45 after wagering and playing on Video slots and video pokers. Sun Vegas and other casinos in the Vegas Partner Lounge never let's me down. It's one of the many online casinos you would want to play on!

Support: 10/10 (Thank you for the 50 Free Spins)
Terms and Conditions: 9/10
Deposits: 10/10
Payouts: 9.5/10
Withdrawals: 8.5/10

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