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Mariel. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Pamper Casino are powered by Betsoft games -- and in the past year, TopGame, as well as Gaminator. I started playing from this casino group back when they used to only have Betsoft games -- and even then it was a lot of fun, and exciting. Kind of strange -- but it seems like sometimes all the slots are "loose", and at other times, all the slots are "tight". I tend to play hard -- big bets for bigger wins. Especially if I play through the bonuses.

I have never attempted a withdrawal from Pamper until today. Here's my experience. In the past several days, I've probably put in about $500. I mostly like to use the ###GAMINATOR coupon codes. A $100 deposit will give you a bonus to play with of about $2885 with the current running coupon. The playthrough requirements? Well above $200,000!!! However, I'm here to assure you that it IS indeed possible. A lot of times, I've flaked out and lost it all within an hour. Other times, I can get my running balance between $10,000 - 40,000. Once you get above $10k, you can use a lot of strategy and wit into how big of bets you make and when you make them to favor some odds. So yes, it IS indeed possible!

I will be writing a follow up of my withdrawal process -- as my understanding is that Pamper Casino is notorious for either not paying out, or paying out EXTREMELY slowly, violating their very own terms that they set in place. My withdrawal amount is $2925.36! So time will tell..

As for fairness, I'd say absolutely, their games are fair.

As for their support? It's hit or miss. God forbid you speak to "Erick R.". I got into Live Chat with him earlier, to ask why my withdrawal request was failing because I was trying to attach and upload files for address/player verification. I asked him if maybe my attachment size was too large. "I don't know." I asked him what the maximum attachment size was, "I have no idea." Really?!?! Come on! This casino group will actually pay these people? On the other hand, I've had very helpful and successful phone conversations in the past.

The other likeness that I have toward Pamper is that I have never had a problem depositing with Mastercard. This is an extremely rare deposit method for a casino to accept -- and the whole casino group of Always Cool, MoneyStorm, Pamper, and BetDNA have always honored it. Hence why it's one of the only Online Casinos I'll really play anymore.

-Their, "no contact policy" for support requests until you receive a response for 72 hours. What this means is, if you submit a ticket, and update it for any reason at all, they'll pretty much throw your ticket at the bottom of the queue. I have even had ticket requests that were outright left unresponded for days, weeks, and finally just gave up and was ignored.

-Playthrough requirements are definitely on the high side -- but this is just a personal distaste. As a gambler, we redeem these coupons and deposit our own money fully understanding how difficult it may or may not be to meet these requirements.

-Their support team. Like I said, hit or miss with who you talk to -- but I'm convinced these people work in a dark and windowless basement considering their attitude at times.
Pamper Casino is Betsoft gaming software, has only nodownload casino which I prefer. Specially I like their 3D games like Mamma mia and Mr.Vegas really enjoying playing them.they have solid welcome bonus and if you don't wager the first time no deposit bonus you are allowed to use many no deposit bonuses, but you can only withdraw from one no deposit bonus which is good an like Betonsoft casinos you are allowed to use only one no deposit bonus.

First time when I did read about Pamper Casino all the complaints I saw it was really shocking to me because i didn't have any problem cashingout my winning from them I used their nodeposit offer of 120$ free and wager that bonus so they did payed me have to say it did take me all month but maybe because it was the end of december and the holidays were coming. So first i started to play Mr.Vegas Casino which is 5 reel and a 30 pay line video slot game and is very interesting game, well for me.

I did raise my bet at first, well because i had 120$ starting balance well bonus balance ,so that is 3 dollar per bet when i started to make some good winnings i raise my bet again to 0.50 dollars per line so that was 12 dollars per bet i managed to come to 850 dollars so then I changed the game and started to play the Mama Mia video slot also an interesting game with bonus feature and free spins. At the beginning of this game I did lower my bet to 0.25 per line because I started to lose money so I did manage to rigger the freebonus round with the three pizza features and won free spin son those free spins didn't get anything big so the next 20 rounds of spins I lost a lot of the money but then I raised my bet and hit the pizza free spin bonus again for about 1 hour of playing i was with balance of 550 dollars and when i checked i did made the wagering .

I have to say that the wagering requirements from the nodeposit bonuses they are giving are really huge but with a bit of patience and luck I think you can take money from them. The chat is always available and they are nice but when it comes to take money from them they are super slow, so I will recommend this casino but not to deposit money in it, just play the no deposit bonus maybe you will get lucky like I did.

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