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Nila Chichester. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Casino440 is a casino run by a software very well known to mankind, "Microgaming". What I wonder is Casino440 and Casino770 related? I am sure they are notthe same software but they look like brothers and sisters. Lol I wouldn't be surprised if Casino110 showed up in the future for I see a distinct pattern going on here. Casino440 has a lot to offer!

They have games we all know very much as well as offers ranging from different deposit bonuses. Yes, I said deposit bonuses. Now my experience was somewhat enjoyable but not rewarding in the end. I have come across a few offers like the 2000 bets, 125% match bonus for players depositing with Skrill (Moneybookers), the classic and boring 100% in my opinion and they even have that $25,000 Draw just for a $50 deposit. What I would like to thank first of all is Cocopop for bringing out details about the 2000 Bets (lol I have been stalking you....well, only for this review). Basically this 2000 bets is just another reason to attract players giving them the idea that it is a "Freeplay" promotion. This is absolutely untrue because I talked to a Live Chat operator at 9:00 in the morning since Live Chat was unavailable in later times to clarify this 2000 Bets offer and she basically had to put it in difficult words. She was not leading to my answer but...when I told her "So basically this offer is another way of saying 100% up to $500" she confirmed that yes this offer is what it is. Honestly, just say so instead of popping out question marks in the air.

The confusion almost got me to take up that offer. Luckily I was not buying it at all. The 2000 bets in other words is just a "Play for fun" option for players who want to try games without using their money. An hour is given and once that game is changed the timer will reset to 1 hour again. They really should change that message on the bottom saying "Claim winnings" after opening up a game, it's really misleading. With this in mind I really thought that I found a Freeplay offer from a new casino but it was just a mirage to take players into buying the idea that is it. Besides the confusion the casino has created a "polished mirror finish" on their site. It's not entirely "mirror like" but it is polished so I believe this site deserves that quality. I find it brilliant, how everything fits neatly in order with red and white. Yeah the Canadian Flag in other words with it's red and white.

With my time here at Casino440I went for the 125% bonus instead of that misleading 2000 bets to get $50 on top of my $40 Skrill deposit for $90. Even if there is a slight increase of 25% over the usual 100% I had 35x worth of wagering to cover. So I did what any other player would do, place bets until it is declared a cashout.

The good thing is with Casino440's bonuses they let 10% contributions on Table Games (Blackjack) and Video Pokers unlike Spin Palace where they make these games excluded during a bonus (they void winnings at their discretion). I basically played Battlestar Galactica for $0.90 a spin but before I played on it I had to adjust the coin values and bet to $0.01 coin size and $0.90 because initially it was set up as $0.05 with max bet (300 coins / $3). I completely like how wild stacks would come out in twos especially when they come with a 5 of a kind win in a sequence on the Reels. While spinning I found 2 normal Free Spins (15 at 3x) in the main game within about 35 spins although the first trigger came out a lot quicker. $40.15 for the first and $71.30 on the second. My balance increased to $185.95 and I even came far enough to trigger the Run and Fight mode features.

Now if they intertwined the normal 15 Free Spins at 3x with the ability to win on both sides along with the Bomb on the 3rd Reel inside Run mode then this slot would be blazing hot! With leveling up for new win cinematics the bar at the bottom filled up as slow as a turtle, not even close to a tenth after the first level up but I guess that depended on my bet. Now if I pushed the turtle forward I wouldn't have a problem (Geez, walk faster, your slowness is driving me crazy). The great thing in this Run mode is I come across 5 Starbuck symbols when the Bomb hit on the 3rd Reel. It gave out a lot of cash! So basically the Bomb turns all letter/number symbols into whatever symbols land in the square on 3rd Reel. So if the square lands an Ellen symbol all letter/numbers become Ellen symbols making multiple duplicates. Once the Run mode is finished it went on to Fight mode. this is where I increased my bets to $1.80, that's twice my original bet. Now after hitting one Free Spins trigger on this mode I won $34.40 for 5 Free Spins thanks to the ships shooting each other creating random wilds and bestowing 1-2 Free Spins. So I kept going only to lose half of my balance. It's just so catchy , the different modes, the Ion Storm feature I just could not help but keep spinning the epic Reels. When my balance hit half I increased my bets much higher ($2.40) to chase my losses but eventually I lost everything. Sometimes slots on big bets bring out the king or the mother of winnings but for me they never appeared. If Microgaming made another Sci Fi slot assuming this is a start we would probably find Stargate (possibly SG 1) or Star Trek Voyager in the future if they continued to invent them. Overall I find Casino440 to be a 7 out of 10 and please fix that 2000 bets promotions!

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