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Jody Rizzo. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I am laughing right now, because when things are not working out for you, you should consider changing something. I was waiting for a long time to deposit some money and I did today. I lost a little but no matter it was a 20 dollars deposit. While looking for some ND bonus today after losing my balance I wanted to confirm a ND bonus but while trying to register, locked account message appeared on screen and I was like is this happening for real. Hmm, no matter, let me search again and I came across Casino For Me ND, not because of its name, I simply picked this one.

Then, when opening their page I was really surprised, it looked so good, all in one, lady in red with long crossed legs, next to her fancy car and las vegas casino lights down the street so attractive to me. Page looks simple but there you will find everything what’s important. I can say it looks elegant if that would be the appropriate word. I wanted to use 6 euros plus 30 free spins, yeah, I don’t want any bigger balance at the moment, really, 6 euros sounds just perfect to me. You can expect up to 400 % on your first deposit.

While registering I had a little issue, they didn’t accept my gmail account so I typed my Hotmail address. I had to contact live chat in order to claim the bonus, it was quick, all you need to do is to click on the bank, free spins bonus and on the right side you will see specific slots you can use your ND bonus on and those are Royal Fruit, Indiana Croft and Lara Jones,and Royal Maya, seems everything is royal in this bonus except 50x wager, no, I hoped to see x 10, but they seem ok. If you wager the bonus, min deposit is only 10 euros, really nothing.

Casino For Me is available in instant play mode. They have professional and kind live support.

My very first choice was Royal Fruit slot. When you hit your first spin,the music is very dynamic and will makes you feel good, but if there are no winnings, the sound can put you down, as it happened to me. Standard fruit symbols in this game, wild symbol in this game replaces all fruit symbols except scatter and bonus game symbol. And King symbol doubles your winnings. 3 happy clown symbols can give you 15 free games, for me today, nothing, zero balance almost. You can choose how much you will bet through your free spins and change the number of the paylines. Zero balance. Funny, isn’t it. Scatter pays in Free game mode winning x 3. I guess I was lucky to get the pinky bonus game, but she gave me nothing, Mystic symbols really rocks in this game, nice introduction in the game, the only symbols I would exclude are male hat and spider. Now, with no winning at all, why not try Royal Maya. Royal Maya is definitely the game for me, it inspired me for my next tattoo, symbols are just perfect so Mayan, you can see fire on the side and hear drums too. As this game started, and gave me some winning I will go for a walk and be back to Royal Maya.

Casino for me is rated very low 76 out of 645 and after seeing the review of one of our female gamblers here, I am not sure either this casino is the right one to make a deposit but I will do some research for sure.

For now, considering the graphic and its page, nice live chat, I give 6 out of 10 for this casino.
Jacquelyn. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Casino for me...hmmmm do I recommend them? Its simple no! I've been caught out by casinos like this in the past, so I am here to tell you, do not let their promotion of 30 free spins fool you into thinking this is a good casino, and even worse ..fool you into depositing. When I first read about this casino on Ask Gamblers, I seen one of the software providers are 'NextGen Gaming' I am a huuuuge fan of NextGen slots. They bring you slots such as 'Medusa', 'Fairies in the Forest', 'Bangkok Nights' and that's only to name a few. I am a massive lover of all these slots and its so hard to find a casino that bases their time on just these slots, so I was naturally excited when I found this casino. However everything was ruined when I seen the other software provider is 'B3W Group'. If you haven't already heard of these then do not worry your little selves because you are not missing ANYTHING.Basically, this casino will give you 30 free spins, or so they say. What you actually get is £30 free to spend as you wish on a choice of three slots which are 'Royal Maya', 'Royal Fruit' and 'Indiana Croft'. Its up to you how much you bet per spin and you can use the £30 on any of the three, mixing them if you want to also. Whatever you win out of the £30 you then have to claim by making a DEPOSIT! Your winnings are converted into like point brackets which you then convert when depositing. I highly recommend you do not make a deposit here. I've registered and received the free spins, as it would be unfair for me to make judgement without at least playing here, but my mind does not change unfortunately. As I am a nice person, I would recommend, if you are going against my advice and playing here anyway, that you spend you £30 evenly between the three slots to be honest, I believe this is the best way to try and earn the most bonus at the end of the free spins. If you do decide to go and deposit you will get a welcome bonus and the money from your free spins. Spend it wisely because I doubt it will last you long my friend. But best of luck anyway.Oh, and just one more word from the wise (me) lol. They have got a great slot that I love, but you have to be patient with it, its called 'Extreme'. So if you are depositing here give that a go!
Yelena. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Casino for me is designed like a classic casino, they're unique in graphical designs i like their casino graphics because it's very entertaining and welcoming to play. The problem when i get their is that i don't know their casino platform software and i did some research and test their casino before i deposited real money. B3W group and Nexgen Gaming software is their two platform that have varieties of casino games! Surprisingly Casino for me specialty is Slot games and for me it's very interesting and love it! The goof thing is that they offered 20 free spin to their new players! The first step click the visit casino register and just fill up the form and enter the coupon code LDRWX to the registration form and after a few minutes you will see your bonus. At first i don't know how can i play the bonus and i saw the free spin in the bank section that bonus is only eligible for the three slots and i choose the Royal Maya slot. After i finished the 20 free spin i won a total of $21 but in order to cashout it you must wager 30 times and deposit a tleast $10! What? So i deposited $10 because the $21 will; add as bonus money i have no choice. I played it to their slot called "One million ants" slot and bet $.50 per spin the start of the spins is nice i won over $10-$15 and i need to wager it 21 times 30 total of $620. The result of playing that bonus is unfortunate i didn't manage to attain the wagering requirements and at the end the bonus depleted.

Anyway after all of the bonus money depleted i quickly deposited again to get their first deposit bonus of 100% i didn't claimed it because the eligible minimum deposit is $20 and i deposited $40. My first deposit is so lucky because i won $100+ from the slot piggy bank. I didn't mind the wagering a total of 2400 instead i enjoy playing it everyday. It takes 1 week when i finished the wagering requirements and i didn't knew that i attain it.

I submitted my documents to their email and wait over 2 days and i processed the credits. The withdrawal is very fast that it takes approximately 17 hours and i saw it in my ewallet! Their casino overall is very good and i rated them 9/10 overall!
Jenette. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Casino-for-me is in my opinion a very basic straight to the point virtual casino, with currently a very nice 200% deposit offer. If you choose to you even can receive 20 free spins when registering.

Plenty of games in the slots section, like ‘Medusa’ or ‘5 Knights’,but since I am a real slots noob, I’ll leave this section for what it is. The table game section is rather small, with only 7 games to choose from. Even a well known game like craps is missing. The roulette games are very decent. Minimal bet limit is 10 ct, and placing bets, but also removing bets is easy. There is also an option to place bets on the marquis. Whenever I play at a virtual roulette table, I am playing all the hit numbers as they come. If a number repeats I’ll add one unit on that number. I start over when I am in plus, or when the bankroll is vanished. Of course this method won’t win always, but if there is a trend in numbers repeating it can bring you big winnings. I started playing this method, and got my bankroll up from 20 to 80 euros. After a break I tried the same strategy again, but this time without success. My bankroll went down to 50. I stopped and switched to the BlackJack game. It was horrible, 4 times in row. I did not manage to win a single hand. I always busted, when asking at 13 or lower, and when I did not ask the dealer did not bust. Frustrated I started playing roulette again, and again the above described strategy did not win. Aargghh, that is roulette. You just never can tell how numbers come up. Again I lost, my dry period goes on. The last few euros I spent on Tiger Kings slot game, and I thought back at the moment where my bankroll was 80.

I don’t think a will ever play at this casino again unless the offer a live casino section. I prefer live casino before virtual casino anytime, as long as it is low limit, but that is a rouleteer speaking. I think for slots players, in combination with the first deposit bonus, the slots section has something to offer.
Wilmer. Reviewed on 06.10.18
I like this time of the year when casinos are just getting more and more generous with their offers so I picked up the €5 no-deposit bonus after reading about it here (thanks to AskGamblers). Everything went as promised and the bonus money was credited in 24 hours (they were kind enough to inform me about it via e-mail).

While I was waiting for it I spent some time to get to know them and their services. They powered by B3W Group and have only web based version of casino. They designed a very simple web site but I liked it. No useless and sometimes irritating pop up windows or eye bothering vibrant sections just the necessary well positioned menus. Maybe two things can be mentioned with ’could be improve’ quote as there are only 2 select able languages available and the max. deposit amount for some but the most common payment methods is only €500 which is too low for high roller players.

The game palette is decent but more table game and bingo would be nice. We can play here mainly with B3W and NextGen games but I really enjoyed playing with Dragon Slot by Leander games. It has fantastic graphics and I loved very much its fantasy theme. On the very first spin I accidentally left the stake as it was at €1 and with 2 wild symbols I had a 5 of a kind winning, giving back a total €48. Having been more chance to explore it further, later I could enter the ’Dragon Fight’ bonus where the white and red dragons must fight each other. Unique bonus round scheme but quite good. It’s really an entertaining game and I’m sure it’s going to held something more, bigger for me in the near future.

My first try at Casino For Me was impressive. Some of their games are really good and I liked its general simplicity and relaxed atmosphere. Like Dragon Slots game, Casino For Me is also seemed to be worth to spend some more time with it and give it a deeper look.
Adella. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Casino-for-me is your classical all types of green type of casino, very well designed and gives it a richer look to it.

It's very well organised, in tabs and it includes a VIP section as well. Gaming is quick as 1, 2, 3. You select the game type you want to play, and from the drop menu it loads a game of your choice. I didn't have to wait a lot for the games to load. About a minute, not more. I tried my luck on the slots, and unfortunately I wasn't very lucky. BrideZilla did not look as well as it sounded, but I did manage to win some nice bonus spins and extra points in Gold Factory. I have some concerns regarding the site protection policy though. I believe that the type of protection they use (Norton protection system) is not an ideal protection for a casino-type of page, as it may be extremely prone to hacking, account stealing, fraud and alike. I did have a talk with the customer support and I didn't had to wait in between answers. I had a primary concern about the site security, but the customer service guy was very kind in guiding me through some of their security headlines. Did I mention you get free spins and 400% deposit bonus?

There is also promotion tabs with special deals and such, but I didn't have a chance to claim anything, possibly in the future.

My experience with this casino was decent, nothing that amazed me, and I didn't feel bored while browsing and trying out the games. I was especially surprised by the amount of different payment methods they offer, although I'll remind you that I had security concerns regarding their system protection. If I had to rate this casino, on a scale of 1\10, this casino would be a 5, bearing in mind I had free spins, and that the welcome deposit bonus was surprisingly bigger than on other casinos.
Jayme. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Casino for me is a browser only Flash technology (non-download) casino. They offer Live Help (which I love) as well as a email support. There's a lot of information on their site, but it's not particularly well laid out in my opinion. I had to ask Live Help whose software they use (I already knew but I couldn't find it on the site). Their Live Help is a little complicated, you have to put your email address and name, but they helped me look for the software information on the site. So I've found Casino For Me customer service is friendly and informative, but their live chat is not available 24/7 (which says a lot about this Casino).

Terms and Conditions:
The wording is really interesting in these terms and conditions because everything sounds so nice and standard. Play nice, be of legal age...
They also tell you exactly what you will need for withdrawing your winnings:
-A copy of all credit cards (front and back and full 16 digits) used on the Player’s account.
-A copy of ID or passport with photo.
-A copy of a recent utility bill matching the recorded address on the Player’s account.
Basic. Nothing to complain about here.

-100% first deposit bonus with average wagering requirements 30x deposit+ bonus.
-30 Free Spin Bonus (no deposit). That sounds nice but there is a catch.
First off, they SAY "Free Spins Bonus" but then they slip in the following:
-Any winnings generated from the Free Spin will be exchanged to Bonus Money and credited to your casino account once a 1st Deposit is made. A minimum deposit of €10 is required.
In other words it is not a real no deposit bonus.

Live Chat isn't 24 / 7, limited bonuses on offer, weak selection of games, so I personally have no interest in depositing here
Jan. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Casino for me using games from a bunch of softwares, but i will list two which is most interesting for me - microgaming and nextgen. There is few others slots, but i did not try it, so will not even comment anything about it.

Casino had 400% bonus offer for new players when i join it, and it was not so bad offer at all, bonus was cashable, and WR was 25x deposit + bonus, most casinos for such high bonuses use much more higher wagering requirements. Also i would like to complain about refer a friend bonus here, since i am always check out such promotions, we have a deal with my good friend,if someone find good casino, then he can refer another to this casino and get bonus, we already do this few times in different casinos, and never had problems. Here get bonus for refer a friend is almost impossible i guess. You get 25% of the your friend first deposit, which is already not great deal if only your friend not high roller, and moreover to get bonus you need that you friend deposit at least 50$ and wager deposit+bonus 40 times. I think chances for this is about once in 20 friends, and therefore this promotion did not make any sense, and reward with such hard to met goal is really low.

I played once with 20$ deposit and 400% bonus, of course with so decent first deposit bonus i was able to have some playtime, i tried around 10 favorite slots, and have about two hours playtime, but since 400% bonus is really hard to clear, i just got busted in around 50% of wagering requirements was completed.

I rate casino for me with 6 stars, casino looks good, wagering for welcome bonus looks great, but i did not test payouts and customer support to try rate this casino higher.

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