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Armanda. Reviewed on 11.07.18
My worst nightmare came true while playing at this casino. Powered by Playtech, offering low limit live roulette and attracted by its 10 euro no deposit bonus this had to be an excellent casino for me. Before I signed up I read the conditions carefully. The 10 euro free money had to be played through, and roulette did count.After playing a while of course I lost all the money and I decided to take advantage of Del Rios first deposit bonus.

With an very extreme aggressive progression play I had my balance soon at 430 euro. I wanted to check if I already had fulfilled the playthrough, but could not find anything on my account information. I asked customer support how about it, and their answer struck me of my feet. Still a 1000 euros playthrough open. What?? I could not believe it. They told me roulette bets did not count towards fulfilling the playthrough requirements.I immediately checked Del Rios regulations and terms. Customer support was right. In case of the 10 euro free play roulette did count, but not in case when receiving the first deposit bonus. I felt sick, the casino sticked at its policy. It was my own fault, I should have read the terms and conditions better. Not taking anything for granted, but always checking things first before depositing was the lesson I have learned the hard way. Notice how I say the hard way!I felt that my roulette luck was over, and had no other choice than to play these slots.I played several slots, like Gladiator, Hulkand some bee slot. Nothing, nada, zero. I went down to a 100 euro balance, leaving 400 euro open for playthrough. With blood ,sweat and brain consuming gameplay my balance went up to 200. I gave the slots another try. Again no big wins for me.... the remaining playthrough was brought back to 200, my balance was 100 again. Again I hit the roulette tables, I was desperate to win, especially after what I've went through. This time the aggressive game approach failed big time. I lost my remaining 100 euro's. The 430 euro I once had were completely vaporised. No way that I can describe how I felt, the disappointment was huge. I hope this disappointing story helps other players to be careful. Always read terms & conditions carefully, all of them.

Well, back to evaluation. DelRio is a typical Playtech casino, offering all common known (live) games and slots. Nothing wrong with that. But I do have a problem with DelRios terms & conditions. It is like for every deposit a new chapter of Terms & Conditions apply. Not so player friendly in my opinion. We players want to play, and not ask our lawyers for advise. I hope DelRio can straight these confusing terms&condition out and replace them with a clear outlined policy.My overall rating for this casino is for now 6 out of 10,due to above mentioned unclarity. And that is a pity, because a higher rating would be very likely if it wasn't for these T&C.

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