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Lita. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Hi! :) My next review - Magic Box Casino. I do not know if it is just my bad luck or what, but my gaming experience at Magic Box has not been fruitful at all, not even once! In fact, I have had similar no-win experiences with the other Global Gaming Net (GGN) casinos like King, Las Vegas and 50 Stars (have not played at GGN's Noble & Swiss casinos though). So, it makes me wonder seeing here at AskGamblers that Magic Box casino is actually in a top 50 casino listing! Perhaps it is just me and my no-luck at Magic Box. Anyway, I will put down my comments here, for all to read. It may strike a similarity with some, or it may not, but here goes...

WAGERING REQUIREMENT. What comes to me as a good feature for Magic Box casino is its variable wagering requirement for each bonus offered. It can vary from 12 times for deposit bonuses of up to 50%, to 25 times for deposit bonuses of 75% - 100%, and 30 times or more for higher percentage bonuses. If low wagering requirement is important to you, as it is to me, then accept only the smaller bonuses, needing to wager them for only 12 times deposit+bonus amount. Not that I don't accept, or have not accepted, any of their other higher offerings, I do and have, but I always do it with discretion and comparison. For example, if Magic Box casino is offering me a 100% bonus for a $25 deposit, l will get $50 to play with, with 25 times WR (wagering requirement, $50 x 25 times = $1250). On the other hand, if Joyland casino, for example, is also offering me a 100% bonus, I will definitely go for the Joyland offer as I need to wager that $50 only 10 times! (WR, $50 x 10 times = $500). See the big difference? But like I said before, there can be no guarantee of making a win at any time, but if you suddenly strike a big win whilst playing, chances are you may be MORE ABLE to make a win at Joyland than at Magic Box! Hence my preference for low wagering requirement, always.

Other than that, I really cannot comment much more on the other aspects. Nonetheless, there is one thing which keeps annoying me every time I play at Magic Box casino (at King and Las Vegas too) - the game play always tend to be dragging-like, the reels not scrolling smoothly, like something is controlling the scrolling! I find it very unnerving...and it makes me want to end my game quickly! I am not making any accusations here, just my gaming experience, because this odd scrolling effect is not present in any other casino that I regularly play at, except at these 3 GGN casinos and also at 2 more other casinos not mentioned here. If you need to know, I use only downloaded version of every casino and play it on 1 same computer using 1 same internet connection cable - so it has nothing to do with bad connection, ISP or computer hardware. Makes you wonder huh?

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