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Maricruz. Reviewed on 11.07.18
Loco Jungle is pretty new to me in the casino market. This is like a new casino that has no history of any kind, if it is reputable, rogued, or if players had made deposits and got their cashouts. To me Loco Jungle is like a freshman in school or a rookie police officer. The word "New stands out around Loco Jungle. I was digging up some information about Loco Jungle before I started to play because a safe and reputable is far more better than a non-responsive rogued casino that doesn't pay up accordingly. While searching I found little to nothing about Loco Jungle being rogued so I tried them out.

I first went to a link an affiliate website provided to ensure my account got the best of care with a perk of $25 no deposit bonus before parting with my money. While downloading the casino took less than a minute to complete. Once the lobby is up I registered my account, called support to my right and asked to claim the $25 no deposit bonus. I mentioned to support that I signed up through an affiliate website and the operator suggested I fill up my profile first before I can be credited with the bonus. After I was done with my profile he advised me to wait for a moment and there it was in my account, the $25 bonus! What I did not realize is the bonus was subjected to 99x wagering before money could rain in my E-wallet.

Holding on to this disappointing fact I took my bonus to Bingo Slots, a 25 Paylines bingo themed progressive that serves both a bonus and free spins! The higher the scatters the higher the Free Spins. For 3 scatters it awards 7 Free Spins, 20 Free Spins for 4 scatters and finally 50 Free Spins for all 5 scatters. To me that was not interesting at all because through my experience most Free Spins have multipliers to make wins grow big but in this case it's just normal payouts with using my actual bonus. In Bingo Slot the symbols stop on their own instead of Reels stopping in order. I must admit I find this interesting. For a $0.50 bet for about 20 spins all I keep getting are bets lower than my wager and on some occasions a little higher ($1.20). Then in about 10 spins I landed 3 bronze looking scatters that gave me 7 Free Spins which earned me only $1.60. It pays up so small. What I find invaluable is when I landed 3 Gold bonus balls that gave me an instant win of $2 for my $0.50 bet. I cannot stress this enough it is not worth it! Then came the 20 Free Spins after the 7th spin after the first free spins feature. What I got from the 20 Free Spins well I will tell you! I got $3.72! Isn't that the best amount for 20 free spins? I was astound by this amount but seriously no I was not! This was all sarcasm! I'd expected better but you probably know how it is with Top Game casinos. The other thing I would like to say that fascinates me it it shows a list of paylines that won along with the value for each. Though a a massive wagering I was left with $2 after long periods of bets. My last $2 came to an end after using it on Fandango.

I should avoid playing on Top Game casinos because it doesn't pay lot and at the same time is doesn't pay enough! All I found in Loco Jungle was pure entertainment. This casino was alright! A 5 out of 10 for Loco Jungle!

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