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Tobi. Reviewed on 11.07.18

Lions slot casino is a part of the rival gaming portal. They were offering a 15$ no deposit bonus and i decided to register to this casino. I was having problem in downloading the portal of this casino and had to re run a couple of times.But somehow it started working and hen i could finally create an account here and got my 15$ free
sign up bonus from the cashier.

I opened the scary rich game and i have read the name of this game a lot of times on the forum and that too from good players so i thought if giving this game a try. First feature of mine on this game was the camera with the key roll thing. Actually the look of this game is very confusing. and it paid me 0.40$. Then i hit the yellow bearded guy and a skull which was x3 feature and it paid me 0.90$. Then i hit the skull again but this time with lantern and it paid me 1.20$ and this was my biggest win form this slot.
Then i opened coins of Olympus. Here i hit the pink haired girl which paid me 1.20$. Then hit the muscular guy who keeps showing his arm haha. It paid me 0.90$. The good thing about this game was hat very less spin had gone for 0 and i was getting something most of the time even if it was a small pay out.

I had the balance of 28$. Then went to play casino battle and the first three hands i got face cards and won 6$ in first three hands only. I hate it when both of our hand ties then most of the time dealer wins. This game is very exciting and i think it is way better
than Bj and roulette where variance is too much. casino battle is simple and more interesting.
Lion Slots Casino is best for playing Interactive slot because they'e powered by rival gaming platform. The good thing is that they offer great bonuses with their games! I remember when they offered a no deposit bonus of $15 and a sign up bonus, the sign up bonus is up to your third deposit and 25% reload bonus! By the way the free $15 is for the experience to try their casino without depositing money is that cool?

For me honestly there website is skimpy and i didn't like their website either. For me to attract more customer you'll need to create a creative website innovative website but Lion Slots casino persuade more players and they gain more loyalty players! Thats the proof that you don't need to be a professional casino in terms of graphics sorry for that. I didn't expect their good service and i also play because of their bonus but i'm surprised that their service is very great! First when i contacted their customer support their respond is very fast! I'm a bit a shame because i don't expected what im expected! While im playing their interactive slot i noticed and observed their casino on how does it work well i didn't find any hideous that can used as their derailment. When my birthday came they surprised me to their deposit bonus i am very joyful and lively at that time. That promotion is a free credit and a deposit bonus.

I am happy to engaged this casino and they didn't bother me at all although the verification for the first withdrawal delayed this i didn't find any problem to their casino the withdrawal that i got is fast. The sad thing is that i closed my account here for some financial problem and i find a better casino. Anyway the most important is i play and enjoy For everything i will rated them 8.5/10 overall!

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