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Annamae. Reviewed on 06.07.18
William III, also known as King Billy, was the ruler of England, Ireland and Scotland back in the 17th century. Now in this 21st century, the king returns, in the form of a casino - to conquer and rule the world perhaps? Oh gees, to be able to do that, King Billy must first prove to be worthy, not in the governance of his countries, but in the governance of his netizens and customers! Hehehe.

Well, let's see how worthy this king is in the first place. Website wise, I cannot find anything bad to complain! That's because the casino's website ran smoothly on my 3G internet connection, but what is more important to me, it worked wonderfully well with my slow 2G connection! Yes, there were some infrequent lags during play and navigation on the 2G, but that's only to be expected. Other than that, loading of the web pages and games were fast and good!

There's a very wide selection of games from numerous game providers, so it is very unlikely that any of your favourite games would be missing from the casino's games list - hmm, okay, almost! Why? Because the list of games currently available is not exhaustive, but is more than sufficient to meet any player's needs and demands. Who knows, maybe in the future, there'll be several thousands of games available to choose from - then you'd probably complain "I don't know which game to play!" Hahaha. Ah, not me, of course, because I would stick to my few favourites games only, and that's usually just a handful of them.

Customer support was simply wonderful - second to none, I would say, but that's just my opinion. The Live Chat host was very friendly, helpful and fast. My queries via email were replied to within an hour or two, not like Skrill's customer support - no reply even after 1 week! Hehehe. But what I like best is the speed of verification done by the casino's KYC team. I was still uploading my 3rd and 4th document when the 1st and 2nd uploaded documents got approved! Whoopie! Some casinos would take several days just to look into those documents -soI really hate those kind of slow coaches!
Okay, so are there are dislikes? Well, I would be bluffing if I said "no"! What I disliked playing at this King Billy Casino was that I couldn't win playing my favourite game! The game started cold, very cold, and remained cold, until I lost all of my deposit and bonus money, getting only one blardy lousy Free Spins game in that entire session of play, so that got me very irritated and disappointed! Yeah, not really the casino's fault was it, but King Billy Casino still has to take the blame, nonetheless, right?

Nope! That's not all of it either - I've got one more dislike! Those 200 free spins from the 1st deposit offer were split over 10 days, at 20 free spins per day, and I simply hate this splitting up! For me, it must be all 200 free spins in one go, or I won't like it at all! Hehehe. Not only that, from all those 200 free spins on Starburst, I couldn't even get a final total win of $5.00, and that was blardy awful! From 200 spins on Starburst, I would expect a win of about $20, or a little less, but a $5 win was totally ridiculous! Yeah, yeah, not the casino's fault, was it? Hmm!

Nonetheless, King Billy is still one of the best-platformed casinos out there, working very well even with a slow internet connection, so the king can expect this jester to pop in once in a while, hahaha.

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