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Tenesha Loder. Reviewed on 11.07.18

This casino site is with one of the best graphics and animations I have ever seen and in fact I think this has really affected the games, because I was enjoying the games so much that I completely played them for 2-3 whole days and I think this has never happened before because I always tend to leave a casino after I manage to win some good money from them and do not really wait for my bank account to be really fat.

I did not get any bonus when I joined this casino and I was not very disappointed by this because most of the time I am only playing with real money and bonus amount is just for the boost up and I keep it just in case I lose all the real money then I engage myself in the race of wagering requirements.

Their best game is South park and that was the only game where I hit jackpots and it paid me 10-12 $ every time. The best thing about playing with real money is that you get to keep all your winnings and their is no hurry of meeting the wager and
time limits. I even liked Silent run a lot and played that for some time. I have started liking Net Ent a lot and I think this is also one of the best platforms.

I withdrew 200$ from this casino and got I within 4 days and I do not understand what took them so long when I had already sent my documents. They need to work on this because the worst thing about a casino is late withdrawals and they have it . If they work on it then they can definitely be one of the best casinos. I would rate this casino 8.5 out of 10.
I saw this casino on other site but, by default I always check here and especially when some of the people I trust has leave here comment of the selected casino.
I saw here good review about them, but I was a little sceptical about those 2 complaints here at AskGamblers and because they were closed due to inactivity of the Intragame casino.

But still I did registered in this casino .
I did registered through another site, because I wanted to get the 100% welcome offer bonus, but I was so wrong about the bonus.
When I did complete all the sign up information, did activate my account, then I deposit via Skrill account and I thought I will be getting the 100% welcome bonus automatically. .

But I guess I was not lucky that day. On their Casino site was written, that the chat support wont be available till the end of the March and no bonuses will be given. Hm, but I registered through affiliates site, so I should get the bonus I guess .

I did send them an email but no response till today. Well today I 1st April maybe they will be online, I mean of the live chat, hope they will give me the bonus.
So I did spend those 20 euros without any deposit, had fan for a while, played my favorites games but didn't win anything big so I can cashout from the.

Well Intragame Casino you get 1 big minus from me, for not answering me all week and not getting the bonus form you, so that's 2 minus. So I will contact them today and will see what I will do, hope I ll get the bonus but I think that I wont be depositing here any more.
Wyatt. Reviewed on 24.09.18
I tried out Intragame casino only to play on the unknown video slots of this NetEnt Entity. The appearance of Intragame gives me the impression that this casino got it from 32RED because the setup of games and things look close to the same but of course each software has their own unique style to present.

While I was here I wanted to try out a game called Evolution. This is actually the first time I set my hands on this 25 Paylines video slot. I just avoided this slot when other good video slots were presented to me. What dragged me into this is the interest fact that in the Free Spins feature according to the paytable letters and animal symbols evolve for a greater chance of paying big. Jacks turn into Queens, The Albus Slugus turns into Bestia Dentum and so on. So basically there is a climbing ladder for all symbols except the wild since it doesn't evolve into anything and is considered already a high paying symbol when substituting anyways.

So I spinned and spun through my balance with some interesting wins but just thinking about triggering that feature kept me inbound and fully distracted on this video slot. After minutes of chasing the feature and after 5 times of having only 2 scatters with no last scatter to trigger the feature I became completely broke from my minimum deposit. It was not the best experience nor will it be my "last" because I wanted to play up another deposit to make up for my loss. So I credited my account for the second time for $50 but rather play up Evolution again I changed my game to Lucky Angler where almost everytime the Golden Wild Fish Hooks would freeze when they landed on a position anywhere on the Reels. The interesting part of those Wilds is they stay on a position until there is a loss. If there is a winning combination it is held frozen. What I wanted was the 10 Free Spins triggered when 3 scattered fishes came to visit.I find this video slot to be spectacular because no only are wilds frozen (Sticky) but wins go both ways (Cool! Yeah! Alright! Wicked! Dancing on the floor! lol)!!! After about $17 worth of losses for Level 5 bets or $1.50 a spin I finally took up a feature for 15 Free Spins for 4 Scattered Fishes. In the end I got $69.88 for this feature.

Just having Frozen Wilds and payouts in either side (Left and Right) were doing me such a huge favor! I can't believe what I thought I was going to get only 10 Free Spins actually gave me more than what I wanted...for 15 Free Spins. I then came over to Disco Spins to make my balance reach $40.11 inside the Disco Spins with 2 retriggers! After my first loss and chasing them with my second deposit I came across a grand total of $135.99. I thought to myself "I thought I was going to lose everything I put into this casino" but thankfully I was wrong and came out being the winner!

An 8 out of 10 for Intragame Casino!
Daysi. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Intragame casino gives to gamblers opportunity to play NetEnt slots, but unfortunately for some reasons when I register and made deposit and did not get any bonus. I try to speak with live chat, but there are was nobody at home, so I just think that better I just play with real funds, and probably this is my lucky day. I forgot to add that my deposit was 50 euros, and do not get any bonus was a bit painful, so if you decide deposit in this casino and take bonus, before it better try live chat and ask did you eligible or not.

With 50 euros I start from Gonzos quest slot with minimum bet, I am always trying playing a bit tighter with real funds, because I do not need to wager anything, and if big win happens, I can just withdraw my winnings with no any problems. Gonzos like almost everytime was not good, and with 40 euros on my balance I better go to Dead or alive and try it only with 0.18 euro bet. Why so low? Because this slot in freespins can pay you even 5000 x total bet, and even with such low bet I can grab some nice money. I hit freespins 3 time in a short square of time, but they all was bad, I even did not managed to get 3 wilds, did not speak about 5. But as my bet was low, with 35 euros on my balance I go to flowers, it also has a very nice chance to pay big in freespins, why not, you have a very nice multiplier of x 3, and also stacked wilds can appear on every reel. But probably my luck in this day was corrupted, but I lost all my money very quickly, so I just have no any chances in this casino, and never made any more deposits there.

That' all, thank you for reading my review about Intragame casino, now I will give them some marks:
Support: did not test (live chat was offline)
Bonuses: did not test
Games selection: B
Withdrawals: did not test
Kenyetta. Reviewed on 04.10.18
Hello here is my next review from the Intragame casino:
A not a long time ago I found they welcome bonuses what are fresh, they offers a 111 percentage welcome bonus up to 111 euro, the wagering requirements wasn’t high only 22 times and the minimum qualifying deposit is 3 euro only. It wasn’t usually at the online casinos so it is a good point to them. Also they gives a 55 % reload bonus each week so they promotions was enough good for me to register to them.

They home page was clearly and well structured, I can navigate fast from the tabs and sections.
When I browse the promotion details I saw one really important detail, if the players want to claim the bonus they need to contact with the live or the e-mail support. If you deposited and didn’t claimed the bonus before you play might you can get a lower amount. So checks everything before you play.

I registered my user then I went to the live support and asked him to credits me with the match bonus, after I followed him instructions and deposited 10 euro I get the percentage bonus instantly.
I can tell you them support team is very helpful. So I had 21,1 euro with 465 euro play through requirements.

I started to play with the flowers slot, I played at the minimum stakes only at 0.3 euro because my money wasn’t let me to play higher bets. Maybe that was my luck because this slot is gives well at that stake. I get the free spins two times in a row and gets some big win, after it I went up to 84 euro.
The only worst thing was my wagering status, because I had about 200 left when I checked it. I continues to play but when I started the flowers again it wanted to take my winnings back.

Unfortunately I lost my money when I had about maximum 80 euro wager left, maybe the next month I will use them reload bonus.
Thank you!
Rosalee. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Intragame casino is take my time because I never play there before, because they use my favorite NetEnt slots, and because they do not bonus ban my country. So I decided just to confirm that they really give me bonus, but do not found live chat on their site. Damn, so I just send email to their support, and answer was received in 2 minutes!! Hm, probably they just do not need live chat because answer so fast? Anyway, answer was yes, I can get bonus for first deposit.

So I top up my account with 30 euro, but do not get bonus. Oh, what happens? I just write another one email to support, and after 4 minutes of waiting get answer, they say sorry, you bonus credited now, good luck. I should say that I am satisfied with such service, because answers are fast and nice.

With 60 euros I start Grind demolition squad slot, it is very nice slot, with 5 scatters you can get amazing 50 freespins, but I never get more than 3 scatters :( So I just grind it till get my 3 scatters, feature pay me around 30 x my total bet. I leave this slot with 40 euro on my balance and choose to play Bloodsuckers. Actually, as far as i know, Bloodsuckers it is a very nice slot to clear wager, because it will never kill you fast. But in my case, I lost my 40 euro at 0.60 bets very fast, so it is not so kind slot as you can think. This was my last deposit to Intragame casino, because I prefer some others NetEnt, but I can not say that Intragame casino, everything looks fine with them.
Here aremarks for Intragame casino:
Software: 10/10 I love NetEnt very much
Bonuses: 8/10
Support: No live chat it is bad, but I got my responses within minutes by email so 8/10
Cashouts: did not manage to cashout something, so can not provide you any info.
Total: 8/10 Nice looking NetEnt casino, and I think it is safe.
Tiana. Reviewed on 06.10.18
Another NetEnt casino that I tried out was Intragame. This is one of the best looking casinos I have seen.

They also have plenty of casino tournaments starting every day and all starting at a very low ticket price.
There are plenty of decent games for you to play including plenty of new video slots. There are also a good selection of poker games as well as the very much hated (from my point of view Video poker games). Of course there is a lot of different classic games such as old fashioned blackjack, pontoon and a lot of my other favourites.

I decided to deposit $40 in this casino and to see whether it would work. The newest game that I had not seen before was Space Wars so I thought that I would immediately give that a try. The game has innovative music and is definitely a bit of fun to play. I hit a string of wild on my first few spins and that gave me a decent pay out. I considered withdrawing at that point but I had just literally logged in. I moved onto play Jack Hammer which was an interesting game. It gave me a few winning spins but it was pretty much back and forth until the casino actually gained the upper hand on me. I decided then to spend time playing my old reliable blackjack. I had better luck gaining a few dollars as I played. I play $1 stakes and it seemed to be working. There were plenty of other opportunities but instead what I ended up doing was keeping my money in.

I have gone back from time to time to have the occasional game and I have been quite happy with how it went. Overall I would rate this casino a 7.5/10 – well recommended.
Marvella. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Intragame Casino-I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.5 on, which is not good, but not the worst either.
The casino’s games are powered by NetEnt.My favourite is Microgaming, because of its cool slots, but this software is not that bad either.

The casino’s website seems nice. I like that the website is well structured, and any info can be found pretty easy. The casino can be played on the online version, which in my opinion is not very helpful, since it is not very comfortable and I always find myself having issues when playing this way.

The casino has many promotions. One gives you 55 free on your first deposit, with wagering requirements of 55 x. If you deposit monthly you can also get 111, with the same wagering requirements. I think these requirements are way too high.
I contacted the support team and asked about some details regarding my account. They proved to be very friendly and helpful and solved my problem immediately.
I decided to deposit 100, since I really wanted to win big. I got my bonus and started playing.

First, I played Space Wars because it seemed very nice from the home page. I really liked it and I won 30 euros in only one spin! I got a little bored of it and I started playing Muse, which is also pretty nice.
After my wagering requirements I had 200 euros in my account, so I withdrew instantly! I am still waiting (For 3 days now) to get my money.

My ratings are as follows:
Software: 9/10 NetEnt
Bonuses 7/10
Cashouts: ?
Brandon. Reviewed on 10.10.18
Beware of this casino.
They offer a bonus on 111% on first deposit, but at the moment they have problems with this bonus and it will not get paid out!
I talked to them and it appears I wont get it either when it starts working again, even tho they have it as a promotion offer.
They did not say anything about this, nor did they take the offer away.
I don't know the law where they come from, but where I come from that's false marketing and is highly illegal.

I would not recomend this casino to anyone and I will never make an deposit here again.
Stay away from this casino if you can!

Promotion: 0/10
support: 0/10 (rude, ignorant support)
site: 2/10
withdrawl: haven't tried

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