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Sirena. Reviewed on 11.07.18
I have played at for quite some time now. I live in the U.S.A.
I wanted to write a fair and honest review for those that are trying to find a reliable place to play.
have always been paid any of my winnings I have requested.
I hit a straight flush jackpot on let em ride-$23,000.00 as my highest payout-summer 2015, but have won and lost many other games.
I was called by the CDS (Central Dispute System) when I won my straight flush to verify my info and to do an audit of the game to make sure it hadn't malfunctioned, which is standard practice according to them. I have read in discussion boards that they aren't real. Well, they called me and emailed me to submit my identity documents to verify and acknowledge my jackpot win immediately after I hit it, so on my end they are very real.
At one point, I had $44000.00 in my account from winnings playing multi-hand video poker. How much I actually cashed out isn't that amount, but, you get the idea.

I have played everywhere online, and this place usually pays like clockwork. The only complaints I have with payouts, is the fact that you are limited to $2500.00 per week, and sometimes they take a little longer between each payment than a week. Sometimes holidays play a factor, other times it's just a matter of me having to email them to ask what's up, and they get it processed. They have always responded, and I understand though due to it being a bank wire transfer, you have to be careful due to the fact that banks can get weird about international wire transfers. I personally haven't had any problems.

That being said, overall my experience compared to any other casino I've played at is hands down the best.
They don't have a phone contact, but email has always been reliable for any questions I have had.
I play mostly video poker, and I have never felt like there was any kind of pattern or system they might have in place to win or loose on any of their games. Sometimes I willwager up to $1000.00 and win nothing, and other times, I'll wager $25 and start hitting 4 of a kinds. Usually I play $1.00 denomination ($5.00 a game) and occasionally I'll up it to $5.00($25.00 a game) if I'm doing good. This happened a few nights ago, and I hit a royal flush and won $20000.00. I have hit at least a dozen royal flushes in the past year. I'm sharing all of this because I know how frustrating it can be trying to find a reputable place to gamble that you have a fair chance at winning.

My #1 piece of advice gambling here or wherever you choose online, is never use any bonus money. Buy-in using only your money. When you use only your money, you don't have to ever worry about cashing out when you win. With bonus money, you set yourself up for loosing because you have to wager an enormous amount just to fulfill the play-through wager requirements, which seems to be a lot of the problems with payout complaints. I have learned all this the hard way.: (
It's nothing dishonest or wrong with the casino, just a way for them to have more of an edge. It's your job to read about policies with bonus money. It's not hard to find, nor unfair. It's just like anything in this world, you have to pay attention to what you're buying like stuff you see on T.V. How many times have you heard that someone is being billed monthly for something they didn't authorize? Well duh, you didn't pay attention to what you were buying and ask about what you would be charged. You just gave the operator you credit card number and said thanks! Companies are creative to make money off of people who don't think about what they're actually buying.

Pay attention, read, review policies on any online casino so you know ahead of time what you can expect. They spell it out somewhere, take time to read it.
Also with bonus money, you are only allowed to win 10x the amount of bonus money you are given, and if you were to hit a jackpot, sorry, that will probably exceed your payout limit.
I hope I have helped paint a picture of how this casino runs, and how things will go.

I will update this review at any point that any of this information changes as of 11/23/15

GOOD LUCK!!! : )
Payout limits $2500 per/week but I understand the reasoning due to banks and international wire transfer flags, however once you've been receiving regular wire transfers, you should be able to up the limit.
Either way it's just worth noting, not the end of the world,just annoying when you've won a nice chunk of change and you don't want the temptation of giving it back while you're waiting for you winnings.

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